7 Best Direct Mailing Services Advertising Providers

best direct mailing services advertising providers

Do you want to get right to the point? PostcardMania is the best direct mail service for the majority of small and big businesses out there.

Do you believe that direct mail as a means of business marketing and communication is no longer relevant? Change your views.

According to research, direct mail initiatives produce five times the amount of sales as email advertising.

As a result, sending direct mail to consumers and prospects by small businesses produces results.

Postcards to catalogs, for example, have become a cost-effective approach to ensure that your message is received.

What are direct mailing services providers?

Direct mail is a cost-effective and efficient method of increasing brand awareness, generating leads, and engaging with new customers. It’s a fantastic way for both new and existing businesses to reach out to new customers who might otherwise be unaware of their existence online.

Your flyers, postcards, or brochures will be printed, stamped, and sent by a simple direct mail firm.

Some providers go even farther by offering design templates and assisting you in compiling a list of potential addresses.

Each direct mail service I researched has an in-depth assessment of the merits, cons, and use cases listed below. Small enterprises and big organizations alike will be able to discover a solution that meets their requirements.

Following the evaluations, I explain the most important criteria to consider when selecting a direct mail service provider.

Top 7 best direct mailing services advertising providers

1. PostcardMania.

Due to their exceptional bulk discounts, PostcardMania is ideal for high-volume postcard direct mail. They’re also a good choice if you want to use direct mail as one of several marketing platforms.

While they have excellent postcard and brochure mailing campaign options, their Everywhere Small Business solution really stands out.

This is a multi-channel marketing campaign with direct mail as part of it. You’ll get postal tracking, tailored Facebook follow-up commercials, Instagram ads, Google follow-ups, and call monitoring in addition to mail.

PostcardMania uses digital advertising channels to target people who receive your mail-in campaigns. It combines numerous initiatives to generate leads and raise brand awareness.

Standard-sized postcards in high-volume start at just $0.05 per piece. There is a good chance you won’t find a better bulk rate in the business.

Let’s start with the old-fashioned direct mail choices. The following services are available through PostcardMania:

  • Printing postcards
  • Design for a postcard
  • mailing list
  • Mailing in bulk
  • Lists of recipients
  • Direct mail to every door (EDDM)

2. PsPrint

best direct mailing services advertising providers

PsPrint has a large choice of direct mail items available.

In fact, they have ten different sorts of mailers that you may send to potential customers. This is significantly more than other providers, which often only provide one or two mailer alternatives.

They have a wide range of direct mailers that they may send to you. It’s also worth noting that they provide mailing list processing (CASS certification, inkjet addressing, and postal resorting), foil stamping, die-cutting, and even a graphic designer to help you achieve your desired look.

PsPrint also has a short turnaround time. Your order can be mailed in two to five days after printing is completed.

The entire procedure can be managed online as well. Simply choose your product, add your artwork, and include your mailing list. PsPrint will also give you any additional prints that were not mailed. If the “excess” fits inside one box, they are free.

PsPrint will help you construct a mailing list in less than 15 minutes if you don’t already have one. Simply respond to a few questions about your target market based on age, income, ZIP Code, and other factors.

PsPrint’s services and products include:

  • Brochures
  • Hangers for the doors
  • Flyers
  • Magnets
  • Newsletters
  • Postcards
  • Cards in a rack
  • Sheets of sales
  • Stickers
  • Labels for gifts

3. Vistaprint

Vistaprint is one of the most widely used printing services. They’re well known for their business card printing, but they also have a fantastic direct mail postcard service.

They also have over 1,000 postcard designs, so you’re sure to find something that suits you and your brand.

Simply design your card and email your address list to Vistaprint, and they’ll take care of the rest. Standard and large postcards are available from Vistaprint.

Their mailing lists are another service I enjoy. This site also allows you to purchase a focused list. These lists can be tailored to specific audiences based on demographic information such as income, interests, new homeowners, or even B2B sectors.

Vistaprint is fantastic because it offers a wide range of different products and services.

Vistaprint has all of your marketing needs covered.

The following are some of the most popular categories:

  • Products that are given away as gifts
  • Stickers and labels
  • Clothing and Bags
  • Signage
  • Exhibitions
  • Promotional materials
  • Business cards are used to promote a company.

4. NextDayFlyers

best direct mailing services advertising providers

NextDayFlyers, as the name implies, will provide you with a lightning-fast turnaround so that you can get your mailers out as soon as possible.

In reality, they have a printing turnaround time of the next business day. Although this premium service comes at a cost, it’s a terrific alternative for time-sensitive offers and campaigns.

Your inventory will be stored, addresses will be verified, products will be presorted, and your mail will be sent by NextDayFlyers. For campaigns, you may also rent mailing lists.

It’s simple to get around this platform. Simply select your flyer’s size, tweak the material, add a shine or matte finish, and quantity. You can either use their website to generate artwork or upload your own.

As you make adjustments to your direct mail campaign, you’ll be able to view the cost in real-time.

Your business can use NextDayFlyers to send:

  • Postcards
  • Brochures
  • Rack cards for the mail
  • Products made to order

5. Mailing Cactus

Cactus Mailing is a straightforward direct mail provider that provides excellent postcard and brochure mailers, as well as a unique Google Ads offering.

Their Smart Marketing offering, on the other hand, is where they really excel. They collaborate with you to design a Google Ads campaign that complements your direct mail effort and produces greater results. As a result, response rates will rise, resulting in more leads and sales.

To promote your direct mail postcards and brochures, this program includes Google display ads as well as landing sites.

Cactus varies from PostcardMania’s multi-channel service in that it focuses primarily on Google Ads. PostcardMania provides Facebook and Instagram advertisements, as well as follow-ups.

Dentists, restaurants, salons, spas, churches, real estate, retail, and fitness are just a few of the businesses that use Cactus Mailing. Cactus is an expert at designing attractive brochures to advertise your company.

Another reason to think about Cactus Mailing is their fantastic discounts when you bundle multiple services. They provide these specials on a regular basis, so you can save money at any time.

The following are some of the best services:

  • Postcards sent by direct mail
  • Brochures sent by direct mail
  • Mailing lists that are specifically targeted
  • Design for a mail piece
  • Tracking of phone calls

6. Gunderson Direct.

Gunderson Direct is a direct marketing firm that offers a broad range of services. That means their representatives will collaborate with you to design a fully customized direct mail campaign that is tailored to your company’s needs.

They provide you with everything you require to maximize the effectiveness of your direct mail marketing. Make use of their knowledge to build postal campaigns that complement and support your marketing strategy.

A chat with the Gunderson Direct team will be the first step. They’ll make sure that every area of your program is optimized for success, from testing to data, message, and offers, as a full-service agency.

You’ll acquire all the information you need to create a successful program from that consultation.

Gunderson Direct can assist you in creating direct mail collateral from both internal and external sources. Their award-winning design team will create targeted, print-ready creative for you, and their production experience will ensure that you’re sending out high-quality materials.

From start to finish, they’ll handle almost every part of your marketing campaign for you, consulting with you as needed to ensure it achieves the desired outcomes.

They’ll also provide you with detailed statistics and analytics so you can track your progress. When it comes to direct mail services, that’s a unique proposition.

7. SaaSMQL

best direct mailing services advertising providers

In comparison to the other direct mail providers on our list, SaaSMQL is quite distinctive. SaaS organizations, provide account-based demand generation.

If your company fits this description, SaaSMQL should be a top consideration.

Direct mail isn’t usually associated with SaaS. However, SaaSMQL has changed the way you think about lead creation. They employ direct mail to generate leads and opportunities with prospects in the mid-market and enterprise.

One of their clients achieved more than 50 quality meetings in less than two months using a direct mail campaign. This resulted in a profit of almost $2 million.

The success of SaaSMQL can be attributed to its unique methodology. SaaSMQL provides packages to businesses rather than just flyers or postcards.

When contrasted to the hundreds of emails, phone calls, and junk mail these people receive on a daily basis, this sticks out. Nobody is going to toss a package into the trash without thinking about it.

SaaSMQL assists you with account-based marketing campaigns and analytics in addition to direct mail. They provide everything you need to generate SaaS demand across different channels.

8. PrintingForLess.

Direct mail business PrintingForLess is well-known and dependable. It serves as a one-stop-shop for printing and shipping services.

They provide a variety of tools for employees to have simple access to sales and marketing assets, including free templates, direct mail advice, connectivity with marketing automation platforms, and web-to-print.

Their Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) service is where they really shine. They’ll collaborate with you to identify a specific area or region to target and ensure that your mailers reach those addresses.

This is ideal for promoting the opening day of your restaurant or retail store, local promotions, and other location-specific advertisements.

best direct mailing services advertising providers

While a few other firms on this list (such as NextDayFlyers) offer EDDM, none of them have the same number of mailer varieties as PrintingForLess.

They’ve also worked with a lot of political campaigns to make sure their mailers reach constituents and potential voters. If you occupy (or intend to hold) an elected post, I strongly advise you to use PrintingForLess.

PrintingForLess is one of my favorite companies because they stand behind their product. They’ll totally compensate you for any charges incurred if your mailing and printing aren’t completed on time. This takes away a lot of the stress that comes with large marketing efforts.

PFL will provide you with free custom printing samples before you begin mass production and mailing. You can experiment with various paper types, weights, coatings, binding options, and effects to see which one works best for your company.

In Summary: The Best Direct Mailing Services Providers

How to Select the Most Appropriate Direct Mail Service for Your Company

Each direct mail service is different. If you don’t know what to look for, finding the ideal one for your company might be difficult.

We looked at five major areas to see how each service compared and based on the results, we narrowed our options.

Using these factors, you may choose the best service for your company’s needs.

1. Solutions Tailored to the Industry

A local mom-and-pop restaurant will not require the same level of support as a multi-million dollar B2B firm. That is why they should not use the same direct mail service provider.

Examine the industries that each direct mailer aims to reach. 

Gunderson Direct, for example, focuses on telemedicine, B2B businesses, and financial advisors. SaaSMQL is a wonderful solution for SaaS enterprises, as the name suggests.

PostcardMania, on the other hand, assists any company that uses postcards and brochures as a marketing tool. To mention a few, these include air conditioning and heating, restaurants, roofing, and real estate.

When looking into direct mailing services, it’s also a good idea to look into who some of their previous clients are. Is there anything they can do to target your specific customers? Are they able to properly market your services? If not, they aren’t the best fit for you.

2. Varieties of Mailers

You might have precise marketing requirements right now, but what if they change in the future? You’ll want to locate a direct mailer that provides you with a variety of possibilities.

The following are examples of common mailer types:

  • Postcards
  • Flyers
  • Invitations
  • Cards for greetings
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Catalogs
  • Booklets
  • Products made to order

For modest promotions such as a forthcoming event or sale, a postcard may be sufficient. A brochure or catalog, on the other hand, can be more suited if you want to send out more thorough information about your organization.

Gunderson Direct, for example, provides a wider range of services, including letters, brochures, and more. They’ll even collaborate with you to create the most efficient direct mail campaign for your business.

For specific business kinds, organizations like SaasMQL send packages via direct mail, which is less usual. Finding a firm with a wide range of services may allow you to stick with the same vendor no matter how extensive your marketing efforts become.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Some services, such as PostcardMania, have a restricted set of features but excel at what they do. If you only need postcards or brochures and don’t expect that need to change anytime soon, selecting a provider that specializes in that field is an excellent option.

3. Designs That Grab Your Attention

For direct mail initiatives, first impressions are critical. You want your finished product to be able to:

When it appears in prospect mailboxes, it should be neat and attractive.

With an eye-catching and informative design, you can instantly attract a potential lead.

This can be a difficult balance to strike, but effective direct mail services can help you do it while being faithful to your brand.

Some services provide templates tailored to specific industries (e.g. PostcardMania has postcard designs for realtors). If you don’t have much expertise with graphic design, this is a fantastic place to start.

Other companies allow you to customize your products’ quality, size and finish. If you have a really particular idea of how you want your mailer to look, this will help.

When speaking with or investigating a direct mail business, make sure to look at any case studies or samples of their previous work they may have. This should offer you a decent idea of the service’s design quality and whether it’s a suitable fit for your brand, industry, and target client.

It’s worth noting that the cost of their graphic design services is often distinct from the cost of their direct mail service.

PostcardMania, for example, offers graphic design as a distinct service.

Gunderson Direct, on the other hand, includes it as part of your whole package.

4. Extra Services

Your marketing activities can have an even bigger influence on your bottom line when they are organized and coordinated. Additional marketing goods are available from the leading direct mail service firms to supplement your direct mail campaigns.

PostCardMania, for example, provides an omnichannel marketing strategy that includes Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads, as well as call tracking, follow-ups, and mail tracking.

This type of service can help you keep your marketing efforts centralized and focused, as well as more cost-effective. You won’t be juggling a bunch of various companies and services at once, attempting to make them all work together if you have all of your marketing handled by one organization.

You can avoid the regular headaches that come with this predicament.

Vistaprint can create a slew of on-brand promotional items for you. Handbags, hats, whatever you think people would utilize to spread the word about your business.

Even if you don’t need every service a firm provides right now, it’s something to think about for the future.

5. Turnaround Time

This isn’t always the most important feature that companies search for in direct mail service.

However, there are occasions when it is critical for businesses and brands to send out mailers to potential clients as soon as possible (e.g. when you have a very time-sensitive promotion to get done).

Not to mention that sending a mailer to customers and prospects after a deal has ended or expired is a waste of money and reflects negatively on your company in the eyes of people who receive it.

As a result, when compiling this list, we took turnaround time into account.

Mailing turnaround time normally ranges from the next business day to 10 business days after printing is completed.

You can normally pay a premium to have your mailers delivered sooner. However, it is preferable to select a low-cost direct mail provider that works rapidly.

Fortunately, some direct mail initiatives have a shorter deadline than others. If you require a quick turnaround, NextDayFlyers is a wonderful option.

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