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How To Track A Cell Phone Number On Google Map For Free

How To Track A Cell Phone Number On Google Map For Free

This article explained How To Track A Cell Phone Number On Google Map For Free

Google Maps had a busy year in 2017. Google Maps now has many new features, including real-time traffic data, local restaurant reviews, and the ability to drop a pin to find where you parked your car. Most parents are familiar with Google Maps’ functions. You most likely use them on a daily basis, such as when you drive the kids to extracurricular sports activities or when you’re looking for a weekend treat for the family at a local restaurant.

However, you may be unaware that Google Maps introduced an innovative feature in 2017 that can help countless parents of teenagers: location sharing. In fact, the app allows users to share their location in real-time with their chosen and trusted contacts.

As a parent who is frequently concerned about your child’s whereabouts in town, the location-sharing feature could greatly simplify your life. There is no need to download anything new to your phone because the feature has been built into Google Maps since its initial release in 2017. When you are concerned about your child’s location, here is a quick overview of how to track their cell phone on Google Maps.

How to Enable Location Sharing in the Google Maps Using iOS App

First and foremost, it is essential to understand that Google prioritizes user experience. As a result, when the team created the Google Maps tracking cell phone location feature, they made it certain that it would be available for both iOS and Android devices.

You’re probably aware that the Apple Maps app is now pre-installed on all iPhone models. However, most American parents have Google Maps installed by default on their iPhones. It is one of the most widely used mapping applications in the United States. The majority of people use Google Maps for navigation. When you encourage your child to a sleepover party with their friends, you use the mapping tool to navigate around town. The good news is that you don’t need to install anything else in order to use the location sharing feature.

It can be difficult to have this conversation with your child. However, it is a good idea to start by establishing trust by sharing your location with them.

Follow the following steps:

  • On your iPhone, open Google Maps.
  • You must ensure that you have enabled location services in your app.
  • Go to the settings menu and select the application to test this. Allow Location Access is selected. There are three categories to choose from:
  • Never
  • While Using the Application
  • Always

You must select “Always” to ensure that you and your child can see each other’s location in real-time.

You should also ensure that you are using the most recent version of the app. On your iPhone, the app usually updates itself automatically. However, if you have disabled automatic updates, you must manually update the app.

  • Navigate to Settings and look for any pending updates for your applications.
  • Choose Google Maps to ensure that the app can easily locate your location.
  • When you open Google Maps after you’ve confirmed that the app can pinpoint your exact location.
  • you should see a map of your surroundings.
  • Tap the profile icon in the upper right corner and then select Location Sharing.
  • Now, select New Share and specify whether you want to share the location for an hour or until you turn it off.
  • To begin sharing the location with the user, tap on the contacts from the bottom list.

You can now see who is sharing your location with you as well as who you are sharing your location with, and you can disable the sharing at any time.

You can put it through its paces with your child to ensure they understand how to use the feature. When you are running errands during the day, you can share your location with them. When they are at school or a friend’s house, they can also practice pinning their location. When they are lost, it can become a useful tool.

How to Enable Location Sharing in the Google Maps Using iOS App

How to Enable Location Sharing in the Google Maps Using  iOS App

Let’s start with the good news: Google Maps comes standard with every Android device. In other words, you don’t have to worry about downloading the app if you don’t use it on a daily basis. It’s already downloaded to your phone.

You should still double-check your Google Maps settings. By default, the app has access to your location. However, it’s worth double-checking that you’ve enabled full access.

  • Navigate to Settings,
  • then select Location, App Permissions, and Maps.
  • Make sure the location access in Google Maps is set to “Allow all the time.” This option will enable all Maps features on your device.

Tracking cell phone location on Google Maps becomes a breeze with this feature. It’s worth noting that even if you and your child have different phones, you can still share your location. Location sharing via Google Maps does not necessitate the use of iPhones or Android devices by both of you.

However, if the contact has a Google account, which is more common among Android users, the process is different.

If you and your child both have a Google account, the location sharing feature can be found directly in Google Maps. Once you’ve arrived at your destination, tap the burger menu at the top to reveal the available options. Select Location sharing and then begin.

When you use this function, you can specify how long you want to share your location. Using the + and – buttons, you can set the amount of time. The location link will be active for the time period you specify.

How To Track A Cell Phone Number On Google Map For Free

  1. Launch the Google Maps app on your Android phone, tablet or iPhone
  2. Connect your Google Account.
  3. Search for a contact’s name or address. Contacts who match your criteria will be suggested.
  4. Select a name or address to see your contact on the map.
  5. Tap the bottom of the screen to view your contact information.

Add an address to a Google contact

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Maps app.
  2. Search for an address.
  3. At the bottom, tap the address.
  4. Tap Label.
  5. Enter the name of someone in your Google Contacts. To create a new contact, tap Create contact.
  6. Choose an option:
    • Add home: Add the address as your contact’s home address.
    • Add work: Add the address as your contact’s work address.
    • Add other address: Make a new label for your contact’s address, like “Vacation house.”

Note: Only people stored in your Google Contacts will show up as suggestions. You won’t see contact info for people who are stored on your phone or tablet.

How Does Family Orbit Track Location on Google Maps?

How Does Family Orbit Track Location on Google Maps?

Tracking your child’s location with Google Maps is an option that is only available if your child chooses to share their location using the Google Maps features. If they do not use the location sharing option, you have other options for tracking their movements and ensuring their safety. Family Orbit has a unique family locator feature that allows you to track cell phone locations on Google Maps in real-time.

When you create a Family Orbit account, you can enable real-time GPS tracking, which means you can open the map and see where your child’s phone is, even if they haven’t sent a location-sharing link. This one-of-a-kind feature comes with location history. If you are concerned about your child’s location, viewing the map’s history of their movements can help you understand their situation.

Family Orbit is the best option for risk prevention because of its real-time GPS tracking and geographical safe zone settings. Parents who want peace of mind with their independent teenagers rely on Family Orbit to keep their children safe while allowing them to be free. It’s not just about tracking their whereabouts, but also about being able to react quickly and effectively if anything goes wrong.

Frequently asked Questions

Is a Google Maps Phone Tracker Accessible?

Google’s “Google Find My Device” app is available in the Google Play store. This app can help you find your phone or the phone of someone else.

How do I track someone on Google Maps using their phone number?

There is no way to track someone using only their phone number on Google Maps. You must use location sharing to track someone on Google Maps.

This necessitates having access to their phone. Then, from the target phone, send a location-sharing link to your phone.

How do I use Google Maps to track my car?

If you leave a cell phone in your car, you can track it using Google Maps. You must first enable location sharing on your phone before you can proceed.


In conclusion, whether your child uses location-sharing features or not, there are plenty of ways to make the most of Google maps tracking. Discussing Google Maps functions with your child can help them develop the proper reflexes when they are in danger or become disoriented.

Furthermore, location tracking is an important feature for parents who are concerned about their children visiting dangerous places. You can create a safe zone for your child that includes their school, favorite playgrounds, and the homes of their friends. If your child crosses the safe boundary, Family Orbit sends you an alert to your phone. This enables you to act when and if necessary.

Furthermore, the solution allows you to install parental controls on your child’s device, ensuring that they do not see anything unsafe that you would not want them to see. If you’re ready to look into technological solutions to keep your child safe, sign up for a free trial of Family Orbit.

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