10 Best PLR Websites You Should Use For E-books Download.

Digital items using PLR (Private Label Rights) might take the form of an ebook, software, online course videos, valuable articles, etc. For these PLR items, you can assert your ownership of intellectual property rights and that’s why we have listed 10 best plr websites which you can choose from. Also, here is a piece that would help you with best cheap website traffic sources

The finest aspect of PLR products is that you can market them under your name and keep all of the sales revenue. Additionally, you can avoid wasting your time and energy on making products.

Additionally, you can perform the following tasks using PLR products:

  • Make a follow-up autoresponder series.
  • Affiliate Bonuses for List Building
  • Create a course and market your own business.
  • website memberships
  • PLR Content Can Be Made Into Videos Or Audio

Select a PLR membership site, sign up as a member, choose the best products to offer, and you may immediately start earning money.

Where to find Some Good PLR Products?

The truth is that looking for the greatest PLR website can be a laborious and time-consuming process. Because of this, we have chosen to investigate and evaluate each PLR website, and have created the following list of the top 10 PLR websites:

10 Best PLR Websites | The Preferred Choice for 2022

The greatest PLR sites are listed here, which you may use to attempt and generate money online.

1. PLR.me

  • Platform Type: Memberships and Product Store
  • Product Availability: 15,840+
  • Products: PLR Courses, Presentations, Reports, Ebooks, and Coaching Programs are Popular Products
  • Quality: High-quality goods

PLR.me is the only place to go if you’re looking for the top PLR website in the PLR products sector. In the health and coaching areas, the website produces the best original content.

As a result, it becomes your go-to website for all of your needs including life and health coaches. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy approach to creating health and coaching content for your audience, PLR.me would be a great place to start.
And to give people looking for generic PLR more options, they keep adding different product categories to their website.

It was started in 2008 and has been highlighted by well-known businesses like AM 770, Entrepreneur, and the Toronto Sun.

The PLR.me website is brimming with a ton of great PLR products.

Best PLR Websites

Additionally, there are over 15,348 easily accessible products on the website, so you’ll never run out of information to offer to your audience. Consider this! You can purchase a top-notch PLR product of your choosing for $0.40 and download it.

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Therefore, the site suits both individuals seeking one or two PLR items and those seeking to purchase them frequently and in large quantities.

Five different PLR.me pricing options are available:

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan: $22
  • 100 Monthly Plan: $99 monthly
  • 400 Annual Plan: $299 monthly
  • 800 Annual Plan: $499 monthly
  • 2500 Annual Plan: $990 monthly

Visit Plr. Me


  • provides value over quantity.
  • No membership is required if you only buy one or two items.
  • Outstanding user experience with sophisticated search features and fluid navigation 13 excellent marketing tools available
  • fantastic customer service


There are no resell, master resells, or personal use rights available because the site solely sells PLR products.
uses a credit system rather than accepting direct cash payments.

2. IDPlr

  • Product: 15,840+ Platform
  • Type: Membership Available
  • Product: Ebooks
  • Product Quality: Moderate

IDPLR, which has been rated as the greatest PLR website since 2008, offers all different kinds of licenses. The website offers a variety of items including EBooks, movies, and graphics and covers a wide range of market segments.

You may simply locate whatever you’re looking for on IDPLR because it provides a variety of PLR content and is one of the most well-known PLR websites.

Best PLR Websites

It has more than 75,000 members and is a source of 12590+ PLR products.

There are three options for IDPLR’s Gold membership:

  • 3 Month Access: $39
  • 1 Year Access: $69
  • Lifetime Access: $89

Visit IdPLR


  • Each product has a live preview feature that enables users to see the item before downloading it.
  • Both free and paid memberships are available, allowing you to test the website before spending any money on it.
  • Additionally, the paid membership plan offers 10 GB of site hosting space.
  • The Gold subscription comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Enjoy substantial PLR for a single payment.


  • Good only if you require a lot of PLR products all at once.
  • Most of its products are old-fashioned because some of the offers has expired.
  • mediocre client service

3. BigProduct Store

  • Platform Type: Subscription
  • Product Availability: 10,000+
  • Products: Ebooks, article packs, and other products
  • Product quality: High-quality goods

BigProductStore is yet another well-known private label rights (PLR) website that provides tens of thousands of digital products, such as software, films, eBooks, and video courses, that you can resell, use any way you like, or sell and keep 100% of the proceeds.

Fresh new products are added everyday day on the PLR website. There are over 10,000 PLR items available right now.

The website features PLR content in practically all industries. You can access the Exclusive products category, where you can download premium, distinctive, and exclusive products, when you sign up as a member. You also receive exclusive licensing rights.

The first option is a monthly subscription, which costs $19.90, and the second is a membership with a single payment, which costs $98.50. You can pick whichever suits you best!

Best PLR Websites: Which One You Should Join


  • The PLR items can be rebranded to create new, distinctive products, used as bonuses in affiliate marketing campaigns, or used to make money.
  • If you’re interested in purchasing PLR products of mediocre quality over the long haul, the Lifetime Membership plan can help you save a ton of money.
  • Fresh PLR content is routinely added to the website.
  • You can resell the products directly to your clients and make an endless amount of money.


  • Because the product descriptions are brief, it can be difficult to understand what you’re receiving.
  • WP Themes, articles, and turnkey websites are a few examples of out-of-date product categories.

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4. ContentSparks

  • Available Product: 285+
  • Platform Type: -Label Courses are a Popular Product
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

Are you a business coach, consultant, blogger, or educator wishing to offer accredited online courses in the field of business and marketing but unsure of where to begin? If so, ContentSparks has got you covered.

Although ContentSparks has never positioned itself as a source for PLR products, the website creates online courses that you can market to your audience. They provide content that is editable and can be worked on, which is something you might already connect with the PLR sector.

best plr websites

To avoid having to battle with creating online courses, you may explore a ton of brand already-to-teach each business and marketing course on the PLR website to give enlightened business coaches, educators, and consultants high-quality content to help them expand their companies while assisting their clients, it was launched in 2010.

Additionally, you can charge your clients for the online classes and keep all of the revenue. Additionally, the website offers editable and brandable PLR courses, allowing for complete customization.

The platform focuses on themes related to business, sales, marketing, and professional development.

They don’t currently offer the user any membership options. However, you can purchase courses from their store if you’re interested.

The range of prices is from $19 to $1448.

Check out ContentSparks


  • Professional PLR courses that are ready to test for bloggers, coaches, and other professionals.
  • Perfect webinars that have been done for you.
  • Spend less time and money creating courses.


  • The PLR membership site charges expensive costs because it provides professional courses of the highecalibreber.

5. PLRdatabase

  • Platform Type: Subscription
  • 26000+ Available Products
  • Products: Articles, e-books, website templates, and other popular products.
  • Free Goods: 1,200 and Up
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

Over 26,100 licensed done-for-you products, including websites, eBooks, articles, audios, software, videos, and more, are currently available on the PLR website.

Best PLR Websites: Which One You Should Join

The majority of the products available on this website are licensed for commercial use, giveaway, personal use, master resale, and resale.

This implies that you are free to rebrand the goods for sale or other purposes. Additionally, PLR items are available in practically every industry, including business, affiliate marketing, love, travel, psychology, and many others.

You have a choice among 4 different membership plans, depending on your needs or financial situation.

  • Free Plan: This gives you unrestricted access to download more than a thousand free products.
  • Plan for One Month: $10 each month.
  • Three Months Plan: $25 due once every three months.
  • Plan for a year: $49 annually.

Check out PLRDatabase


  • You may easily locate what you’re looking for thanks to the platform’s user-friendly search function and modern, clear, and uncomplicated UI.
  • Low costs are charged for the membership plans.


  • Users of the PLR site have voiced concerns about the mediocre quality of the products offered.

6. Resell Rights Weekly

  • Platform Type: Subscription
  • Available Over 10,702 PLR & RR goods are available!
  • Ebooks and articles are popular products.
  • 10,740+ PLR articles are available for free.
  • Poor product quality

Another well-known PLR website, Resell-Rights-Weekly, provides a ton of free online resources for download that you can use for selling and keeping 100% of the proceeds.

Resell-Rights-Gold Weekly’s membership is available at:

  • Monthly Access – $19.95
  • Free Trial: $1 For 7 Days
best plr websites


  • Numerous value-added products are available under the free membership plan.
  • Unlike many other PLR sites, most of the products are brand-new and not out-of-date.
  • Most of the goods contain professionally written sales letters, images, and design templates.
  • Paid members have immediate access to the Paid Members Forum, where they may interact with other members and discuss their issues.
  • Additionally, you have access to more than 330 free tools that can help you run a productive online business.


  • Compared to other PLR sites, the number of products offered is small.

7. DownloadPLRProducts.

  • Platform Type: Subscription
  • Product Availability: 6,107+ PLR/MRR Products and also around 47,209+ Articles are available.
  • Ebooks and articles are popular products.
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

One of the top suppliers of items with fresh and original content and private label rights (PLR) and master resale rights (MRR) is DownloadPLRProducts.

It was established in 2011 and offers its users access to 6107+ PLR and MRR products. Every item on the membership website was produced by a different expert marketer somewhere in the world.

The platform’s constancy in adding new or fresh content to the website—more than 30 new PLR items are introduced each week to give users access to the newest and most modern products—is its strongest feature.

The DownloadPLRProducts premium membership is available for –

  • $2.95 valid for seven days
  • Followed by $16.95 per month

Visit DownloadPLRProducts


  • access to over 47209 articles that are prepared for publication
  • There are more than 6112 PLR goods available to pick from for premium users.
  • 13+ hours of video-based instruction on PLR items, marketing automation, and affiliate marketing
  • A range of WordPress goods, such as plugins, themes, and scripts, are available.
  • There are numerous categories of PLR products, including PLR articles, eBooks, images, videos, software, and plugins.


  • Products are few and the website’s user interface is not very intuitive and user-friendly.

8. Master PLR

  • Product Type: Membership and product store platform type.
  • Product Availability: 300+
  • Popular Products: Articles, Reports, and eBooks
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

Mr Geoff and Mrs Susan O’Dea established MasterPLR at the beginning of 2007.

Since all of the articles listed on the site are either authored by the founders or by their staff of talented writers, the platform was developed to give readers the greatest PLR quality content possible.

Even though the articles aren’t created by the team, the editors make sure to check and modify each one before adding it to the site.

PLR items in a variety of categories, including health, lifestyle, decision-making, mind training, and personal development, are available on the website.

In addition to the commercial PLR items, the website also provides free PLR packs for self-help and wellness, each of which includes 10 articles and ten social media posters.

The paid membership comes in two variants –

  • Monthly Pack – $14 per month
  • Yearly Pack – $137 per month

Visit Master PLR


  • The portal lists PLR articles on areas that are in high demand and gives all users access to free self-help and health PLR packs.
  • The selected articles are of the highest calibre.


  • The majority of articles are only 500–600 words long.
  • Only a large percentage of articles in the health and personal development niches

9. Health and Wellness PLR

  • Platform Type: Store for Memberships
  • Products Available: 330+ Health PLR Products are currently offered.
  • Products Offered: Articles, reports, printables, colouring books, and more are popular products.
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

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Health & Wellness PLR is the place to go if you’re seeking some nice, high-quality PLR goods in the health sector. It launched the company in June 2017 to provide pre-written articles to internet users.

The platform offers a wide variety of trending subjects in the area of health, including food, exercise, natural & alternative medicine, mental health, self-care, and many more.

You can also choose the All-access membership pass to gain access to 336 PLR products related to health and wellness, 215 products that are currently available on the platform, 100 products that have been retired, as well as lifetime access to all upcoming store releases whenever they become available.

The cost of an all-access membership is $497.

Visit HealthandWellnessPLR


  • mixes articles, reports, lead magnets, eBooks, graphics, emails, product reviews, etc. in its offerings.
  • 15% off is available when you sign up.
  • Give people the chance to become affiliate partners and earn 50% commissions.


Piggy Makes Bank 10.

  • No monthly subscription plan exists.
  • For starters, the pricing per PLR product can be a little high.

10. Piggymakesbank

  • Platform Type: Store for Memberships
  • Product available: 50+
  • Product Offer: Ebooks, workbooks, Canva templates, emails, and social media images are popular products.
  • Product Quality: High-quality goods

It’s never been simpler to run a profitable internet business. Any successful online business owner will confirm this if you ask them. The entire process, from content production to email list growth and social media marketing, can be frantic and time-consuming.

Not to worry. To make it simple for you to market your company, Piggymakesbank provides you with original, high-quality, and already-written articles, eBooks, emails, social media images and posts, Canva templates, and other PLR items. Some of these PLR items can also be sold to your clients so that you keep all of the money made from them, or you can offer them to your clients for free.

It is a well-known PLR website that was started by Tracy and Susanne, two experienced internet marketers who have developed a ton of lists, email funnels, and lead magnets from scratch over the years.

To assist you get the most out of the PLR items you download from their website, the team also provides you with expert e-courses and other training. Additionally, you receive gorgeous Canva templates to create eye-catching graphics for your blog and social media postings.

The PLR website provides PLR items in a variety of areas, including business & marketing, self-help and development, health & wellness, and more.

Prices for the PLR Products on this website vary.


  • Products are divided up into many niches for simple downloading.
  • You can utilize the seven professionally written articles that Free PLR provides for social media platforms like Medium.com, blog posts, and podcasts.
  • For as little as $29, download PLR goods worth hundreds of dollars.
  • Finding PLR products you wish to download is simple with the sophisticated search feature.


  • To gain access to their top-notch PLR items, you must enrol in one of their membership programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do PLR articles make sense?

Because most of their content isn’t entirely original, PLR articles aren’t a good option. Due to plagiarism, you’ll probably reap no benefits and your material won’t appear in Google search results.

Is it possible to profit from PLR?

Yes, PLR products can be used to generate income. You have the option to sell any PLR product under your name or brand and generate revenue.

Additionally, you can alter and update them to raise the product’s quality to your desired level.

What is PLR content?

PLR content is a sort of content that you have the freedom to edit, adapt, or change whatever you see fit. You may then use this content for your purposes or sell it to others to make money.

Describe a PLR eBook.

A PLR eBook is just an eBook that is available in an editable format, like MS Word, and grants you the right to resell it.

You can modify it and use it for a variety of purposes by adding your name, website, brand name, and logo.

Can I sell PLR eBooks on Amazon?

Yes, you have the legal right to sell a PLR eBook anyplace online, including on your website or through an eBook marketplace like Amazon.

How may PLR content be used?

PLR content can be utilized in a variety of ways to maximize its potential.

You could, for instance, use PLR content for:

  • have a web page or blog
  • For promotional items, lead generating, and marketing materials
  • Developing original goods or courses

What distinguishes the white label from the private label?

Private labelling is fundamentally different from white labelling in that a product is developed for exclusive distribution by a single reseller.

White labelling, in contrast, creates a generic product for numerous resellers.

How can a PLR product be rebranded?

There are various ways to rebrand a PLR product, including:

  • You may include a brand name.
  • I’ll add your website
  • altering or modifying your product’s content
  • making a distinctive product cover
  • To the PLR product, you can put your affiliate links.


These PLR sites are the greatest, in my opinion, for finding the things you want to sell and use to make money online.

However, if I had to suggest a top-notch PLR resource, I’d tell you to choose PLR.me.

On the other hand, if money is tight, you might opt for BigProductStore, IDPLR, or PlrDatabase.

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