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Why 2 Day Cruise From Miami To Bahamas Had Been So Popular Till Now?

2 day cruise from miami to Bahamas

wondering about Why 2 Day Cruise From Miami To Bahamas Had Been So Popular Till Now?

The Bahamas is a highly popular vacation destination, and any visitor who wishes to travel and have a relaxing vacation near the beach should think about going there.

Hundreds of beaches and water-related activities abound in this area, keeping you busy during your stay.

Tourists can take advantage of this proximity by taking a one- or two-day boat or plane trip from Miami to the Bahamas. The Bahamas and Miami are two completely different universes. Just 110 miles off the coast of Florida, in the United States.

The Bahamas are a great springtime getaway that’s only a short flight away from Miami’s sunny metropolis. The Bahamas are famed for their tropical climate, delectable cuisine, and some of the world’s most gorgeous beaches.

Taking a ferry to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale allows you to plan the perfect day getaway or extended holiday without having to return to an overcrowded airport, cruise ship at the end of each great day.

Travelers will find the Bahamas to be a slice of heaven.

Day vacations to the Bahamas are becoming increasingly popular. There’s a reason why day travels from Miami to the Bahamas are growing more popular.

The picturesque tropical islands of the Bahamas, which rub shoulders with the social hotspots of Cuba, Florida, the United States, and the Turks and Caicos Islands, have something unique to offer visitors.

The Bahamas’ peak tourism season runs from mid-December to mid-April, and this is frequently considered the ideal time to visit because there are more activities on the islands during this time.

There are few places in the Bahamas where you can receive the kind of solitude and experience that a one-day vacation can provide.

As part of a day excursion from Miami, unique Bahamas Island Hopping Tours to the Exuma Cays, Harbour Island Bahamas, and the Abacos Islands are offered. Your Bahamas Day Trip includes a boat tour to the swimming pigs.

two day cruise from miami to bahamas

Why are day trips from Miami to the Bahamas so popular?

Many of them are serene, if not uninhabited. Imagine yourself sunbathing on a gorgeous white or pink beach.

There are still some very secluded and tranquil areas on these islands. The Bahamas is an interesting site to visit because of its rich historical and cultural history.

The distinctive art, music, and cuisine that result from the island’s colorful past envelop visitors. The archipelago’s strong biodiversity boasts fascinating fauna, both on land and in the oceans and mountains. In a nutshell, the Bahamas have everything.

Miami is unquestionably a gleaming, lively, and cultural jewel of the United States’ southern states. It is an excellent vacation spot.

Booking a day trip from Miami to the Bahamas can give your vacation a whole new dimension. As a result, these ones- or two-day getaways have become a popular new fad..

In the Bahamas, there are a variety of things to do.

In the Bahamas, there is something for everyone. In Freeport, New Wisdom, you may participate in water sports such as snorkeling, parasailing, and jet skiing, to name a few, which are popular and easy to organize. Tracks with a wide range of topography – from forests to caves – are available for nature lovers.

There are also alternatives for beachgoers who prefer to avoid Grand Bahama’s gorgeous but often crowded beaches. You have the appearance of a lovely swimming pig. Now it appears that there are some images: On Big Major Cay Island, there is a population of wild pigs. They make for interesting swimming buddies and are one of the most popular activities in the Bahamas.

Some say they survived a shipwreck, while others claim they were abandoned by pirates who intended to use them as a future meal but never returned.

2 day cruise from miami to bahamas

The islands

2 day cruise from miami to Bahamas

The Bahamas are made up of over 700 islands. Before scheduling a day trip from Miami to the Bahamas, it’s a good idea to find out what the hotspots are. The good news is that you may not need to specify only one.

Nassau, the capital of New Providence

Nassau is the Bahamas’ capital city. It is located on New Providence Island, directly east of the Florida Keys. Nassau has been named to the UNESCO Creative Cities Network for its dedication to folk art and crafts.

In terms of nightlife, though, the town is quite quiet. Due to Florida’s distance, the island is best visited by plane for a one-day vacation from Miami.

Grand Bahama is right in the middle of it all.

The boat ride can take as little as 2.5 hours, making it a fantastic option for a one-day excursion from Miami to the Bahamas. Visit bustling local markets and unwind on limitless stretches of beach. Try your hand at water sports or snorkeling, hike into the jungle to see waterfalls and wildlife, or swim with dolphins.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why this place is selected. The most appealing island for tourists is Grand Bahama. The capital of this island is Freeport. It’s only 110 miles northeast of Miami, so getting there by ferry is simple. Depending on whatever island you wish to visit, you can take a vacation or a plane day excursion from Miami.

However, certain places can only be reached through one of the two methods. It’s on one of these islands that you’ll find the swimming pigs.

Jumping from one island to the next

Before scheduling a Miami to Bahamas day trip, consider how active you and your group are and how much you want to see. You aren’t obligated to visit only one of the islands.

Freeport on Grand Bahamas is a fantastic option for a five- to six-hour excursion on this general island if you’re taking a one-day ferry voyage from Miami. A ferry to Bimini can take only two hours if you want to tour the Out Islands. Air trips can help you view several islands in a single day.

The cost of travel within the Bahamas is included in the pricing. Two-day boat tours that include an overnight stay may allow you to do minor boat journeys to surrounding islands.

With this Abacos Map of the Islands, you may explore the Bahamas’ Abacos Islands. Take advantage of our one-of-a-kind Bahamas day trips to the Abacos with Bahamas Air Tours; Bahamas day trips by plane

What is the best way to get to the Bahamas from South Florida?

There are four methods to get to the Bahamas for a day excursion from South Florida.

  • Ferry to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale or Miami
  • Boat on a Private Contract
  • Plane for Private Charter
  • Taking an International Flight

A ferry is the most convenient and cost-effective option to visit the Bahamas for a day excursion from Miami. It takes less than 3 hours to get to the Bahamas, and airlines sell round-trip flights for less than a one-way ticket. If you’re willing to remain overnight for several days on the island of your choice, you can take a ferry and reserve your resort.

For as little as USD 199, you can book a 2-, 3-, or 4-night cruise with a room on board the cruise ship, making a trip to the Bahamas from South Florida an inexpensive weekend getaway.

Day Trip to the Bahamas

bahamas 2 day trip from Miami

Whether by boat or plane,

Less expensive usually translates to a laid-back but yet vibrant sense of Bahamian life.

Cruises are a relaxing way to see the local islands. Ferries from Miami to Freeport take as little as 2.5 hours. You’ll have around six hours to visit the beaches, jungles, restaurants, shops, and Grand Bahamas casinos after that. Air trips, on the other hand, are preferable if you wish to see more than one island.

Taking a boat trip

Balearia Caribbean is the most popular service for one-day journeys to Freeport. This will take you three hours and twenty minutes to get from Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama. A café, duty-free shopping, a bar, and WiFi are all available.

This will take you across the sea in two hours and thirty minutes. All of the above, as well as a casino, are available onboard. If you’re looking for quiet, the FRS Caribbean Ferry from Miami to the Out Island of Bimini takes about two hours.

There are numerous firms that can take you on a boat journey from Miami to the Bahamas. One of the advantages of this mode of transportation is that many cruises provide good onboard services and even luxury. The cost of a one-day cruise to Miami, Bahamas begins at $69.98 + VAT per passenger.

Air travel is an option.

Air travel to the Bahamas can be a faster method to get there. January, November, and December are considered the peak months. August is the cheapest month to fly to The Bahamas. To secure a lower price, book at least 3 weeks before your trip date.

If you want to travel further than Freeport and the Out Islands, this is a great option. Swimming in the James Bond Thunderball Grotto, exploring sand bars, and spotting stunning animals are some of the other tour options available from this company. On request, private charter plane tours for small groups are available.

one day trip from miami to Bahamas

How to go on a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami

A typical day trip to the Bahamas allows you to spend 6-8 hours on the island. Swimming with stingrays, fishing excursions, snorkeling, and swimming with crocodiles are all available at World Resorts Bimini.

It does, however, provide a little more for day-trippers seeking adventure or culture. Many seaside resorts with beachside restaurants can be found in Freeport. You can also stay at popular Bahamas budget hotels such as Shanna’s Cove Resort, Villa Allamanda, Eleuthera, and Lofty Fig Villas.

The price

Ferry cruises are usually the most cost-effective alternative. The ferry Bahamas Miami is one of those situations when saving a few dollars on vacation isn’t worth the inconvenience. They will transport you from Miami to Freeport, Grand Bahama, for roughly $100 each trip.

So, because ferries are so inexpensive for day journeys, you can schedule one. For example, offers one-day trips to and from Freeport for roughly 160 dollars (price may vary). From Miami to Freeport and back, the Balearia Caribbean boat costs around $99 each way. Some cruises, particularly two-day cruises, include a lunch in the ticket.

However, you must decide whether or not you must pay for your food and overnight lodging. (pricing subject to change)

Bahamas Air Tours’ visits are frequently more pricey. They are, for the most part, all-inclusive. The tours are priced between $500 and $1,000 per person.

This package includes flight travel to and from Miami, arrival at all sights, boat tours, and transportation between the islands, as well as bottled water and a local guide.

An UberX ride from South Beach to Port Miami costs between $11 and $16. An UberX ride to Port Everglades from Downtown Miami costs between $35 and $50.

From Downtown Miami to the Port Everglades, there is no reliable public transit. Parking on-site at Port Swamplands costs USD 15 per day, and parking on-site at Port of Miami costs USD 22 per day (overnight). BOOK NOW

What paperwork will you need for a day trip to the Bahamas?

Despite common misconception, even a day trip to the Bahamas requires a passport for US residents, citizens, and visitors. A valid ticket is required for all visitors. Birth certificates and state IDs are not accepted.

Any ferry that tells you otherwise has no intention of arriving in the Bahamas and allowing you to disembark.

At the time of booking, you must supply the following information: hotel location, traveler names, nationalities, gender, passport numbers, dates of birth, and passport expiration dates.

Without these details, your reservation cannot be guaranteed.

Why should you avoid flying to the Bahamas from Florida?

Ferries are less strict about baggage fees and provide a beautiful view of the water when traveling. As soon as you board the ship, your vacation begins.

It is not possible to do a cheap day vacation by the airline. A private jet flight to the Bahamas for a one-day vacation costs $700 per guest for a six-hour day in Bimini. During the quiet season, flights to the Bahamas from Fort Lauderdale Airport, Miami International Airport, or Palm Beach International Airport cost around $250 round trip.

A ferry ride to the Bahamas takes roughly 2.5-3 hours, which is about the same amount of time it takes to get to an airport for an international flight.

Ferries between Miami and Fort Lauderdale to the Bahamas are available.

can you do a day trip to the bahamas from Miami

From Miami, there are two main ferries that offer day voyages and multi-night trips to the Bahamas. Tourists and Floridians alike trust and rely on the businesses in Fort Lauderdale. FRS Caribbean, which departs from Miami and only goes to Bimini, Bahamas, is the ideal environment for a day vacation. (pricing subject to change)

Balearia Caribbean, based on Grand Bahama Island, is the most popular service for one-day journeys to Freeport. This will take you three hours and twenty minutes to get from Fort Lauderdale (a 35-minute drive from Miami) to Grand Bahama.

Many boats advertise round-trip day tickets to the Bahamas for as little as USD 69 on their websites. When we looked into these companies, we discovered that they were not honest about the vessel and had few to no public reviews, which made us feel uneasy.

Instead, we chose to spend more money on a larger container with a proven track record of public safety and immigration and customs understanding. On Tripadvisor, Groupon, and Google, we had thousands of consumer reviews.

Caribbean FRS
  • Departs from the Port of Miami, Florida at 9 a.m. and arrives in Bimini at 6:30 p.m.
  • The Bahamas’ Port of Bimini is the final destination.
  • When: every day of the week, except Tuesdays.
  • Check out their website to see if it’s accessible.
  • Day excursions cost $69.95 plus a $10 Hilton Resort Fee, and extended stays (3-10 nights) cost $250-350 round-trips, not including accommodation.
Balearia Express is a service that connects the Balea
  • Port of Fort Lauderdale is the departure point.
  • Grand Bahama Island is the destination.’
  • When: Every day, with the exception of Tuesdays.
  • Cost: $119 for a day trip or $149 for a multi-day trip.

If you’re arranging an air charter tour, this information should be made apparent. The Bahamas’ official language is English. Apart from a variety of colorful local dialects, English is the language that visitors will hear spoken and in which they will safely communicate.

Traveling to the Bahamas from Florida is relatively straightforward. Another factor for the growing popularity of these excursions. To avoid disappointment, plan your Miami to Bahamas day trip ahead of time. Once you’ve done that, the rest should be easy.

two day cruise from miami to bahamas

FAQ: 2-day cruise from Miami to Bahamas

Q1. How long does it take to get from Miami to the Bahamas by boat?

The main city of this island is Freeport, which is only 110 miles northeast of Miami. The boat ride can take as little as 2.5 hours, making it a great choice for a one-day trip from Miami to the Bahamas.

Q2. Is there a ferry that runs between Florida and the Bahamas?

The Balearia Alhuecemas rapid ferry service connects Port Everglades, Florida, with Grand Bahama Island. This 45-minute boat voyage runs twice daily, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., between Crown Haven, The Abacos, and McLean’s Town, Grand Bahama Island.

Q3. How much does it cost to take a boat from Florida to the Bahamas?

1-day cruise departing from Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, with fares starting at $73 plus tax per person.

Q4. Can you do a day trip to the Bahamas from Miami

There are very few spots in the Bahamas where you can have the type of isolation and experience that you can get on a one-day vacation. Unique Bahamas Island Hopping Tours to the Exuma Cays, Harbour Island Bahamas, and the Abacos Islands are available as part of a day trip from Miami.

Q5. What is the distance between the Bahamas and Miami, Florida?

Bahamas and Miami are separated by 154 kilometers.

Q6. Is it possible to see the Bahamas from Miami?

A developer promises that from the top of his new tower, you will be able to see the island. Bimini is only 52 miles off the coast of central Miami (closer than West Palm Beach).

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