Julian Ali Rapaport Net Worth In 2022, Age, Family, Personal Life, and Who He’s Dating

julian ali rapaport net worth in 2022

Searching for information about Julian Ali Rapaport? Well in this article, we also discuss Julian Ali Rapaport net worth in 2022, Biography, Family and Personal Life, parents, and who he’s dating, so grape your cup of coffee and follow up with me.

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Julian Ali Rapaport Biography

Julian Ali Rapaport was born in the year 2000 to Michael Rapaport and Nichole Beattie. His father is an American actor and comedian, while his mother is a screenwriter and film producer. Maceo Shane Rapaport, his younger brother, was born in the year 2002. Julian is also David Rapaport’s and June Brody’s grandson.

Is Julian Ali Rapaport dating someone?

Ali Rapaport, who is 20 years old now as of 2021, has never been in a relationship. He is currently enjoying his single status and living alone. He hasn’t been spotted in public with any woman who could be his sweetheart, either. Julian, on the other hand, manages to keep his dating life under wraps if he is dating any women at all. Regardless, unless Rapaport admits to dating, we won’t know about his connection. Currently, the celebrity is most likely concentrating on his education.

Julian Ali Rapaport Net worth In 2022.

Julian Ali Rapaport has a net worth of $1 million. Julian’s net worth and career are unclear due to the fact that, as previously said, he got to popularity due to his parents. Julian’s father, Michael, has an estimated net worth of $12 million. Michael’s income as an actor and comedian is very lucrative. Because he has worked in the entertainment industry for a long time, he earns a large sum of money. Rapaport also earns a salary of $56263 every year. Michael has been in a number of critically acclaimed films and television shows. Despite an $82 million budget, his film Deep Blue Sea grossed $164.6 million at the box office. Michael starred alongside Saffron Burrows, Thomas Jane, and others in the film. Rapaport’s previous film, Sully, was also done on a $60 million budget. Julian rightfully enjoys his parents’ fortune being the son of such wealthy parents.

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Julian Ali Rapaport Parent


Michael Rapaport (Michael David Rapaport) is the father of Julian Ali Michael Rapaport, a real New Yorker, was born in Manhattan on March 20, 1970, to June Brody, a radio personality, and David Rapaport, a radio program manager. He has Polish and Russian Jewish ancestors.

Rapaport traveled to Los Angeles after graduating from high school (after a series of expulsions) to pursue stand-up comedy, but he never forgot or abandoned his New York roots. It’s ingrained in his work, and it’s a big part of his understated charm and enduring appeal. New Yorkers were among his early idols (Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, etc.).

Michael transitioned from stand-up comedy to working in front of the camera in a short period of time. The two struck up a quick friendship. After a guest appearance on the TV show China Beach (1988), he landed a major role in the quirky interracial indie Zebrahead (1992), which sealed his fate. This led to a string of memorable roles in films, including Christian Slater’s pal in True Romance (1993), an edgy collegiate-turned-skinhead in Higher Learning (1995), and a sympathetic none-too-bright boxer in Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite (1995), all of which helped him establish a larger profile.

Later in his career, Michael managed to demonstrate his comfort with quirky comedy, displaying a kid-like, silly charm as Lisa Kudrow’s officer boyfriend on Friends (1994) for a few episodes and as instructor Danny Hanson on Boston Public (2000).

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Michael Rapaport’s net worth 

In the years 2019-2020, his net worth has increased dramatically. So, at the age of 50, how much is Michael Rapaport worth? Michael Rapaport makes the majority of his money as successful. He is a citizen of the United States. Michael Rapaport’s net worth, money, salary, income, and assets have all been calculated.

Julian Ali Rapaport Quick Facts

  • Julian Ali Rapaport’s full name is Julian Ali Rapaport.
  • Julian is his nickname.
  • His father name is Michael Rapaport
  • Marital Status: Single
  • United States of America is where he was born.
  • White ethnicity
  • American nationality
  • Brown is the color of the eyes.
  • Brown hair color


We all know that in order to build a reputation for ourselves in this field, we must put in a lot of effort and sacrifice. On the other hand, some people are lucky enough to get fame as a result of their friends or family members. One of them is Julian Ali Rapaport, who rose to fame as the son of American actor Michael Rapaport and his wife Nichole Beattie.

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