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9 Best Highest Paying Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Start Promoting Right Now

9 Best Highest Paying Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs

9 Best highest paying pay per click affiliate programs

Just like the other online market, the pay-per-click industry is filled with affiliate programs, several of which may be incredibly lucrative. With countless pay-per-click services out there, businesses are always trying to find help from experienced marketers and influencers to market their offerings. No matter if you’re an existing experienced affiliate or you’re a fresh affiliate looking to urge into the pay-per-click industry, then you’re in luck.

If you’re a publisher or you’re just looking to monetize your blog or website, you would possibly have an interest in joining a number of the very best paying pay-per-click affiliate programs. I’m very happy today to share with you the subject of today’s article, so we’ll check out the simplest pay per click affiliate programs in terms of what proportion and the way they pay, but we’ll also discuss some factors that influence the way you’ll make money through best PPC affiliate programs.

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To assist you in your quest to form some money from PPC services and software, we’ve picked the best PPC affiliate programs to form some money with. Perfect for promoting on blogs and websites, these PPC affiliate programs pay generously, some even offering recurring commissions for all times. Here are the very best paying pay-per-click affiliate programs to start promoting on your website and blog in 2022 and beyond.

9 Best highest paying pay per click affiliate programs

1. Adzooma

adzooma ppc affiliate program

For beginners in the world of blogging and many small business owners, PPC management is often an enormous time killer and eats up their daily schedule. Luckily, Adzooma solves this problem by optimizing and automating all the boring stuff! A popular tool for several business owners, Adzooma now offers an affiliate program with some great features.

Affiliates can earn up to $100 per new customer with payouts being made twice a month through PayPal or wire transfer. And with no minimum payment threshold, even small affiliates can cash in on this program.

In addition to regular, payments, and a low payment threshold, Adzooma also offers exclusive affiliate deals and offers for top volume senders and influencers. If you’re an influencer within the PPC industry, then this is often definitely an affiliate program you don’t want to miss.

Center Of Attention:

  • Up to $100 per customer
  • Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer
  • Bi-monthly payouts with no minimum threshold
  • Plenty of affiliate resources.

2. SpyFu

spyfu ppc affiliate program

Competitor research and analysis is usually a crucial part of PPC marketing and may often save managers hours of keyword research. 

To assist speed up the method of competitor analysis, SpyFu is a superb tool that will track any website’s PPC and SEO efforts, supplying you with crucial information. SpyFu offers a really competitive affiliate program that currently pays a 40% recurring commission on any plans for the lifetime of the account. And with plans ranging from $33 a month, and going into the hundreds, the commissions can quickly add up.

Other key features of SpyFu’s affiliate program include a 365-day tracking cookie and bi-monthly payouts via PayPal and bank transfer. SpyFu also says that they need a 2.5% conversion rate and a bit 4% churn rate, which is good of them to offer you some metrics to figure with.

Center Of Attention:

  • 40% monthly recurring commissions for life
  • Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer
  • 365-day tracking cookie
  • Bi-monthly payouts

3. PPC Protect

ppc protect affiliate program

PPC Protect is a new affiliate program, is super competitive with other programs in the industry and offers affiliates a great way to tap into a new market.

With click fraud on the rise and becoming an ever-growing problem, more and more Google Ads users are starting to fight back.

Our affiliate program currently offers affiliates a 25% monthly recurring commission on any plan for the first 12 months. Payments can be made via PayPal or direct bank transfer depending on the location of the affiliate, with payouts starting after the first month.

No matter if you own a PPC-related website, agency, or Facebook group, PPC Protect is an excellent service to promote to anyone who uses Google Ads.

Center Of Attention:

25% monthly recurring commissions

Payouts after the 1st month

Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer

90-day cookie

4. Unbounce

Getting the most out of paid traffic that lands on your website should be the priority for any business owner or PPC manager. Paid traffic is useless if it doesn’t convert. This is where Unbounce comes in, a featured-packed landing page builder that is designed to boost sales and conversions.

Unbounce currently has an affiliate program that offers a 20% lifetime commission for the duration of the plan. And to make the offer even more appealing for new customers, their affiliate link also gives new customers 20% off their first 3 months. With plans starting from $79 a month, that’s a nice commission for even the lowest plan!

To help you get the most out of their affiliate program, Unbounce also offers a dedicated partner coach who will help answer any questions regarding the program. In addition to this, Unbounce also has a huge array of promotional materials that can increase conversion rates.

Center Of Attention:

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate partner coach
  • Affiliate resources and training material
  • Affiliate referrals get 20% off their first 3 months

5. SEMRush

C:\Users\BRAVE\Desktop\MY BLOG\semrush-affiliate.jpg

One of the giants in the digital marketing industry, SEMRush is like a swiss army knife for all PPC and SEO marketers. With the ability to do keyword and competitor research, the uses for SEMRush are basically endless.

You’ll also be pleased to know that SEMRush also has an outstanding affiliate program that offers affiliates 40% monthly recurring commissions on all plans for life. The lowest plan starts at $99 a month and can go up to $399 for their business plan.

Their affiliate program also offers a huge range of benefits including the longest cookie life of any affiliate program probably ever at 10 years! Commissions are also paid twice a month via PayPal or bank transfer after the reaching monthly minimum threshold.

They also provide promotional material in 5 different languages, including Spanish, French and German, which is great for affiliate marketers in those countries.

Center Of Attention:

  • 40% monthly recurring commissions
  • 10-year cookie life
  • Bi-monthly payments
  • Payments via PayPal or Wire Transfer

6. Leadpages

C:\Users\BRAVE\Desktop\MY BLOG\leadpages-ppc.jpg

This PPC is another landing page tool, Leadpages help PPC marketers connect with their audience, collect leads, and close sales by building beautiful landing pages. A simple drag and drop editor means that everyone from small business owners to large enterprises will be able to use this tool.

Taking a look at their affiliate program, Leadpages offers a generous 30% monthly recurring commission on all their plans which start from $25 a month and go into the hundreds. The affiliate program also offers a 30-day cookie and exclusive deals and packages for top marketers.

Leadpages are also willing to team up with you on a variety of marketing efforts (if you can get the numbers of course!). If you can get over 200 people to sign up for a webinar, then Leadpages will co-host a webinar with you to help you push sales and answer questions. If you’re a big influencer in the PPC space, then this will significantly help with your conversions rate.

Center Of Attention:

  • 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate support and education team
  • 30-day cookie life
  • Exclusive deals and packages for customers

7. Optmyzer

C:\Users\BRAVE\Desktop\MY BLOG\optmyzr-affiliate-program.png

This one’s the right solution only if you are a high-ticket affiliate as the commissions aren’t really something worth writing home about (10% monthly recurring commissions). However, if you’re an expert and you have a lot of experience working and promoting SaaS software, it might be a good option for you.

Optmyzer currently offers a 10% recurring commission on all plans which start from $249 a month and can easily go into the thousands. If you’re looking for an agency and enterprise-level affiliate scheme, then this ticks all the boxes.

Unlike the other affiliate programs on this list, Optmyzer only allows people who are existing customers of their software to promote it. This ensures their affiliates know what they are talking about when they promote their service to others. With this in mind, this affiliate program is most suited to expert affiliates with lots of experience in promoting SaaS software services.

Center Of Attention:

  • 10% monthly recurring commissions
  • Agency and enterprise-level software
  • Perfect for high ticket affiliates

8. Supermetrics

C:\Users\BRAVE\Desktop\MY BLOG\supermetrics-affiliate-program.png

Supermetrics is an all-in-one reporting tool for marketing metrics, and as you can guess, helps organize everything nicely into a metrics dashboard. Also suitable for SEO and social media marketers, there is a lot of overlap with this tool, meaning you can promote it to almost anyone!

This affiliate program gives all affiliates 20% recurring commissions on all of their plans (which there are a lot!) and can range from $19 to $190 a month. With a 90-day cookie and early updates on new product launches, you can always stay one step ahead of the game with your marketing efforts.

Center Of Attention:

  • 20% monthly recurring commissions
  • Monthly payments via PayPal
  • 90-day cookie
  • Early updates on new product launches

9. Long Tail Pro

C:\Users\BRAVE\Desktop\MY BLOG\long-tail-pro-affiliate-program.png

Long Tail Pro is one of the best keyword research tools out there.

This is a high-converting PPC affiliate program that works best for bloggers and website owners that are in the marketing and Seo Niches.

Just like the other keyword research tools out there, Long Tail Pro has a competitive affiliate program that offers affiliates 30% recurring commissions on all plans. Their lowest package starts at $25 a month and can go up to $147 on their agency plan.

All affiliates who sign up for the program will be given a dedicated affiliate manager who will help answer any questions and ensure they are on the right path. With keyword research tools always in high demand from digital marketers, this software is sure to be easy to promote.

Center Of Attention:

  • 30% monthly recurring commissions
  • Dedicated affiliate manager
  • High converting
  • Perfect for both SEO and PPC audiences

How Promote the Best PPC Affiliate Programs

After we realized the best PPC affiliate programs and the significance of selecting the right merchandise to promote, and I confirmed some of the high-quality affiliate networks and applications that you can begin with. Now it’s time for the actual work!

When it comes to marketing, we have two paths:

1. Free Advertising.

2. Paid Advertising.

Free Advertising.

Let’s start with free promotion, and see how we can promote affiliate products and services for free.

SEO: Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is the best way to promote affiliate services and products and to turn this online business into almost 99% Passive Income. Why?

Before I say why let’s explain SEO in brief.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization or S E O is honestly a method, or a technique used to rank your websites and articles on Top of search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

You know, when human beings need something on the internet, they search for it on search engines, and typically human beings will open consequences from the first web page only.

So your purpose with search engine marketing is to make your website or blog rank on the first web page for positive search queries. So you can get a lot of free natural site visitors to your website.

Let’s take this easy scenario, you wrote an article on your blog or website about an affiliate product, for example, “Top 10 Microphones for YouTubers” and you ranked this article on the first web page of Google.

think about how good deal cash you will make with the amazon affiliate software merchandising “Microphones affiliate links” and getting free site visitors from Google, It’s cash on autopilot!

Now you may additionally say, Ok Great! But how do we rank our articles? In different words, what the hell is SEO!! And how do we do it!?

Of course, Going via search engine marketing in deep is out of the scope of this article, however at the equal time, I will attempt my fantastic to assist you to recognize how to begin and work with web optimization in a few lines. I will no longer let you go out of right here lacking anything!

The Idea is Simple

Know what people are searching for (Keyword Research)

1. Optimize your article for these keywords (On-Page SEO)

2. Off-Page SEO (Building Trust, Social Signals, and Link Building.

Good luck

Final Thought

To make money from any of the above best PPC affiliate programs, you initially need an audience to market affiliate products and services. This will be anything from an email list to a website or blog, social media following, or maybe just running paid ads. If you currently own a website or business that receives an honest amount of traffic associated with paid search, then you’ll make some money from the programs listed above.

1. Adzooma

2. SpyFu

3. PPC Protect

4. Unbounce

5. SEMRush

6. Leadpages

7. Optmyzer

8. Supermetrics

9. Long Tail Pro

If you have any additional questions about choosing any best PPC affiliate programs, let us know in the comments section below and we’ll try to help.

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