Coop 5050 Review 2022 [3 Ways To Make money with Coop 5050 Crowdfunding]

Coop 5050 Review 2022 [3 Ways to Make Money with Coop 5050 Crowdfunding]

Is it possible to make money with the Coop 5050 crowdfunding also known as CoopLife? Is it all a scam?

I’ve seen a number of online scams websites. Many scammers have similar qualities, such as claiming to be able to assist you to make rapid money with no prior experience or no investment. That is what makes it so appealing.

However, nobody makes money except the person who sells the program at the end of the day.

That’s why I’ve been doing a lot of research and writing a review article this day, on HOW YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE LEGITIMATELY.

Braverytravel aim is to assist others in avoiding scams websites and recommend genuine passive income strategies in their lives.

I’ve spent the last week researching about Coop 5050 crowdfunding itself, and I can tell you everything you need to know.

These Coop 5050 reviews will tell you everything you need to know to make an informed conclusion about whether Coop 5050 is worth your money (or, more importantly, your time).

These Coop 5050 review 2022 I’m going to go over everything you need to know about Coop 5050 crowdfunding , What is Coop 5050 about? How does it work? Who is behind the company? How much does it cost? The compensation plan, the pros and cons, and final points of view are listed below, so you can determine whether it’s good for you or not

As a disclaimer, I am not involved with the Coop 5050 crowdfunding scheme, thus my opinions are completely true based on my research and other factors.

At the end of this article, I’ll also tell you about a much superior option that allows me to quit my work and earn a four-figure monthly income, so follow up with me, and read till the end.

Let’s get started…

What Is Coop 5050 Crowdfunding?

The 50/50 Crowdfunding (also known as Coop 5050, CoopLife) promises to be a legitimate crowdfunding platform where people may contribute to other people’s causes while simultaneously receiving assistance with their own.

Their system, they argue, is transparent, entirely automated, and cannot be manipulated.

Coop 5050, also known as CoopLife, is a cash gifting system and a pyramid scheme that will eventually fail.

It’s a two-by-two peer-to-peer cash gifting system, with the proprietor claiming that 100% of all donations get to the participants.

When it comes to the Coop 5050 Crowdfunding platform, you get 50% and the other 50% goes to a teammate.

Are you curious about how the owner gets money from his own platform?

Are you curious in how they pay their maintenance fees?

I’m in the same boat. In the online world, there are many good Samaritans. Lol

The truth is that Coop 5050 is a pyramid scheme that solely benefits the platform’s owner, his relatives, and those who join early.

How does The Coop 5050 Crowdfunding Process work?

The platform works as follows:

  • You register using the affiliate link provided by the person who invited you.
  • You begin by making a financial contribution to the individual who invited you to the opportunity.
  • You refer folks to you who are willing to donate in the same way.

However, as a result of this, they form their own giving squad and are needed to recruit others to donate to them in order to gain money.

Your referrals expand your own team, which opens up further income opportunities for you.

The Coop 5050, commonly known as CoopLife, is a financial gifting scheme that allows you to give away $22.

That implies that once you’ve put your money in, you’ll need to bring two more people, each of whom will be compelled to do the same.

Who is The owner of Coop 5050 Crowdfunding

The brain behind coop 5050 is not any other person than David T. Rosen

When I looked up the owner of the Coop 5050, I discovered that David T. Rosen is the computer’s creator.

Rosen touts himself as a philanthropist, mentor, and entrepreneur.

I’m not sure if developing cash gifting systems in which most individuals lose their money qualifies him to call himself a philanthropist.

Or perhaps it’s just me who doesn’t get the meaning of the word philanthropist.

That isn’t the focus of this CoopLife review, though.

According to Rosen, he founded a similar company called CoopCrowd in 2020, which has altered the lives of many individuals.

I’m not sure whether this is true, but this program had a 32 cash giving mechanism that was different from the one we’re looking at for its compensation plan.

And I’m not sure if his assertion is genuine.

At the very least, why design a comparable program if CoopCrowd was successful and people’s lives were changed?

Why start over with a whole new program?

When you examine it, I believe what I wrote previously in this Coop 5050 crowdfunding review about the program benefiting just the owner and that it will fail is justified.

By continuing my research, I discovered that, prior to creating this program, he was the proprietor of another pyramid scheme called PIE 24/7, which failed in early 2016.

Does Coop 5050 have any products that people may sell and profit from?

  • There are no retailable products or services offered by Coop 5050.
  • CoopLife makes money by selling memberships to other users.
  • Members are required to pay their membership fees and then get others to do so as well.
  • When you bring someone into the system, you get rewarded 50% of his investment, as the name implies.

How Much Money Do You Need To Begin Using The Coop 5050?

Review of the Coop 5050 bundle Plan

In this section of my Coop 5050 review, I’ll show you what you’ll need to do on your end to get started with the company.

The price of a membership package varies between $25 and $4000.

Every year, you must pay a license cost of $12.99 for each membership package.

You’ll also have to pay a $84 activation charge.

That means you’ll have to pay $12.99+$84+$20 to join Coop 5050 or CoopLife (package cost). The entire cost is $116.99.

Coop 5050 Compensation Plan

Coop 5050, often known as CoopLife, is a 22 matrix with 6 levels of payout.

You sign up, bring two friends, and they must each bring two qualified references. Your referrals, in turn, must get two active referrals, and so on, up to six levels.

The position cycles out and into a new matrix on the same tier once all six places in a matrix have been filled.

The CoopLife compensation plan, often known as Coop 5050, is broken out as follows:

  • $25 matrix – gift $25 in and receive $75 in gifting payments,
  • $50 matrix – gift $50 in and receive $150 in gifting payments,
  • $150 matrix – gift $150 in and receive $450 in gifting payments,
  • $250 matrix – gift $250 in and receive $750 in gifting payments,
  • 500 matrix – gift $500 in and receive $1,500 in gifting payments,
  • $1000 matrix – gift $1000 in and receive $3,000 in gifting payments,
  • 2000 matrix – gift $2000 in and receive $6,000 in gifting payments,
  • $4000 matrix – gift $4000 in and receive $12,000 in gifting payments.

Is Coop 5050 crowdfunding a Scam?

I can’t categorize it as a fraud because everyone defines a scam differently.

Some people believe that a company is legitimate if they can profit from it.

Regardless of whether the organization complies with all applicable rules and regulations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a pyramid scheme or a Ponzi scheme; as long as they get paid, it’s a legitimate business.

However, if a scam has a more substantial definition, such as failing to follow the rules and regulations, then Coop 5050 is a fraud because it is simply a cash gifting and a pyramid system with no value to deliver to customers.

New participants provide money to existing 50/50 Crowdfunding affiliates in order to be eligible for gifting payouts from those who join after them.

Coop 5050 is a scam in my opinion, for the following reasons:

  1. Coop 5050 or CoopLife does not provide any products or services to its users. As a result, it is not a legitimate MLM firm.
  2. Coop 5050, also known as Coop Crowd, is not a crowdfunding website because users donate in the hopes of receiving donations from other members who join the platform after them.
  3. According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), any business or program that makes money by focusing on recruiting rather than selling a product or service is prohibited.

Coop 5050 crowdfunding Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The owner is well-known.
  • a generous and one-of-a-kind pay scheme
  • It is possible to make money if you are able to recruit.

The Cons

  • It’s a pyramid scheme masquerading as a fundraising site.
  • The lavish remuneration scheme is a snare.
  • Not the ideal strategy for establishing a long-term online business.
  • If you are unable to recruit, you may lose your entire investment.

Coop 5050 crowdfunding Alternative

If you’re looking for a true and legitimate way to generate money online, I recommend the following options:

Begin affiliate marketing: affiliate marketing is a business strategy in which you get compensated for advertising firms such as Amazon, eBay, or any other company’s products or services in exchange for a commission.

The best aspect is that you don’t need a large budget to get started because all you need to do is establish affiliate networks which you as a publisher can market to them the vendors. You can grow your audience organically by using YouTube or a website.

To get started learning how to be a successful affiliate marketer, I recommend starting with my 9 Best Highest Paying Pay Per Click Affiliate Programs to Start Promoting Right Now

If you don’t like the idea of creating content to grow an audience, another option is to start investing your money for a return. Here are 10 Best Ways to Invest $100 to Make $1000 Within 38 Days (Proven Strategies)

Coop 5050 Review 2022 Summary

  • Company Name: Coop 5050 aka Coop Crowd
  • Website:
  • Owner: David T. Rosen
  • Products or services: any product or service
  • Price to join: $25 to $4000 with an $84 activation fee and a yearly $12.99 payment.
  • Is Coop 5050 a scam or legit? – Scam
  • My own rate of 4/10
  • Recommendation – NO

Last Thoughts

Coop 5050, formerly known as Coop Crowd, describes itself as a crowdfunding platform.

However, the truth is that through crowdfunding, people donate to causes without expecting others to donate to them.

People can buy a membership position, refer others to the program, and receive 50% of their investment back.

The attractive compensation plan is a trap, as it is essentially a pyramid business masquerading as Crowdfunding.

Most people lose money in MLM organizations because they look at how much money they will make. They ignore the fact that they must fulfill a task in order to qualify for a commission, which is to get others to join the plan.

Do you have no idea how to recruit in MLM? Learn the ins and outs of recruiting like a pro.

If you want to generate money online with a legitimate organization, I don’t think the Coop 5050 is the greatest option.

You can earn money if you can attract others and motivate them to recruit others in turn, and so on.

However, if the system goes down, your entire business goes down with it, and you’ll have to start over.

And, in my opinion, this is not the way to develop a profitable and long-term online business.

Even reviewed businesses, such as this one, have vanished over time.

I don’t believe CrowdLife, a.k.a. Coop Crowd, will  LAST LONG. However, similar companies have been shut down by the FTC, so it’s something you can’t overlook.

We can’t ignore a scenario like this when we know comparable companies have existed in the past and no one is talking about them now.

That said, I hope you found my Coop 5050 review 2022 to be informative.

If you have a question, please ask it in the comments below.

Are you a member of CoopLife? Please share your experience with us, and don’t hesitate to comment on my review if you believe any of the information stated is incorrect or not

Bravery Tom

Bravery Tom is the principal creator of BraveryBlog, a website dedicated to tips on how to build a successful online business while traveling. Inspired by his two mentors: Hasan Aboul and Gerald Umeh. May God Blessed Them.

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