9 Best Spanish to English Dictionaries

9 Best Spanish to English Dictionaries

You’ll need the best Spanish to English dictionaries at some point, whether you’re still fumbling over hola or consider yourself a Spanish master. After all, even native speakers must occasionally look up terms. We recommend purchasing a physical dictionary, as any excellent Spanish professor would.

But we’re also realistic enough to realize that you’ll need to use an online Spanish dictionary from time to time. If you choose that way, keep in mind that not all Spanish dictionaries are created equal.

Because of their various characteristics, they can be ideal in some instances but not so much in others. Here are some suggestions for Spanish dictionaries that will satisfy your diverse needs.

Fortunately, you no longer need to carry a large print dictionary with you wherever you go. Instead, go to an online Spanish dictionary website and have its resources at your fingertips. The nicest aspect about utilizing online dictionaries to look up unfamiliar Spanish words is that they are completely free to use.

However, because there are so many best Spanish to English dictionaries available, sorting through them all can be difficult. That is why we have compiled this list of the greatest Spanish dictionaries available on the Internet, as well as their competitors.

Here is a list of the top 9 best Spanish to English dictionaries for you!

The 9 Best Spanish to English Dictionaries

An online dictionary is without a doubt one of the most significant resources for teaching yourself a foreign language. I saved a lot of time and money learning Spanish by using these fantastic free resources over the years.

Spanish vocabulary lists and cheat sheets may be extremely helpful, particularly for review (but flashcard apps like MosaLingua are even more convenient and effective!). However, they are not the most user-friendly. A dictionary can help you not only find the definition of a new word but also better comprehend its meaning and context by providing examples.

1. SpanishDict

SpanishDict is an incredibly user-friendly online dictionary with a clean, modern interface, making it a valuable resource for people learning Spanish.

Aside from its Spanish-to-English dictionary, SpanishDict also features a fantastic conjugation tool, a word-of-the-day feature, quizzes, simple grammar courses, and much more. It’s also a great resource for anyone interested in playing interactive Spanish word games.

SpanishDict provides audio recordings of each word, allowing you to learn how to pronounce the Spanish words you search up. Make a note to bookmark this one so you can readily access it whenever you need to look up a word!

2. Diccionario de la Real Academia Española

This Spanish dictionary is often regarded as the authoritative source for the Spanish language. As a Spanish language learner, though, you’ll discover that their online dictionary gives an exceptionally straightforward dictionary lookup, making it excellent for daily use.

On the same website, you might be interested in the Diccionario panhispánico de Dudas, a page dedicated to queries about Spanish word usage in various Spanish-speaking regions and nations. Answers are provided by some of the top Royal Spanish Academies from every Spanish-speaking country. 

3. tuBabel

The use of slang is something that most classical Spanish dictionaries lack. Learn some lingo if you want to learn Spanish so that you can immerse yourself in a Spanish-speaking country. Knowing a few Spanish slang phrases will help you talk more fluently. Make yourself sound less like a robot and more like a local!

This is why tuBabel is so handy and is regarded as the best Spanish slang dictionary. It’s like Urban Dictionary, except in Spanish!

Click a flag to learn about slang words from different Spanish-speaking countries. If you bring up a particular phrase from their culture in conversation, you’ll truly amaze your conversation partner. Plus, there’s a section on Spanglish!

This website may only be accessed in Spanish. So, if you want to utilize it properly, you’ll need to know a little bit already. 

4. Minucias del Lenguaje de la Academia Mexicana de la Lengua

This dictionary works in the inverse direction of tuBabel. This is an excellent resource if you are studying a Spanish university course or a Spanish night class. It contains phrases and concepts to assist writers and students in avoiding errors in academic and non-academic writing.

Using this dictionary to improve your Spanish writing skills will undoubtedly improve your performance! It is also ideal for anyone who needs to do business in Spanish. 

5. WordReference

This vocabulary genie is practical, thorough, and appropriate for everyone, from professional translators to casual learners. What’s nice about them is that they provide considerably more than just a definition. When you enter a word or phrase, the site provides a definition, audio of it being uttered, a few samples, and compound words. For example, a search for corazón (heart) will get presna del corazón (gossip magazine).

Best of all, you can participate in or read the forum threads about that word. Almost every entry includes at least one forum discussion with native speakers, translators, and students participating.

While it’s a terrific one-stop shop, WordReference earns its place as the go-to resource if you still need assistance understanding that word or phrase. You can even use it with their free dictionary app on your iPhone or Android! 

6. Lexico Spanish Dictionary by Oxford Dictionaries

Oxford’s online Spanish dictionary gets its slot because of its conciseness and ease of use, despite sharing many of the same features as WordReference. It provides a monolingual Spanish dictionary that includes examples and compound words. And, like El Mundo, you may translate a Spanish word into English or an English word into Spanish, but with a completely English interface. 

7. Larousse English-Spanish Dictionary

While this site is in French (Larousse is the French counterpart of Webster’s or Oxford for English), its bilingual English-Spanish dictionary is an excellent resource for English speakers. Only a half-scroll down their homepage will you find their dictionnaires bilingues, which are, you guessed it, multilingual dictionaries.

Simply enter a Spanish (or English) word into the dictionary, and it will return the translation, a few compound phrases, and the linguistic breakdown (e.g. transitive, masculine/feminine).

8. Linguee

To wrap out our selection, here is a multilingual dictionary designed for advanced students. While it includes straightforward translations, its greatest strength is its abundance of examples. And here’s the thing: their samples are drawn from real-life translations found all over the internet.

Linguee has been the most beneficial to me when writing in Spanish. If you’re not sure how to utilize a phrase, just type it into their search field. You’ll discover how it was translated by experienced translators (including from organizations like the EU and UNESCO). Linguee is most effective with phrases and complicated words.

That concludes our selection of the finest online Spanish dictionaries, as well as the runners-up. We hope you found this article helpful in your Spanish language learning efforts! If you know of another online Spanish dictionary that should be included on this list, please leave a comment. Subscribe to our newsletter for more language tips & techniques!

9. Los Diccionarios del Periódico El Mundo

The website of the well-known Spanish newspaper El Mundo (which also provides learning videos and articles) has its own online Spanish dictionary. This isn’t the best Spanish dictionary on the Internet, but it comes close. The major reason this site made our list is because it is comprehensive. Sure, it provides definitions. However, it can also provide you with antonyms, synonyms, examples, and translations.

In addition, for those of you who speak French, Los Diccionarios includes a French-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-French translation tool. Finally, if you are a healthcare professional who has to learn Spanish for work, this website contains a medical dictionary.


The dictionary will not always be able to interpret something for you. Usually, this is because the slang is too fresh or improper to be recorded in a fancy dictionary.

In this post, we’ve been able to highlight the 9 best Spanish to English dictionary that is recommended for your study moment.

Fortunately, there is tuBabel, a Spanish-language Urban Dictionary. Rather than being created by language specialists, tuBabel is composed of entries written by anyone. It’s important to remember this when searching: just because someone says something online doesn’t imply it’s true.

The website also categorizes its terms and phrases by country, making it easier to select the slang that best suits your needs. Also, because it is unfiltered slang, some of the content on the website can be a little…spicy. If you want to avoid this, you can modify the name of the website from Diablito (little demon) to Angelito (little angel), which is a little cleaner.


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