Top 5 Best Rev Transcription Alternatives

Best Rev Transcription Alternatives

Rev is a user-friendly online transcription service that provides captioning, subtitling, and computer and human transcription for audio and video files. In this article, I’ll share the Best Rev Transcription Alternatives.

Because it is rapid, affordable, and offers consumers the option of human transcription, it is a well-liked transcribing service (many transcription sites only offer computer transcription).

Additionally, a lot of viewers use Rev since it provides subtitles in other languages.

Rev is not suitable for everyone, though. Some users stop using Rev even though it can be perfect for someone who wants a quick transcript once in a while because: occasionally rejects video or audio files if they are not of extremely high quality and can be glitchy.

If you’re transcribing videos that are longer than 20 or 30 minutes, their human transcription service can take some time. If you’re in a hurry, you can choose their rushed human transcription option, although it costs more ($2.25 per minute of audio).

If you want to receive machine-generated drafts right now while you wait for the final transcripts or if you want timestamped transcripts, you must pay for add-ons.

Rev just offers an SRT file; their platform doesn’t actually add captions or subtitles for you. Although users can manually add captions or subtitles to videos using that SRT file, the process is time-consuming and requires additional video editing software.

They don’t offer ways for you to store transcripts or movies or edit them after you have them in your possession. Users are instead forced to download transcripts, save them to a different drive, or upload them to the program they are using to edit, interpret, or share their video recordings.

In order for you to compare different quick, accurate transcribing services and choose one that meets your needs, we put together this post with the top Rev alternatives, starting with our video transcription program, Reduct.Video.

Rev users who migrate to Reduct report that the transition has increased their workflow efficiency by a factor of five. Would you like to learn more about how Reduct can make you and your teams more productive? Contact Rev for a 30-day trial.

Best Rev Transcription Alternatives: Make Money Online

Reduct.Video is a top provider of high-quality, reasonably priced computer and human transcripts for video-to-text conversion. Beyond transcription, though, Reduct really shines when it comes to the things you can do with the transcript. A lot of transcripts may be searched, analyzed, tagged, collaborated on, and organized. In addition, as we’ll describe below, you can quickly produce video clips or highlight reels by just selecting the transcript sections you wish to highlight.

It thus truly shines for:

  • Researchers that need to study video recordings and perform cross-transcript analysis will need audio/video transcription
  • video editors that gather video segments, provide subtitles or perform paper changes using transcripts
  • Teams that collaborate on video projects include marketing firms, research organizations, and filmmakers.
  • Teams or individuals who want to distribute highlights or transcripts to stakeholders

Additionally, because our platform is totally web-native, you can collaborate on projects using collaborative tools and exchange videos and transcripts with team members in the cloud. Once finished, you can email a share link to external stakeholders (or anybody else you need) to share video presentations.

You can upload videos straight from your computer or push them from another site (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Google Drive, or DropBox) to our program. We accept video and audio files in all formats and codecs.

Let’s take a tour of the Reduct platform and see how it functions.

  • Computer and human transcription services provided by Reduct
  • Reduct provide both computer and human transcribing, as was already indicated.
  • Teams or individuals who want to distribute highlights or transcripts to stakeholders
  • Additionally, because the platform is totally web-native, you can collaborate on projects using collaborative tools and exchange videos and transcripts with team members in the cloud. Once finished, you can email a share link to external stakeholders (or anybody else you need) to share video presentations.
  • You can upload videos straight from your computer or push them from another site (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Zoom, Google Drive, or DropBox) to our program. We accept video and audio files in all formats and codecs.
  • Computer and human transcription services provided by Reduct

Their SOC-2 compliant platform and chunking method for human transcription ensure that no single transcriber has access to your whole video or audio file. Additionally, our transcription services are very secure:

Your audio or video material is first divided into 5-minute segments, with each segment being sent to a qualified transcriptionist.

Each transcriber listens to their assigned segment of audio and converts the speech recordings to text, if feasible identifying and assigning speakers.

After analyzing the audio file, speech recognition AI adds speaker names to the whole transcript.

The transcript is then put back together and sent back to you.

Throughout these procedures, we additionally do a few quality control checks to guarantee that the speaker identities and transcript content are accurate.

For business users, they provide two different human transcribing services. During your free product demo, we can make advice on which solution to use based on your particular needs. Both are quite safe.

Reduct is only available as a top-notch transcription service: You can get your computerized or human transcript from our platform after it is prepared for your use.

However, we’ve discovered that the majority of people who require transcription services intend to use their transcript for one or more purposes — video analysis, paper edits, captioning and subtitling, sharing research, producing video presentations, and working with team members — and uploading your transcript to every tool you intend to use in your workflow can be a major hassle (not to mention, time-consuming).

Therefore, we created Reduct so that you may collaborate with transcripts and other team members directly within our platform; this is not only practical, but it also improves team productivity.

Tools for Working with Transcripts and Videos in Reduct

As previously said, Reduct excels in what you can do with the transcript in addition to providing quick, accurate, and reasonably priced transcription. Researchers (UX, UI, & market researchers, research firms, etc.) and filmmakers (documentary filmmakers, brand storytellers, content creators, etc.), or anyone who analyzes and works with a lot of video transcripts, are fond of the analysis and editing features we detail below.

Using Your Transcript for Video Analysis

You can store your film in a Project-Based folder after you’ve uploaded it to our site. Your video collection will be cleaner and simpler to access as a consequence, and sharing will be made easier. This allows you to arrange your video recordings and transcripts by projects.

Top 5 Best Rev Transcription Alternatives

Using our robust Fuzzy Search function, you can also find transcripts or specific quotes.

Since Fuzzy Search searches by concepts and themes rather than limiting results to only precise search terms, it is ideal for skimming through video recordings and is just incredibly user-friendly in general.

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This eliminates the need to recall exact language in order to locate particular video clips because you can simply type a word or phrase that is pertinent to your search, and Fuzzy Search will gather all associated video files.

Consider the scenario where you work for a retail company and you want to review all of your customer interviews to get their recommendations on cosy cold-weather clothes. You can enter terms like “winter pants” or “gloves” into Fuzzy Search, and Reduct will retrieve video clips containing those terms as well as others, allowing you to see all of your content that is relevant to your search.

Edit Your Videos by Editing Their Transcript

You can extend the length of your video clips by dragging and dropping your Highlights into a sequence using Reduct’s user-friendly Highlight Reel generator. These clips can be arranged and rearranged as you go, and if necessary, you can include custom text slides between clips to create context, give viewers additional information, or insert graphics.

Then, without bothering about timestamps or making precise cuts, you can utilize our Strikethrough editing option to remove everything from your video presentation that you don’t want or need. This is useful for eliminating side topics, protracted tangents, filler words, and interviewer interjections. To ensure that your video presentation goes smoothly and doesn’t have any awkward transitions, our word-based video editor.

One major way Reduct is more convenient than Rev is that it automatically adds captions to your video files by grabbing transcript text; you don’t have to bother about downloading an SRT file and then fiddling with that in another program to caption your videos.

Since captions enable viewers to watch (and actually follow along with) your video presentations even when they are unable to turn on audio, they are useful when making social media collateral or really any video that is intended to be shared with others. It has been demonstrated that adding captions to videos increases user interest and accessibility.

However, we do give SRT files for every Highlight Reel, so you may always download and utilize those SRT files to add subtitles to your video files when uploading them online. This is important to note because we do not currently provide subtitling services.

In order to perform more complex fine-tuning, Reduct also interacts with video editors like Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. This allows you to push video files between programs.

Options for Storing and Sharing Transcripts and Videos on Reduct

Reduct saves all of your recordings in our platform and, as we discussed above, enables you to organize them in Project-Based folders, making it a useful tool for cloud-based video storage.

By creating a central location for your video files, you can free up space on your computer and never worry about where to look for a particular film.

Additionally, storing all of your video assets on our platform makes it easier to share movies with other team members (no more sending bulky files!) and ensures that everyone on your team will always have access to the video files they require.

In Reduct, you can grant single video files or project-based folders access to additional users. You may specify exactly how they interact with your video collection and edit your video files by adding users via permissions.

You can provide others access to your recordings so they can view them, add recordings to project-based folders, comment on your transcripts, directly modify transcripts and videos, and more. You may follow other team members’ edits in real time with the help of our presence function, ensuring that you are constantly aware of the progress of a project.

With a share link, you may also distribute your altered movies to external collaborators, stakeholders, or other Reduce users. Each Highlight Reel has a special sharing link that may be copied and pasted into email programs, instant messaging services, and workplace collaboration software.

You can send videos as often as you’d like without incurring additional costs thanks to our free, limitless sharing feature.

Share links from Reduct take users to our website, where they can watch your Highlight Reel and read the transcript that goes with it.

All transcripts are interactive, allowing readers to switch between listening and reading, look up specific content, or change the tempo of the video playback to study at their own pace.

You have the option to enable comments when sharing videos with third parties if you want to get feedback. We also offer limitless free commenters, so you don’t have to worry about managing comments when sharing with people outside of your organization. (You may also leave comments turned off if you don’t want back and forth on your video files.)

For customers that require more than just a straightforward transcript, there is a video transcription and editing program called Reduct. Our platform’s capabilities assist teams in doing research and video analysis, editing videos and creating shareable video presentations by modifying the video’s transcript, collaborating on video projects with other team members, and disseminating produced films to others.

Top 4 Best Rev Transcription Alternatives


In general, users give Descript’s software positive reviews: They say it has a clean, modern interface and its word-based editing features are fairly simple to use. Descript is another well-known online transcription software that is built with additional features to utilize transcripts and video recordings (you can read our full comparison of Descript and its alternatives here).

Best Rev Transcription Alternatives

It’s an appropriate choice for:

  • Vloggers and podcasters
  • People looking for screen recording software
  • Users who require more sophisticated video editing tools and have the necessary skills.

Descript is a good tool for enhancing single recordings, but it isn’t a good choice for users who need to work with multiple video files because it doesn’t (easily) allow users to

  • search through their video library to find specific clips,
  • compile key moments from various video recordings,
  • analyze transcripts to conduct research, find patterns, and pull related video files, among other things.

Descript is only recommended if you want to make interesting screen recordings to share with others or if you’re making podcast videos.

Other Affordable & Quick Transcription Services to Consider

Try Otter, Happy Scribe, or Temi if you only need a Rev substitute sometimes and don’t require a very robust solution to use those transcripts. In terms of correctness and dependability, all three transcription programs are equivalent to other transcription websites and offer instant computer transcripts.

Let’s expand on these three more Rev options.


Otter is a well-known speech transcription tool for meetings, presentations, and interviews. As long as you supply high-quality audio, it can swiftly convert audio and video files to text and is fairly accurate. For a mobile transcription of audio and video recordings, they even provide Android and iPhone apps.

Otter has recently added a few new features, such as note-taking assistants for virtual meetings and lives captioning, although reviews claim that these extras can be glitchy and require some fine-tuning before they are truly usable.

We advise Otter for customers who require computer transcription and have clear recordings because it has a rudimentary audio transcription feature.

Otter’s platform has a drawback in that they don’t offer human transcription, and its transcripts can be disorganized if there is background noise in the audio or if the speakers are (even somewhat) difficult to comprehend. works fine if you only need a transcript for your own use, but if accuracy is required, you might want to utilize a different transcription service.

Otter offers a range of plans for various user types, including personal plans for individuals and tiered business plans for startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprise enterprises (and budgets).

3. Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe, the following choice on our list, provides transcribing and subtitling services, making it a fantastic choice for Rev customers seeking a substitute that can handle both.

Within Happy Scribe’s platform, users have access to both human and computer transcription (or, as Happy Scribe prefers to call it, automatic transcription).

The accuracy of both transcription alternatives is excellent, and Happy Scribe’s 24-hour human transcription option costs less than Rev’s hurried transcription service—just $1.95 per minute of audio.

Because they provide subtitles in dozens of languages, Happy Scribe is a well-liked alternative for those who require subtitling, as opposed to many transcription services that also provide subtitling but usually only provide subtitles in a few languages.

In light of this, Happy Scribe is a fantastic choice if you require subtitling in a language that isn’t frequently provided, such as Cantonese or Latvian.

Teams don’t seem to be the target audience for Happy Scribe as much as individual users do, but there is an enterprise package available for interested enterprises.

4. Temi

Temi, a low-cost transcription program, is the final option to Rev on our list. Temi is best suited for users who just need simple transcription and don’t intend to use their transcript for much more because it only handles transcription and doesn’t have the frills like Otter or the subtitling like Happy Scribe.

Temi is practical since it accepts all file formats, provides transcripts in under five minutes, and lets users alter transcripts to make them seem better.

Temi has several cutting-edge capabilities, like speech recognition software and machine learning algorithms, so it can learn from your edits to more reliably transcribe audio and video files in the future and correctly identify speaker identities in transcripts, despite the platform’s simplicity.

Additionally, you can use Temi’s API to connect it to other applications your teams use (like Dropbox and Gmail) to streamline specific procedures.

The only issue we frequently hear with Temi is that their platform will reject audio files of low quality, so if you want to use Temi’s transcription, you must make sure your recordings are quite clear.

Temi’s reasonable cost makes it a viable choice for small businesses and non-profits with tight budgets.

Finding a trustworthy transcription service that offers additional services in addition to transcription is preferable if you intend to use your transcripts for other purposes or if you require a high-quality, polished transcript.

Or, to put it another way, a transcription tool like Reduct. The video that is built with extra capabilities to assist your teams in using your transcripts and video recordings (better and more effectively).

Reduct provides tools to evaluate videos and their transcripts, change videos by editing their transcript, and more. It also offers online video transcribing services.

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