Faze Nikan Net worth 2022, Career, Age, Bio, Height, Relationship and lot more

Faze Nikan net worth 2022

Searching for Faze Nikan Net worth 2022, Career, Age, Bio, Height, Relationship, and a lot more? you’re on the right website.

Nikan Nadim, often known as FaZe Nikan (@fazenikan) on the internet, is a popular YouTuber and gamer. He began his YouTube career as a graphic designer for the FaZe Clan, the most subscribed gaming team on the platform, which he joined in 2010. In 2016, Nadim began uploading videos to his own YouTube account, and soon after, he relocated to Los Angeles and launched his own channel.

Nadim’s videos feature hilarious stunts and pranks, as well as scenes from his and his housemates’ daily lives at the FaZe House Hollywood. His L.A.-based page has been gaining traction, with roughly a million followers. He also has a cute French bulldog named Migo, which you can follow on Instagram at @fazemigo.

Nikan’s Youtube Career Began in 2010.

The Youtuber began his career as a graphic designer in 2010. He joined his friends (Xbox Gamers) when they needed designs for their YouTube squad. FaZe Clan’s YouTube channel has the most subscribers of any gaming team.

FaZe Studio is Faze Clan’s graphic design studio at the moment. Official images are created in collaboration with firms such as GFuel and Gamma Gamers. Nikan is currently a creative director and co-founder of FaZe Studio, a FaZe Clan branch.

In 2012, Nikan launched his own YouTube channel.

He then launched his own Youtube channel in 2012, teaming with the FaZe Clan. However, he did not begin posting videos until 2016. Similarly, his YouTube channel has received millions of views. “Asking homeless people for money You won’t believe what happens*” is his most popular video to date. The video has been seen over 4.4 million times.

Nikan FaZe is dating a model.

faze nikan net worth 2022

Victoria Bagford, a model, is dating the 24-year-old Youtuber. Victoria has her own clothing line, Venus Wears, in addition to being a model. Thrifted apparel and handcrafted phone charms are available from the brand.

Early in 2010, the couple began dating. Nikan initially shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend on January 1, 2021. Victoria, on the other hand, had posted on July 10, 2020.

faze nikan net worth 2022.

The creative director of Faze Clan is reported to have a net worth of $500,000. He earns a respectable living from both the main Youtube channel and his own channel. He also participates in a variety of endorsements.

FaZe Nikan’s annual salary is believed to be $278.08 thousand dollars.

Fans of FaZe Nikan frequently inquire, “How much does FaZe Nikan make?”

In the last 30 days, FaZe Nikan’s channel has received 4.63 million monthly views and more than 154.49 thousand daily views.

YouTube channels that have been monetized earn money by presenting advertising for every thousand video views. Per thousand video views, YouTube channels can earn anything from $3 to $7. We can estimate that FaZe Nikan earns $18.54 thousand per month, or $278.08 thousand per year, based on these figures.

However, our estimate may be too low. Ads might earn FaZe Nikan over $500.55 thousand per year if he earns on the top end.

YouTubers almost never have just one source of income. Sponsorships, affiliate commissions, product sales, and speaking engagements can all bring in a lot more money than adverts.

Nikan was suspended by FaZe Clan after an allegation of cryptocurrency fraud was made.

faze nikan Bitcoin

FaZe Clan has recently launched a cryptocurrency coin named ‘Save The Kids.’ Users were promised that a portion of the revenues would be donated to charity. Ricegum and Faze Nikan, among other influencer ambassadors, had endorsed it.

Many followers invested their money in this hoax because they believed these high-profile endorsers. For a few days, the coin’s value remained stable. However, it soon dropped, resulting in a loss of several orders of magnitude for the buyer. The coin’s value dropped from around a penny to around a tenth of a penny.

After further inquiry, it was discovered that Nikan, Kay, Jarvis, and Teeqo were pumping and dumping a variety of cryptocurrency ‘altcoins.’ Kay was then expelled from the clan, while others were placed on probation.

Nikan FaZe’s Height

The Youtuber is quite tall. Nikan stands 6ft 8 inches tall and weighs 110 kilograms, giving him an athletic body figure. His hair is black, his eyes are brown, and his skin is white.

Nikan Faze Quick Recap


FaZe Nikan, also known as FaZe, is the creative director and co-founder of FaZe Studio, a FaZe Clan branch. Official images for companies like GFuel and Gamma Gamers were created by the graphic design agency.

Prior to Media exposure

After his Xbox gaming friends needed designs for their YouTube team, he moved into graphic design.


Since its inception in 2012, his FaZe Nikan YouTube channel has amassed over 1.1 million subscribers.

Life in the Family

In March 2016, his father died, leaving him to care for his mother and sister.

Concerned With

WaRTek and FaZe Adapt are two YouTube gamers for whom the FaZe Studio has done work.

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