Crypto Crew University Review – Is Steve Courtney Scam or Legit?

Are you looking for a review of Steve Courtney (Crypto Crew University)? You might be familiar with Steve Courtney if you are interested in cryptocurrency trading. But you might be concerned that it has a con.

My love is assisting others in investigating internet income alternatives. I’ve examined a lot of courses over the years, including Steve Courtney’s Crypto Crew University.

I’ve been doing extensive study on Steve Courtney and his course over the past week so I can tell you more about it. You might like my review on The Ecom Good Life.

I want to make it clear that I’m not associated with Steve Courtney. This means I’m not getting paid to write this review. So you may trust that my opinions are objective.

I’ll go over the following in my review of Crypto Crew University.

The idea for Crypto Crew University originated with Steve Courtney. There isn’t a lot of information online about him. So, let’s get to know him and what his company has to offer.

Who is Steve Courtney ( Crypto Crew University)

There is a YouTube channel for Steve Courtney. His channel has approximately 171K subscribers as of the time of writing, which is a large number. Some of his YouTube videos have caught my attention. I’m not sure if the ideas he gave actually work in practice, though some are extremely interesting.

You may want to watch some of his YouTube videos if you are new to cryptocurrency to learn more about it.

The question is, however, if you ought to enroll in his Crypto Crew University. If you enroll in his course, can you truly make money? Let’s first look at the material in his course.

Overview of Crypto Crew University

You may learn how to trade cryptocurrency and generate income by taking a course at Crypto Crew University. There are more than 15 hours of training, geared for both beginning and experienced traders.

It’s true that some people can profit from cryptocurrencies, but the question is whether this is a safe way to do it. Later on in this review, I shall talk about this problem.

Crypto Crew University offers two distinct curricula. While the Gold Bundle lacks a beginner course, the Diamond Bundle does. Everything else remains unchanged.

Let me briefly explain what you will receive after you enroll at Crypto Crew University.

Steve’s Hybrid Indicator

You can apply these ideas for trading by using this tool, which sends trade alerts to your phone or email.

Learning Curve

You will study the fundamentals of cryptography in the introductory course, which includes over three hours of lessons.

You will be trained in the following areas:

• Setting up a Bitcoin chart

• Getting to know TradingView

• Learn about alternative currencies and which ones are worthwhile.

• Setting up an investment strategy; sending and receiving bitcoin and resources for cryptocurrencies

The intermediate course

The advanced course in cryptography raises the bar for training.

What you receive is this:

• Chart mastery

• The powerful 7 skills you need to master Crypto

• How to decide whether to purchase or sell

• Steve Courtney’s favorite Altcoins and how to figure out which ones will be valuable in the future

• Top tips and tactics for using TradingView

crypto crew university

Learn to read RSI, Moving Averages, and other technical indicators to help you avoid problems.

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With a variety of tests and assignments, you can learn about trading theory and enhance your trading abilities.

Pro Course

The preceding two courses are less complex than this eight-hour course.

This is what you’ll receive:

• Effective day trading, swing trading, and long-term investment strategies

• Knowing when to purchase and sell can help you get the most out of your investment.

• Setting the optimal position based on risk calculation

• Keeping a trading record to help you execute better trades

• Quizzes and assignments

• Step-by-step instruction on the hybrid strategy

NVT + HV Indicator Bonus Modules by Steve Courtney

You have the option of taking additional training courses.

Some of the bonus modules are listed below:

  • 4 additional chart pattern modules;
  • 5 additional technical analysis modules;
  • 4 additional critical strategy modules;
  • 15 Critical Charts

This application also offers 15 different chart types.

They are as follows:

  • 1 & 3 Day Death + Golden Cross Fractals
  • Bitcoin Hash Ribbons + Production Cost
  • BLX Log Growth Curves
  • Gaussian Channel + Golden Zone BLX (weekly)
  • BLX Historical Volatility (HV) + Bitcoin Energy Value
  • Total Market (BULL Flag)
  • BLX Golden Zone 21M
  • Historical Fib + 21M + Consolidation BTC;
  • ADX & Di + NVT + MA’s
  • Total Altcoin Market Cap (Not including BTC)
  • BLX 9 Year Trend Line + EWT
  • S&P 500 Historical Dominance
  • Silver Historical Key Levels
  • Bitcoin Historical Key Levels
  • Gold Historical Key Levels

Crypto Crew University Pricing

University at Crypto Crew is quite pricey. Joining costs more than $10,000. Since the majority of the information is available online for free, the pricing seems absurd. Just on YouTube, numerous videos explain cryptography. Thus, I don’t believe it is worthwhile.

A payment schedule is available. Payment terms range from three to twelve months. But doing this will cost considerably more money.

The lack of a refund mechanism for the course is what makes me uneasy. Considering how pricey the course is, this raises serious red flags.

Crypto Crew University Pros And Cons


The workout regimen is respectable. But despite costing more than $10,000, this course won’t change the game and won’t ensure success.


  • The course is significantly overpriced. It doesn’t cost $10,000 to learn how to trade cryptocurrencies. The identical information is taught in other less expensive training programs. Even some are free.
  • Why Crypto Crew University’s lack of a return policy is a warning sign. Every trustworthy online course has a refund policy.
  • I discovered an intriguing item in the terms of service. It was mentioned that Crypto Crew University is only meant for amusement and does not offer any financial advice. That gives me the impression that spending $10,000 on the course was made purely for fun.
  • There are no documented student success stories.
  • Why Steve Courtney lacks evidence of his trading prowess in cryptocurrencies.
  • Why Making passive money through cryptocurrency trading is hazardous and not the greatest option.

Steve Courtney: Is He a Fraud?

I am unable to claim Steve Courtney is a fraud. There is no proof to support this. He does have a sizable YouTube channel where he discusses cryptocurrency trading, and he appears to be very knowledgeable.

The question is whether spending more than $10,000 on the training is worthwhile and whether you can recoup your investment.

Cryptocurrency trading is incredibly dangerous and difficult to profit from. If Steve Courtney could profit handsomely from trading cryptocurrencies, he wouldn’t bother to build so many training courses. He undoubtedly would focus only on cryptocurrency trading.

crypto crew university

Therefore, you can be sure that not even Steve Courtney can profit greatly from trading cryptocurrencies and must instruct others to do so.

Therefore, if you want to increase your income, I do not advise enrolling in Steve Courtney’s programs.

Instead, I have a better suggestion for you, one that has helped me achieve a consistent monthly income of 4-5 figures. It has no danger and doesn’t require a significant initial investment.

The beauty is that you may create a digital asset from nothing that will provide you passive income. You’ll earn money even as you sleep!

I’ll go into more detail about it in the section after this one if you’re interested.

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Does Online Work Offer a Better Alternative to Earning Money?

Cryptocurrency price is unpredictable, even though financial trading is one of the most well-liked strategies to increase your wealth and provide you with some passive income.

Even if you follow the advice of purported experts like Steve Courtney, it doesn’t ensure success in the cryptocurrency market.

When the price of cryptocurrencies will grow or fall, only God knows. In a few tries, you might be able to make some money, but you might also lose it.

Therefore, I advise starting an online affiliate marketing firm instead if you truly want to create a reliable and safe stream of passive income.

Anyone new to an online company will find affiliate marketing to be quite beneficial.

In reality, affiliate marketing is now the simplest and most gratifying internet business plan I’ve attempted.

crypto crew university

You may truly operate an affiliate marketing firm for absolutely no money down while generating a reliable and sustained passive income to cover your expenses. You can also do it as a side hustle as you don’t need any start-up money.

And if you’re serious about learning affiliate marketing and creating your own company from the ground up, I suggest you start with Wealthy Affiliate, the most respected affiliate marketing platform.

Wealthy Affiliate is a one-stop shop for starting up your affiliate marketing business. It provides you with a free account (along with a free website) and in-depth training on SEO (free traffic strategies), allowing you to begin affiliate marketing right immediately and without spending a dime.

How Much Can You Make with a Wealthy Affiliate, though?

A 21-year-old Wealthy Affiliate student made more than $1,000 each day, or $7,395 in only one week, all while utilizing free traffic strategies.

Since Wealthy Affiliate has been around for fifteen years, many people have found success with it.

Here are some more motivating success stories of Wealthy Affiliate members to provide you with more examples.

Where can I sign up with Wealthy Affiliate?

Pricing with Wealthy Affiliate is fairly straightforward. It has both free membership and premium.

You may sign up for the free starting membership at Wealthy Affiliate here if you want to learn more about it (no credit card required). You have the option of choosing to join for free, indefinitely.

crypto crew university

Additionally, as a beginner member, you’ll have immediate access to the community, live chat, more than 500 training modules, 2 classrooms, networking, comments, 1 free website, and the keyword tool.

None of these benefits will cost you anything.

Therefore, I urge you to sign up for a free account and check it out for yourself.

Crypto Crew University FAQs

1.  How much is Crypto Crew University worth?

No. The training is adequate and will help certain people, but it is not very noteworthy.

Many of these resources are available for free on YouTube or in courses that cost substantially less.

It’s insane to pay over $10,000 for cryptocurrency training.

2. Is Steve Courtney a real person?

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t.

If I had to answer, I think the answer would probably be yes.

He puts a lot of effort into creating videos for his Youtube channel, where you may receive helpful advice.

3. What will I receive from this training course?

There are a few different parts to this course.

Here is a list of everything you receive:

• 15+ hours of instruction (beginner, intermediate and advanced)

• Various graphs and metrics

• Support

4. Exists a payment schedule?

Yes, you can spread out your payments across three and twelve months.

The cost of doing it this way is higher.

5. Is a refund policy in place?

No, this is also a huge red sign, especially given how expensive it is.

6.  Are there any further means of making money?


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