Best State in Texas for Camping

The Best State in Texas for Camping is tremendously diverse and always enjoyable. The Lone Star State is tremendously diversified, ranging from highland terrain to rough desert. Then there are rivers, pine forests, plains, beaches, and mountains to consider.

There’s a Texas campground for everyone, no matter where you want to go in the state.

This article talks about the best state in Texas for camping you can explore in summertime

10 Best Texas State Parks For Camping

#1 Garner State Park

Garner State Park in Texas has beautiful outdoor fall foliage around the crystal clear Emerald Green Frio River.

This park is in Concan, Texas. Because of the range of activities available at this park, it is also a popular choice among families. You will not be bored when visiting this park!

Summer is the ideal time to go since they have a dance floor and you can join in on the fun. Every summer evening since the 1940s, young people have flocked to the park’s concession building for a jukebox dance. Aside from dancing, you can also enjoy a wide range of other activities.

During the summer, you can also practice your putt-putt talents! And why not lie down on the ground and gaze at the stars? This is an adventure you would not to be missed!

Visitors enjoy swimming in the cold waters of the Frio River, which runs for 2.9 miles.

To explore the river, rent a paddleboat or simply relax and tube down it. The Frio River is also suitable for canoeing, kayaking, and fishing. You can still enjoy it this way.

This park is filled with natural beauty that you must visit! Hike or bike around 11 miles of gorgeous paths. Even better, enjoy it while horseback riding!

Families can also take advantage of their educational programs, which include lessons on park history, geology, and geocaching.

If you want to fully enjoy the park and explore every inch of it, you can stay overnight or for as long as you wish. They feature campsites, cottages, and screened shelters that can be reserved.

When Should You Go?

If you’re an introvert who dislikes crowds. You may relax by the deep pools below the dam, past the main camping area, and enjoy some peace and quiet. You may even be able to have it all to yourself!

This park is also very popular during Memorial Day, Labor Day, and other significant holidays.

#2 Inks Lake State Park

This is another family-friendly park that can be enjoyed both on land and in the sea. It is situated south of Lake Buchanan, one of Texas’ largest bodies of water.

The busiest seasons are spring, summer, and fall. This park is perfect for a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a few days!

Almost 200 campsites and 22 cabins are available for bookings and reservations. These RV campsites also include electricity and water, making it one of the greatest Texas state parks for RV camping!

Now comes the exciting part! You may enjoy 9 kilometers of beautiful countryside and see nature at its best! Hike through shady trees and observe wildlife!

Trek or bike your way through the hiking paths. Don’t miss out on Devil’s Waterhole, where you can swim in the chilly water. Valley Spring Creek has waterfalls as well.

You can also go scuba diving! To learn more about fishing, you can get a full fishing sheet as well as some advice.

#3 Dinosaur Valley State Park

Are you looking for something different? Or perhaps you’d want to discover more about our incredible prehistoric animals that once walked the earth?

You will have the thrill of walking in their tracks at this park. You and your family will like everything about this park!

This is most likely one of the nicest Texas State campgrounds.

You can now walk along their trails on the Paluxy River’s bed! Please keep in mind that the trails are not always visible, and they may be closed when it rains.

So, before you plan your journey, phone them and inquire about the paths and visibility of the tracks. Your smartphone may be used to download maps and map out all of the tracks and information about them.

Your position will be indicated, and you will be able to see where the dinosaurs walked. Even when their tracks are obscured.

The kids will adore the big structures and dinosaur statues at this park, so bring your camera.

If you intend to hike through the park, make sure to wear comfortable shoes. You should also bring a change of clothes because you may get wet along the way.

Other Activities

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Aside from hiking, there is a range of other activities available.

Horseback riding is one of the nicest activities. If you’re an experienced rider with a horse, you can bring him along for the journey! Alternatively, the Eagle Eye Ranch Carriage Company offers guided horseback riding tours. You can ride your horse or take a horse-drawn wagon journey.

You may still enjoy views of the lovely park regardless of which choice you choose. Children can also participate in the equestrian tour.

If you intend to do the horse trip, make reservations in advance to avoid disappointment!

You can cool yourself by swimming or participating in other aquatic activities. Kayaking, paddle boating, and fishing are among examples.

This park also offers a range of exciting Ranger Programs.

Other enjoyable activities include: checking out their future events and programs, or contacting them to arrange a private one or tour just for you; learning new skills in their programs such as fishing, archery, and geocaching; and observing dinosaur traces, wildlife, and even the stars!

When Should You Go?

You can make reservations and stay at their campgrounds. because the park is usually crowded between March and November If you don’t have an RV or truck camper, bring your own tents.

There are bathrooms, showers, water, and even picnic tables on their campsite.

If you want to visit Dinosaur Valley State Park, the best time to go is in the summer or when the weather starts to warm up.

Winter is the worst time to visit the park because the weather is cold! That period runs from November to mid-March.

#4 Cedar Hill State Park

If you want to enjoy some nature, relax, or explore a little, this park is ideal! You can come for the day or throughout the weekend.

It is also a very inexpensive choice! You will, however, need to make bookings. Bring your tent, as well as your RV or truck camper. There are also showers on the camping grounds.

This park is very peaceful, making it excellent for individuals seeking solitude. 

Pack a picnic and unwind by the lake! Or go for a swim in it! A gravel swimming beach is also available. However, it is closed until 2022.

Hiking paths can also be enjoyed on foot or by bike. Discover 1200 acres of land! Please keep in mind that the trails are closed when they are wet. So, if you want to explore the trails, notify the park ahead of time.

Bring your fishing gear as well! Joe Pool Lake, which spans 7,500 acres, is ideal for fishing. Your children will also enjoy fishing in the perched pond.

This park also provides guided hikes where you may learn about history and wildlife, as well as outdoor skills classes.

#5 Palo Duro Canyon State Park

It is the country’s second-largest canyon, located in the heart of the Texas Panhandle.

Hiking in the canyon allows you to explore and enjoy it. You can also tour it by bike or horseback (you must bring your own).

Ride your horse through 1500 acres of horseback riding trails. You can also join hikers and cyclists on their treks.

This park also offers luxury camping! This is known as glamping. Each of their glamping locations has air conditioning and rustic furniture. The kitchens are fully equipped as well.

Bikes, coffee makers, and games are also available at the glamping sites. If you want to unwind, you can do so on the porch swings.

Their ranger programs also teach you about the park’s history and natural beauty, both of which are fascinating!

Longhorn cattle and birds will be discussed. If you want to take this trip, you must make an appointment with them.

When Should You Go?

Summer is the greatest time to visit this park. If you don’t mind crowds, that is.

During this time, they hold the Texas Outdoor Musical, which is suitable for families! This concert is full of dancing, singing, fireworks, and even some Texas humor that will have you rolling on the floor laughing! However, throughout the summer, it can rain, causing the trails to close. So, make a plan.

#6 Colorado Bend State Park

Gorman Falls, located in Colorado Bend State Park, cascades over a granite cliff.

When you visit this park, you will experience the wilderness at its best! It is two hours drive from Austin. This park is also an inexpensive choice.

Enjoy wandering through this 35-mile-long park and admiring nature’s splendor! The biking routes are 14 kilometers long as well.

Spicewood Springs is a great place to cool off after a long hike. Aside from the river, there are spring-fed waterfalls and swimming spots to explore. You can also hike to Gorman Falls, one of Texas’s most beautiful waterfalls!

The Gorman Falls is not suitable for swimming, but you may still view them! In addition, you can paddle and fish in the river. If you want to fish, early spring is the best time to visit this park.

The tours must be reserved in advance. The ranger programs will also be enjoyed by the children! They can join the Junior Rangers program and earn badges.

Pack your tent and enjoy camping at one of their campgrounds. You are also welcome to bring your RV or camping truck.

#7 Big Bend National Park

Big Bend National Park is located near the Mexican border, separated by a massive bend in the Rio Grande River. It is also regarded as one of Texas’s natural wonders. There’s a lot to like about this park.

You will not be bored here because there are numerous activities and things to do. Whether you want to explore mountains, deserts, or rivers, you can do it all!

Hike through breathtaking scenery. There are a number of trails to select from. After you’ve finished your hike, you can cool off at the hot springs on the outskirts of town. You could also cool down in the river!

#8 Pedernales Falls State Park

This park is only 30 miles from Austin and is well-known for its river. 

The lovely river is also ideal for relaxing with your family and cooling down after a long day! In addition, you can tube, kayak, canoe, and fish in the river. Please keep in mind that this river can be turbulent and can cause flash floods. So, be cautious, and if you notice anything strange or unusual, leave immediately. You can also call the park to make sure it is safe to visit.

Other than the river, you can enjoy the following activities:

  • There are hiking and biking trails for both novice and experienced guests. 
  • You can also cool off and relax in the pools along the trail.
  • You can also saddle up and ride along the trails if you own a horse. You should check beforehand because they close when it’s rainy.

#9 Guadalupe River State Park

Entwined Cypress Trees with Colorful Fall Foliage Surrounding the Guadalupe River at Guadalupe State Park

This is close to San Antonio and Austin, and it also allows tent camping! Camping and fishing equipment can be rented in the park. There are walk-in tent sites with power and water.

Look at these awesome activities you may do there:

  • swimming in a swimming hole
  • canoeing
  • fishing
  • tubing down the river
  • If you enjoy fishing, you’ll be glad to know that they offer fly fishing!

Some of the pathways also lead to beautiful views of the river.

Horseback riders are also welcome to ride the trails. If you have children, they will enjoy the Children’s Discovery Center and the park’s playgrounds!

Enjoy geocaching with your children as well as bird viewing at the park. Don’t forget to make reservations before you go camping.

#10 Riverfront RV Park

Prepare your RV for a night or two at Riverfront RV Park! 

This location is lovely and peaceful, with stunning views of the Nuece River. It is the ideal location for anyone looking to unwind.

You may also view animals here, including lovely birds and fish! The enormous oak trees provide plenty of shade as well. The Riverfront Park also has WiFi, which allows you to skype your friends and make them jealous!

You will also not be bored because the park offers sports such as paddling, boating, and fishing in the Nuece River. If you’re planning a trip here, make your bookings ahead of time so that they can hold your position.

That’s all we have to say; now it’s your chance to tell us about your favorite camping place!

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