10 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources:( from $0.001/Click)

Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

10 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

I’m not sure about you, but I’m obsessed with getting low-cost website traffic that converts well.

I mean, I do run ad campaigns with considerably higher CPCs than the one at the top of this piece (on platforms like Outbrain, Twitter, and Pinterest), and they’re all great and giving me a good return on investment, so I put them in this list as well.

But every now and then, I like to run a campaign and promote it with $0.001-$0.05 clicks to see if I can make an offer convert with that type of paid website traffic.

When I see that I can make money even if I don’t have to pay a fortune for clicks or spend time doing SEO, I get a wonderful feeling of happiness.

My biggest concern when I first started many years ago was finding good quality and affordable website traffic, and I failed miserably several times.

I might have created and designed a fantastic landing page, had an amazing logo, and great copywriting, but it was all for naught because my websites received no good quality traffic.

I tested a number of scam services that claimed to be able to send me legitimate traffic (and never did). So I got burned… a lot, and then I learned how to perform SEO and develop legitimate internet businesses, or at the very least, how to pay for traffic smartly.

But, before we go any further, you should consider getting your website ready to send traffic, as this will make it much easier to run traffic campaigns with some of these low-cost website traffic providers.

Because some of them may not accept you linking directly to an offer, it’s preferable to have your own website or landing page to which you may direct traffic before redirecting them to your offers.

Additionally, this enhances conversions, lowering your cost of traffic even further.  Here is How to create a WordPress website USING BLUEHOST within 30 minutes in 2022

Why is Low-Cost Traffic Important?

1. You don’t have a lot of money (probably you’re just starting out).

You’re obviously interested in growing traffic to your website or affiliate marketing if you’re reading this article. You can do it in a variety of ways, both free and paid.

But what if you don’t know how to conduct SEO or don’t have the time to wait for it to work?

So your other alternative is to pay for website traffic, and while there are a lot of ad networks and websites out there offering to bring you high-quality traffic for a low fee, only a handful of them genuinely deliver on their promises.

2. There Isn’t Any Time To Wait For SEO

If waiting for SEO isn’t your thing, and all other free traffic sources (such as social media, forum posting, YouTube marketing, and so on) have failed you, you should consider paying for website traffic.

Yes, if you perform proper SEO, it will not always convert as well as a visitor who comes directly from Google, but it can still work, and you will be able to at least test your website or offer before starting to do extensive SEO.

Almost all of the low-cost website traffic providers listed below will begin giving you traffic within 24 hours of submitting your campaign (you will have to wait for your advertisements to be reviewed, so it will take a little longer).

Isn’t it true that all cheap website traffic is bad?

Both yes and no…

I’ve tried and tested a lot of paid advertising networks over the years, and the majority of them were a waste of money, but there were a few cheap website traffic sources that I found to have strong traffic and a low CPC (cost per click) that worked for me and helped me generate sales and leads.

So I assumed you guys might be interested in learning about some of my low-cost website traffic sources, so if you’re seeking to advertise affiliate deals or your own websites on a budget, you should check out the following sources.

However, first…

Traffic generated by bots

Bot traffic should always be avoided.

Here are some suggestions for avoiding paying for bad traffic:

  • In general, avoid websites that promise to send you 100,000 visitors for ten dollars.
  • Don’t buy traffic from Fiverr gigs; they’re almost always bogus bot traffic.
  • Paying for an email blasting service is a waste of money. (You spend $100 every month to send out hundreds of spam emails.)
  • Always read testimonials regarding the company or service from which you intend to purchase traffic.
  • PTC and traffic exchange websites should be avoided.

If you want to reduce your risks of buying substandard or false traffic, you should follow these guidelines.

Even legitimate traffic sources have bad traffic (which you’ll learn about in a moment), but the idea is to track everything and block the bad websites/ids/keywords that don’t convert.

So, let’s take a look at some of my favorite sites to receive high-quality, low-cost website traffic; these sources are still popular in 2022.

10 Best Cheap Website Traffic Sources

1. Push House


Push House is a popular self-serve push notification ad network with a variety of hot traffic sources for your adult and mainstream offers.

Push House has everything you need for success, with over 525 million active subscribers and 14 billion daily impressions.

This RTB platform allows you to bid on traffic in real-time and see your metrics update in real-time on the dashboard.

Advertisers can compete for a part of the ad network’s 31 million daily clicks by bidding on traffic from over 180 countries.

One of the top advantages of Push House is the uniqueness of users and the high quality of traffic. The ad network approaches this in a unique way, and we’ll look at how you can get the best results from using it in just a while.

Push House also provides some cutting-edge targeting options that let you apply precision targeting to your campaigns and find the best-performing feeds for your offerings.

When you put it all together, you’ve got a supercharged Push ad platform that’s basically a license to print money.

One of my campaigns that I ran on pushhouse, managed to get an average CPC of $0.002 targeting: US, CA, UK, AU, Singapore

About Push House:

  • Company Name: Push House
  • Founded in: 2018
  • Countries Allowed: Worldwide
  • Minimum Deposite: $50
  • Payment Methods: Paypal, Web Money, ePayments, Bitcoin, VIS/Master Card, QIWI, Perfect Money, Payeer and AdvCash
  • The minimum CPC is 0.001 $ per click

2. Microsoft Advertising (Bing Ads)


If you spend $25 on MicrosoftAdvertising, you’ll get a $100 advertising bonus. To take advantage of this offer, please fill out the form below. Please use my link to sign up.

Bing Ads has since been renamed Microsoft Advertising.

I’m not sure why it happened, but given that Microsoft controls Bing among other services and websites, I assume they renamed Bing Ads to Microsoft Advertising to give advertisers more options.

Bing, like Google and Google Ads, has its own advertising infrastructure for its search engine listings, which is referred to as Microsoft Advertising. You can sign up for an account right now.

They don’t have the same volume as Google, so they won’t be able to send you thousands of clicks every day for every industry, but they can still send you some nice figures, especially if you choose to run your ads on their search partners like Yahoo and AOL as well.

The Windows operating system is still the most popular in the world, and it comes pre-installed with its own browser, Internet Explorer (or the most recent version, Edge).

They also have their own MSN and Bing Search pre-configured as the default search engine and homepage. So, if you’re worried that no one uses Bing search, reconsider.

One of my BingAds campaigns achieved an average CPC of $0.04 by targeting the following countries: US, CA, UK, AU, and Singapore.

The average cost per click (CPC) might range from $0.05 to $1, depending on the various categories.

However, you could strike it rich and pay $0.01-$0.03 every click if you’re lucky. It’s a little more difficult these days, but it’s still possible.

So, if you want to generate clicks for as little as $0.01, you should do the following:

  • Other countries should be targeted instead of the United States (think about Germany, New Zealand, Singapore, UK, France, Spain, etc..)
  • Make a fantastic landing page with a high quality score. Aim for a quality score of at least 8/10. This aids in the reduction of your CPC.
  • Go to SemRush and look at what keywords and advertising your competitors are using, then replicate them all.
  • Run split tests on multiple ads and experiment with alternative ad titles and text descriptions.
  • You may also use Ubersuggest and Ahrefs, both created by Neil Patel, to find extra keywords to include in your campaign.
  • When you purchase $25, you’ll get $100 in Microsoft Ad Credit. This exclusive offer is only accessible through my affiliate link.

Now, bear in mind that this isn’t an exact science, and your results may vary, but in general, if you follow some of these procedures, you should be able to drop your CPC to a reasonable level, perhaps not exactly $0.01 per click, but something in the range of $0.03 to $0.06.

BingAds is ranked first because it is a high-quality ad network with very little poor traffic (if any at all) and reasonable CPC pricing.

My weirdest Bing Ads record was one sale from only two clicks (I paid $0.10 for two clicks and ended up selling a product for $40, pretty bad, but I did my setup right and was targeting France instead of the US, where there isn’t much competition).

Disclaimer: Sure, it was an absurd thing to happen, and I can’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results, but it did happen, and I’m trying to make the point that Bing Ads are a fantastic cheap website traffic source, even if you don’t get the same results as me.

Of course, I got lucky with one sale from two sponsored clicks, but that only goes to show that Bing Ads may be on par with Google Ads at times, and that their paid website traffic converts very well as well.

Additional information on Bing Ads:

  • Minimum Deposit: There is no minimum deposit for Bing Ads; however, you can prepay your account with $50, for example, and pay after 30 days.
  • CPC Minimum: $0.01

If you sign up through my link, you can get a $100 deposit bonus when you spend $25 with BingAds.


This list of best website traffic is not complete. So you can check back tomorrow and refresh this page

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