How to Cancel Orders on Amazon

Depending on where an item is in the delivery process, several steps on how to cancel orders on Amazon may be required. However, Amazon provides us with the power to late-night shop as we choose, which might not always be a good thing.

As a result, occasionally we could buy things on impulse and then kick ourselves for not looking at our wishlist sooner.

Even while Amazon does a great job of returning incorrect items, what if you could prevent them from ever being shipped in the first place? There are a few factors you should take into account that could prevent future problems. This post will explain how to cancel orders on Amazon in order to avoid having to send them back later.

How to Cancel Orders on Amazon After Shipping

Orders can be cancelled by the seller at any time before shipping. A buyer who places an order has around 30 minutes to cancel it. Once orders have been shipped, they cannot be cancelled. The seller should get in touch with the buyer if a cancellation request is made at this time to let him know the item has already been shipped. The option of returning the item for a refund is given to the customer. Learn all the information regarding returns and refunds here. The Order ID or the seller’s orders list will contain the buyer’s contact details. Press Cancel Order and choose the reason for cancellation after you’ve located the individual order you wish to cancel.

How to Cancel Orders on Amazon (Desktop Web Version)

  • Open any online browser and halt that command while working on your desktop or laptop.
  • Open a Web browser, go to the official Amazon website, and log in using your account information as necessary.
  • Tap the Returns & Orders area in the top-right corner.
  • Locate the item you want to cancel by scrolling through the list, if necessary.
  • On the right, select the Cancel Items or Cancel Order button. Depending on your shipping status, the names of the cancel options here may change.
  • Choose which goods from that order you want to cancel if any at all. Press the Choose All button in the top-left corner to select the full order with multiple items.
  • It is optional to select a cause for cancellation from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the Checked-Item Cancel button.
  • The ordered items that have been chosen will be cancelled.

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How to Cancel Orders on Amazon the Amazon App

How to Cancel Orders on Amazon

Orders can be cancelled from your mobile device before they are shipped.

Use the steps below to cancel orders on Amazon using the Amazon Mobile App:

  • Launch the smartphone app.
  • Choose “Menu” in the top left corner and then choose “Your Orders” from the list of choices.
  • On the following screen, select View order information after tapping the item you want to cancel.
  • On the following screen, select the “Cancellation” reason by tapping Cancel Items.
  • To complete your purchase cancellation, tap Cancel checked items.

How to Cancel Orders on Amazon Over the Phone

You should use this Contact Us page if you want to call Amazon to cancel an order.

Orders That Have Not Been Shipped Can be cancelled.

If a seller has to cancel an order but the item hasn’t been shipped, he can do so using his Seller Account if the item won’t be delivered on time, is out of stock, or for any other reason.

Go to View Your Orders in the Manage Orders section.

To find a specific order, sellers can browse through the orders manually or use the standard search or advanced search options.

There should be a button to cancel the order somewhere near the order (either next to or below depending on the page view). To cancel the order, press this button.

Automatically, a page to cancel an order will appear. Select the reason for cancellation from the drop-down option before pressing the Submit button.

Orders will be automatically cancelled, and the buyer will get an email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multi-Channel Fulfillment Orders Cancellation

Orders for multi-channel fulfilment can only be cancelled while they are still being planned. An order can no longer be cancelled once it has advanced from planning to shipment, and this window is small, sometimes just lasting fifteen minutes. If the event is still being planned, the procedure is as follows:

Find the specific order as described above, then choose the relevant Order ID to display all the order details.

The Multi-Channel Fulfillment Order information will include a Cancel This Order option. By selecting this, the order will be automatically cancelled.

How to Cancel Orders on Amazon

Please be aware that until the supply has been replenished, orders that are out of stock and consequently unable to ship will continue to have the status “Unfulfillable.” Orders that cannot be filled cannot be cancelled. A new order can be placed for that specific order when the status of that order is updated to “fulfillable” once the item is back in stock.

Cancelling a Fulfillment by Amazon Order

By following these easy procedures, orders that are being fulfilled by Amazon can be cancelled at any point while they are in the “Pending” or “Unshipped” status:

  • Contact the Amazon Seller Support team.
  • Give the customer service agent the particular Order ID or IDs.
  • Give the ASIN for the order or orders and the number of items in each ASIN.
  • Give the proper justification for the order cancellation.

The Amazon Seller Support representative will email the buyer and seller to inform them of the cancellation and provide the seller with a cancellation confirmation. Orders that the vendor accidentally cancels cannot be reinstated. The vendor can get in touch with the purchaser and inform them of the error. If the client remains interested, there is the possibility that the seller can kindly request that the order is placed again.

How long do I have to cancel an order?

Prior to the order leaving the seller’s warehouse or being sent, you have the option to cancel it safely. You still have a high chance of cancelling the order even if you notice that your things are being packaged and ready for shipping. As a result, from this point on in the order process forward, you will see a notification stating that cancellation is not always certain. Since they’re typically understanding while it’s still in the warehouse, it’s worth a try to avoid delivery here.

Buyer-Initiated Cancellations

The customer has around 30 minutes to cancel an order they have placed, unlike the seller who can do so at any moment before shipment. No of the time, only the seller has the power to cancel the order. For detailed instructions on what to do in response to a cancellation request, please refer to the section above.

Other Issues With Cancellation

Orders with the status Pending are unable to be cancelled. The seller will have the option to cancel after the buyer’s payment method has been correctly validated.

Unintentionally cancelled orders cannot be reinstated. Informing the customer of the error and kindly asking that the order be placed again if they are still interested.

What if I have questions about my order?

You can stop future pointless deliveries now that you know how to cancel an item or order from your Amazon account. Additionally, you can get in touch with the seller on Amazon to ask questions, lodge a complaint, or offer feedback if you ever have concerns about a product you’ve bought.

What if I don’t want to handle returning the goods by shipping?

Well, we frequently have to do a lot of unpleasant tasks, but Amazon does provide an alternative for some things. If you’d like, you can return authorized items to an Amazon shop or a Kohl’s nearby. Generally speaking, you can return direct Amazon purchases that qualify for refunds to physical stores. You may also make returns from your mailroom if you reside in a building that has an Amazon Apartment Locker. You can schedule a pick-up at an Amazon Hub Locker if none of these alternatives works.

What happens if I am unable to cancel a purchase?

Even if you try to cancel a delivery order at every step, you can still be trapped with it. Before demanding a refund, you must let the shipment be delivered as usual. The next step is to log into your Amazon account to start the return procedure and ship the order back as soon as you can. A refund will be sent to the original payment method you used as soon as Amazon or the seller have received and inspected your items.

Implications for Retailers and Brands

Both customers and Amazon sellers may need to cancel an order at some point for a variety of reasons. For customers, the package might be denied or returned to Amazon if an order has already been dispatched directly from and cannot be changed. If the consumer objected, the courier would send the product back to Amazon on their behalf. The purchase may have been made unintentionally or the customer may have elected to use their Amazon Subscribe & Save membership to make the specific reorder they felt they needed.

An order may need to be cancelled for retailers or brands navigating the difficult market due to a supply chain snag, an Amazon Fulfillment Center issue, or a technological fault. Even though cancellations shouldn’t happen frequently to safeguard your seller performance metrics and online reputation, responding appropriately and quickly will show that you care about the customer’s experience and the transaction as a whole.


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