15 Best Free tv series Download sites for Mobile Phones with No Registration

15 Best free tv series download sites for mobile phones with No registration

15 Best free tv series download sites for mobile phones with No registration

You’ll agree with me that not many people enjoy playing games to pass the time.

Some people enjoy movies, and if you’re like me that love, and enjoy series movies, you’ve probably realized that one of the major problems you’ll encounter is figuring out where to get current series movies to download for your mobile devices.

I, m very convinced that there is a lot of you, that love free Tv series movies for mobile phones, and also that not everyone has access to a laptop or desktop computer, to download these series movies.

Anyways, my point is that if you really love watching Tv series just like me, then you should know some of the Best free tv series download websites.

That being said, in this article, I will list the 15 best free tv series download sites for mobile phones, so follow up with me

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15 Best free tv series download sites for mobile phones with No registration

Below are my top list of series movies download sites

1. Netflix.com

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Netflix is the most popular movie streaming service in the world. Netflix customers may view their favorite TV series, movies, documentaries, and other content on the go.

With Netflix, you can watch any movie or TV program online without having to deal with the bothersome advertising that some other TV series sites have.

Netflix isn’t free; you’ll need to pay a little fee to have access to the platform, and you’ll have to view the shows online.

However, it is worth including on the list because Netflix is without a doubt the best site for finding high-quality, original television shows.

If you’re seeking Netflix movies to watch, this post on the top Netflix movies to watch is a good place to start.

2. O2tvseries.com

O2tvseries.com is one of the top TV series download sites for mobile phones.

O2tv series is one of the most popular sites for downloading TV shows on the internet, and it’s also my personal favorite.

Because of how wonderful the site is, it receives thousands of visitors every day.

The homepage of O2tvseries.com features the most recent episodes and new TV Series. This website allows you to watch and download your favorite shows online.

One of the things that I like best about this site is that there are very few series that you will want to download that you will not find on o2tvseries.com.

The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Agents of Shield, Nikita, Game of Thrones, The Flash, Arrows, and so on may all be found there.

This service has thousands of TV shows, and they are constantly adding new shows and ensuring that you have access to new episodes as soon as they become available.

The best part is that the site works flawlessly on both a laptop computer and a mobile device for downloading.

3. Tvshows4Mobile.Com


If you enjoy o2Tvseries.com, you’ll probably enjoy Tvshows4Mobile.Com as well, as they offer very identical interfaces and other features.

Another amazing free TV series download service for mobile phones is this one. In fact, the name of the website indicates that it is specially created for mobile users.

That isn’t to say that you can’t use the site on a laptop. What I mean is that if you’re on a mobile device and want to download a TV series from our site, you shouldn’t be concerned.


Here you receive a list of films such as TV displays acceptable for a cell phone screen. However, here you mainly find TV shows. Get to download your favorite TV shows with great image quality fitted to the telephone.

TV shows will also be published on daily basis, episodes throughout episodes


The favorite TFP or also called Tfpdl is undoubtedly among the most visited sites for films and TV watchers rather than only in Nigeria but other nations also.

Here you receive a list of various movies recorded as old and new. If you’re interested in finding a website where to find the most recent movies since they drop. Afterward, TFP is great to test.


Here you receive only a string of categories recorded from A-Z and on the home page that you receive the most currently published one.

Each of the movie formats to the variety of TV series and shows are compressed for cellular phone usage.



Tubi is still another wonderful platform that provides a lot of series films for mobiles; you can download and stream TV series without needing to register for an account.

But if you opt to make an account, then they will be an extra benefit of producing your own watch list in addition to the benefit to restart back on various apparatus.

The interface of the site is neat and clean with categorization to TV comedies, TV Dramas, Crime TV, and Reality TV. The high-quality downloading and streaming the website provides boosts your viewership encounter while having the ability to alternative over various devices.


Among the oldest men in the cell market movie downloading net. Here you get pictures and series to download compressed for cellular use.

TV series are recorded on a timely basis on Toxicwap since they’re released.


This picture website is about films also both on the cell telephone as well as desktop. You receive fresh pictures and quite an easy-to-use site port to download different Hollywood movies.



This site has existed for a lengthy time. Mostly featuring documents as torrents. However, here you can get pictures that are extremely good on the cell phone display as well as desktop. You get new films here also. Largely Hollywood though and also a mixture of Chinese and Indian.


This one has existed also for quite a while on the net. Thus, its authenticity has been demonstrated over time. Here you receive various listings of films since they’re published in cell phone caliber along with desktop PC too.

12. 300MBFILMS. CO

This website is also an old man that has been in existence for quite a while. It has several movies such as TV shows/series which are recorded on a daily basis. Films and TV shows are recorded according to genres and categories. And downloading them is very straight to the stage.



Youtube is also an excellent video system where you are able to discover old films to download both appropriate on cellular phones and desktop computers.


This is a very viable choice for downloading pictures on cellular phones. Here you receive listings of different movies to get with their various links.


Here you receive a mixture of Hollywood, Indian and Hindi films packaged in a single location. It’s possible to navigate a variety of sections to discover and sort out pictures for your cell phone.



This is a very good website for downloading older films. It’s more like an internet archive in which you find all kinds of movies from other online sources which have been recorded on the website. Nearly all the films are older films that have links for downloading or streaming.


As for me, I really like this site, it’s among the best free TV series download websites and it’s free of charge. It’s an impressively neat and clean layout that provides you with the hottest high-quality assortment of TV series. You can see them online or download them with Blu-Ray 720p or 1080p.

1 key feature which makes this free website stick out among many others is that the upgrades are done daily. This ensures you the capability to get the newest ones as they get published. Moreover, the website supports subtitles in the language of your choice.


On the lookout for the very best site to get TV series at no cost? Retrovision is one of the very best websites that supply you with free and traditional TV series.

The high-quality content on this website is below a public domain hence making it totally lawful for streaming in addition to downloading them at zero costs.

The interface of the site is neatly and properly combined using a list of those shows on a single page. Retrovision has quite an extensive selection of free classics. The website Doesn’t require you to register and can also be available in the Kind of a free Android program for mobile phone users

19. FZ Movies


This is similar to the very popular platform to get into a stream, use it nearly all of the time and I’d say, it is a fair platform.

Just if you’re trying to find free Bollywood films, Hollywood films, Tamil movies among other TV series, then search no more. FZ Films is your website for you it provides you with simple and completely free access to each of the called TV series.

This website is as well-known as the sole resource for the highest quality movies concerning content and movie quality. Another remarkable feature that makes this website very special is your choice and ability to get and download music utilizing the Mp4 format. The research features on the website are the film title, the manager, and the star cast

20. DramaFire.INFO

This website includes a listing of different Korean TV dramas and films. They’re organized serially and from the genre such which you able to quickly navigate through the website to pick a Korean display that you would like to download or see.


Toptvshows is also an excellent source to get films and TV series of very good quality for cellular telephone and PC too. The home page contains all kinds of streams for viewing and downloading. Series are organized based on genres and by TV channel manufacturers.



The title of the site provides you with a good notion about what involves in the website. Here you get only Korean TV dramas /TV. Peruse through the website for assorted Korean series you are able to download to your cell phone.


As its name implies, Archive.org is an internet platform that comprises archives of various sorts of items. From movies to books etc.

Making great use of the website opens you to chances to get also movies or series currently compressed for mobile screening.


Thenetnaija is a Nigerian-based site whereby timely upgrades on Films and TV shows are indexed on the website on daily basis. The website is also one popular socket for many Nigerian youths in downloading the latest films or TV shows. These movies/TV shows have been economically compressed for mobile streaming along with the little file downloaded from the website admins.



Additionally, this is quite an easy-to-use site to get both Hollywood and Indian films. Films normally arrive with a dual sound choice for English and Hindi. Films are equally good on cellular telephones and PC.


This website is a very small site with a simplistic user interface layout throughout the pre-internet times of wap websites. Yes, this website is much more of a wap website than a contemporary website. Here you receive listings of films already compressed for cellular phone users.


This resembles a web archive into a film download hub. Even though it includes a picture segment accessible from the menu that takes you to a webpage where you are able to download some old classic movies of different classes and occasions.


This website is also among the most well-known websites for downloading films for cellular phones. Downloading pictures from this website is very straight to the stage. Films are recorded in HD for cellular phones. Nearly all the films on this website are Hollywood and Indian films along with a mixture of Chinese/Japan/Korean films.


This is a cool website also for film fans. You get several types of series here largely Hollywood as they’re released. On the lookout for recent Hollywood films, subsequently, HDPopcorns is a feasible choice.



Also an excellent alternative for compressed pictures for cellular phones. The website is user-friendly and optimized for cellular function. Films are simple to get and download utilizing this medium.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which sites can I download TV series for free?

Use any of the above-listed websites

What is the best app to download series for free?

The above listed are the Best free tv series download sites for mobile phone

How do I download TV shows on my phone?

Click here to follow the steps to download Tv shows on your phone

My Thought

Just start with one! Our goal is to help you find some of the best TV shows, movies, documentaries, music concerts, and animated films available on the internet.

We hope you enjoy this Best free tv series download sites for mobile phones. If you do, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

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