The 13 Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near You.

Every year, gift cards worth over $1 billion are lost and wasted. Millions of people around the world are losing out on a significant amount of money. I’m going to list the top ten gift card exchange locations in my area for you today.

Let’s imagine you’re interested in trading Bitcoin, foreign exchange, gift cards, stocks and bonds, or crude oil but don’t know where to begin. The best gift card exchange kiosks in my area are listed in this brief guide.

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We want to help you understand the idea of exchanging gift cards for fast money.

10 Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me

Using gift cards to generate income is quite simple. Selling your gift card to individuals or organizations who will pay for it is one of the simplest methods to earn money with it.

Many people are ready to buy those cards off of you for a fair fee.

On companies that buy gift cards for real money or any cryptocurrency of your choice, you can quickly sell used and unused gift cards.

Instead of waiting for the gift card to expire or lose value, you can trade or exchange it for other digital currencies like Bitcoin, PayPal, or Skrill cash if you are not interested in selling gift cards.

You can sell your gift card on a gift card exchange kiosk in addition to selling it to friends and family and receiving an immediate payment.

These are some of the best sites to sell gift cards if you have any available, and you’ll get paid very immediately.

Let’s shoot to the 10 best gift card exchange kiosk near me

1. Reddit

Reddit is a well-known social media site that resembles online forums in appearance. There are many Gift Card Exchange subreddits that let you set your own selling price for your Amazon gift cards, even though you may discover gift card subreddits (threads) on any subject.

Best Gift Card Exchange Kiosk Near Me

You can specify in your listing that you’ll carry out the transaction with PayPal or a digital currency like Bitcoin or Ethereum. The best location in the entire world to sell your gift card is here.

You will receive an additional badge for becoming a verified seller, which will boost the likelihood that your sale will go through. On Reddit, selling is free, and transactions are also permitted. You can also ask the subreddit moderators to run a background check on a potential buyer as an extra measure of security.

2. LegitCards

Another great website that allows you to sell gift cards, bitcoin, and greendot payments without any complications is LegitCards. Undoubtedly, it is among the top gift card trading websites in Nigeria.

best gift card exchange kiosk near me

The company’s total transparency is one of its best qualities. The whole value of your gift card is transferred to your bank account in Naira as you start trading it, with no additional fees.

Legitcards gives the finest market rates, according to numerous traders. Check out Legitcards if you want to benefit from high rates and the best trading experience.

You don’t have to register with Legitcards in order to exchange your gift cards for cash, which is an additional benefit. They have taken care of all the paperwork and formalities involved in gift card exchange for you. They are prepared to buy if you have a card to exchange anywhere, at any time.

Since Legitcards is based in Nigeria and registered with the CAC, trading with them is extremely safe, and you will get paid within 5 minutes of starting a trade.

Fear not if you reside outside of Nigeria; they offer a variety of payment options for you. Legitcards is one of the top online marketplaces in Nigeria for buying and selling gift cards because of this.

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3. Prestmit

One of the simplest online marketplaces to sell gift cards for quick cash is Prestmit. The user-friendly design and tempting gift card rates are what we enjoy best about this gift card.

Using a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, it offers an intuitive design that makes it simple to buy and sell gift cards.

Then there are the tantalizingly low gift card prices. More than 20 different types of gift cards are supported by this excellent platform, and you can buy and sell them at the cheapest prices.

Additionally, Prestmit has a staff of customer service representatives on call who are prepared to assist you if a problem with the system arises.

Amazing, huh? Even yet, it’s not the coolest feature of this platform.

You may sell gift cards on Prestmit and get paid in just five minutes as long as you have any working gift cards available.

You can withdraw money from your Prestmit dashboard to your bank account once your gift card has been received and verified by the system, and you will receive a credit alert in less than five minutes.

It was quicker than the majority of gift card exchanges I’ve used.

4. Cardtonic

The finest marketplace for buying and selling gift cards, Bitcoin, and other digital currencies is Cardtonic. They are a trustworthy and dependable site for selling gift cards at the most competitive prices.

You can easily sell your gift cards on the go with the help of Cardtonic’s mobile app. You can sell a variety of gift cards on this exchange, including those from Amazon, Walmart, Steam Wallet, iTunes, Nintendo, and Google Play.

best gift card exchange kiosk near me

On both Android and iOS devices, users can download the Cardtonic mobile app. Less tech-savvy folks can use the app with ease because it is simple to use and intuitive.

The best part is that Cardtonic is trustworthy, secure, and doubly encrypted, so you don’t have to worry about gift card scammers.

In Nigeria, we offer the fastest payout. You swiftly and easily receive payment for your gift cards. Download and utilize our mobile app if you want to sell gift cards in Nigeria or anywhere else in the world.

Even if you dislike mobile apps, you can still exchange your gifts on the internet. To buy and sell gift cards at the most excellent prices, go to Cardtonic Exchange right away.

5. Raise

Amazon gift cards are currently available on Raise at a 1 per cent discount, allowing you to make a larger profit. Digital gift cards for Amazon and virtually any other retailer or eatery are available for sale.

Raise will validate the gift card serial number for you after you enter it.

Raise can be a wonderful alternative for your other retail gift cards, but you might have to pick another one from this list.

6. GiftCardBin

credit card Bin is a good website for swapping gift cards. You can sell your gift cards there or by emailing their processing centre. Online sales are paid through PayPal after three to ten business days, while in-person sales receive an instant cash payment.

7. Gift Card Zen

Another selling option that consistently sells Amazon gift cards is Gift Card Zen. You might be able to sell your gift cards depending on their seasonal demands.

They recently joined forces with Retailmenot, another well-known retailer deal finder, making it simple for customers to uncover online bargains quickly.

8. CardCash

CardCash is a profitable option for selling gift cards that allows you to trade in your Amazon gift card and perhaps boost your earnings by 11%. CardCash is an online exchange where you can trade gift cards for other gift cards or sell unused gift cards for cash. In Nigeria, it is a popular location for selling gift cards online as well.

9. Card Kangaroo

Card Kangaroo is another gift card exchange site where you can buy, sell, or swap Amazon gift cards. You must mail your gift cards to their processing centre whether you sell or swap them.

Your gift cards may not reach Card Kangaroo for up to five business days. Within 48 hours of receiving your payment, you will receive it via PayPal. You may also decide to pay with a cheque.

10. Coinstar

Perhaps you mistakenly believed that the Coinstar machines you see in the lobbies of your neighbourhood supermarkets and shops only accepted the loose change. You can also exchange unwanted gift cards for cash at some ATMs. Check out Coinstar Direct to see if they can accept gift cards to learn more.

Periodically check back to see if Amazon gift cards are currently accepted by your neighbourhood Coinstar machines. Depending on the availability of Amazon gift cards within the Coinstar network, their acceptance rules may be modified periodically.

Selling or trading Amazon gift cards is quite simple. You can sell your cards for the lowest trade fees and even turn a profit due to the constant demand from buyers. You both win, and you get to go with some extra money in your pocket.

11. CashCrate

You can exchange your gift card for cash on CashCrate. On each gift card sold through CardCash, you can make up to 92 per cent of the selling price.

You won’t need to worry about delivering the gift card to the buyer before you get paid because all Amazon gift card codes will be provided online. On Cashcrate, you may exchange your Amazon gift card for money in Nigeria.

You have three payment methods with Cashcrate: PayPal, direct deposit, and checks. The deal will be completed and payments will begin within 48 hours.

12. Cardpool

On the website Cardpool, you may purchase and sell gift cards from numerous companies, including Target, Macy’s, Lowe’s, Best Buy, and Amazon. Up to 92 per cent of the value is returned to you. On Cardpool, you can sell both physical and digital gift cards.

You have two choices as you prepare to sell. You can either choose the payoff you want or input the value of the gift card you’re selling to get an instant payout offer. Checks are used to cover gift cards.

13. Gift Card Granny

Gift Card Granny helps customers find the greatest deal by displaying the lowest rates from several online marketplaces (this creates an incentive for buyers). You may make extra money on Gift Card Granny by opening daily emails, purchasing gift cards, and encouraging friends to make purchases there.

What Are Gift Cards?

A gift card, also known as a gift certificate, gift voucher, or gift token, is a prepaid money card with a stored value that is issued by merchants, shops, and banks for use as an alternative to cash for purchases at a certain store or establishment.

One of the best presents you can give to friends or family is a gift card. Consider Amazon gift cards as an example. Because Amazon sells virtually everything, giving a friend an Amazon gift card will make them very happy.

The good thing about selling your Amazon gift cards is that, as long as the amount is correct, you can do so for profit whether the cards are new or old. If you’re willing to, there are millions of people who would like to purchase you an Amazon gift card.

However, let us first show you some of the most well-liked gift cards in existence before revealing some of the greatest locations to sell gift cards for actual cash.

The Best Gift Cards In Nigeria

Which gift card now offers the greatest rate, you wonder? Or which gift card should you purchase? You might not be able to choose the ideal gift card to purchase in 2021 because there are more than 3,000 different types of gift cards available online.

These gift cards are among the most expensive ones available this year.

  • iTunes Gift Cards.
  • Starbucks Gift Cards.
  • Walmart Gift Cards.
  • Victoria’s Secret Gift Cards.
  • Target Gift Cards.
  • Amazon Gift Cards (The most popular gift card this year).
  • Best Buy Gift Cards.
  • Chipotle Gift Cards.
  • Visa Gift Cards.
  • Sephora Gift Cards.
  • Netflix Gift Card.
  • Apple Gift Cards.
  • Applebees Gift Cards.
  • eBay Gift Card.
  • Google Play Gift Card.
  • MasterCard Gift Card.
  • Disney Gift Card.
  • Victoria’s Secret Gift Card.
  • Fandango Gift Card.

Some gift cards are universally usable. These include gift cards from Walmart, Starbucks, Amazon, iTunes, and the like. Online payments can be made with these gift cards, and some of them can even be purchased or exchanged for PayPal dollars.

Types Of Gift Cards

Gift cards come in two main categories: cash cards and retail cards.

1. Cash Cards

Cash cards, which are endorsed by organizations like Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, can be used to make purchases anywhere. These cards are the most flexible and can be used in place of cash.

2. Store Cards

Store cards are exclusive to a specific retailer, such as Victoria’s Secret, iTunes, and Amazon. The card comes with a more distinctive present. Some certificates or cards are only good for 30 to 90 days. Before the gift card expires, you should convert it to PayPal cash.

How To Activate A Gift Card

A lot of gift cards must first be activated to be used. You can start using them once they’ve been activated. Your gift card can be activated by: • Purchasing it online or from a reseller.

• By removing the sticker covering the activation number, you can activate the gift card by going to the website or calling the number.

• Key in the gift card’s barcode and activation code.

Any gift card can be activated using this technique. Gift cards are activated in what way? When the code is sent, the system processes it, credits your account, and activates your gift card.

How To Redeem Gift Cards Using POS

The majority of gift cards sell out within a day. Digital gift cards for Amazon and virtually any other retailer or eatery are available for sale. Simply entering the gift card’s serial number will allow the Point of Sale (POS) system to scan the gift card’s barcode.

The gift card is activated when the POS device sends the transaction details to the gift card company. Due to the card’s distinctive barcode, it can be recognized without the card’s number or pin.

The transaction is approved by the retailer, and the POS then adds it to the store’s ledger. It is that simple. You can use your Amazon gift card here to purchase if you have one.

Benefits of Gift Cards

There are a ton of benefits to purchasing gift cards over paying with a credit card when doing so online. I believe that gift cards are among the greatest methods for making online payments for the following reasons.

• The sale of gift cards generates immediate income for the retailer.

• Gift cards that have been redeemed have a higher beginning value.

• Gift cardholders receive the best discounts.

• Banks and credit card firms profit from merchant fees collected from customers who use their cards.

How Do Scams With Gift Cards Operate?

If you plan to sell gift cards, you must be cautious of gift card scams.

A type of advance-free fraud called a gift card scam occurs when you transfer money or a gift card to a retailer but receive nothing in return.

Typically, a con artist acts as a seller of gift cards. The con artist will disregard your messages after you’ve paid and may even block you once you do so.

Therefore, it is preferable to trade gift cards with a reputable exchange or utilize Escrow to secure your transaction.

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