keesha sharp net worth, biography: age, height, measurements, and, family

keesha sharp net worth, biography: age, height, measurements, and, family

Explore Keesha Ulricka’s age, income, career, education, and family to learn more about her. Learn about keesha sharp net worth, biography: age, height, measurements, and, family, among other things.

Keesha Sharp biography:

Keesha was given the name Keesha Ulricka Fletch by her parents when she was born. There are few details regarding her upbringing. Her father and mother’s identities are similarly unknown. Nonetheless, they encouraged her abilities and provided her with a solid educational foundation. Keesha attended and graduated from Berklee College of Music’s Boston Conservatory. She couldn’t decide between orchestra and music during her first year of high school. She ultimately decided on musical theater. She then continued her music education at the Hochstein School of Music. Keesha is now able to play the clarinet, cello, and piano. Her voice is also enthralling.

Keesha Sharp Career Path

Keesha began her career in the Broadway National Tour after completing her education. She was a part of the Carousel Tour. Later, she had her off-Broadway debut in Michale Bradford’s Living in the Wind. She played eight different characters in Eat the Runt. Aida, Abyssinia, Big Street, The Producers, Jitney, Thunfe Knockin, and a slew of other theater productions featured her. Lauren had her debut appearance on television on the show Welcome to New York in 2000.


She played Grace in the show Third Watch the next year. She played Charlene in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. She went on to play Lindy in The Morgan Show (2004), Lexi in Still Standing (2004), Sheila in Everybody Hates Chris (2005), and The Game (2009).

Keesha has also appeared in a number of films. Pootie Tang, in which she played the party girl, was her debut feature picture. In the same year, she starred in American Adobo as Debbie. She appeared in Malibu’s Most Wanted and Leprechaun: Back 2 Tha Hood in 2003, Never Die Alone in 2004, Why Did I Get Married in 2007, Shattered! in 2006, Half Off in 2014, and Christian in 2015. She appeared in Born Guilty, Frozen Peas, and You Have a Nice Flight in 2016. In 2018, she produced and starred in America’s Mistress: The Life and Times of Eartha Kitt, in which she also played Kitt.

Her credits as a producer and director include the short film Half-Off and the feature picture the 636, which she co-wrote with her husband, Brad Sharp. Keesha, a talented vocalist, released her first EP alongside her husband and son on December 1, 2013. The song’s name was The Gift. She is now working on her first solo album, which will be released in the near future

Keesha Sharp – Marriage, Husband, Kids

Brad Sharp, an actor/singer-songwriter, was Keesha Sharp’s boyfriend for nearly four years. Then, on August 1, 1997, in a lavish wedding ceremony, this lovebird exchanged vows. This pair is still deeply in love with each other after 21 years of marriage. They have a son named Solomon together (2005).

Brad Sharp has demonstrated his musical abilities as a songwriter in Broadway productions such as The Civil War and The Full Monty. 87th and Broadway, Young and the Restless, What If In This Life, Savannah, and In Escrow are just a few of his TV credits. He’s also performed as a main singer at the Oscars and Primetime Emmys, as well as an official Super Bowl celebrations, the Olympics, the Mayoral Ball, and other events.

Keesha Sharp Family

In 1997, Keesha Sharp married her one and only husband. Keesha Shap is married to Brad Sharp, a songwriter, and actor. Before making their marriage public, the pair dated for a period. Solomon Sharp, their 2005 child, was born to them as a couple. The family is a joyful, close-knit unit. Surprisingly, the pair works together not only in their personal lives but also in their professional lives in the American entertainment world. They’ve been together for more than two decades. Sonata and Cello are the family’s two cats. 

Keesha Sharp Awards and achievements

Keesha has been nominated for the NAACP Image Award once in her career. This was in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actress for her role as Monica in the comedy Girlfriends. She has served as a brand ambassador for a number of companies over the years. Among them are American Hat Makers, YCO active, ZARA, Wolford, Stello, and House of CB. 

Keesha Sharp Measurement


Keesha is a naturally stunning woman with a figure to die for. Her stature is tiny and slender. Keesha Sharp’s height is undisclosed. Keesha Sharp is 5 feet 3 inches tall (160cm). Even as a mother, she weighs around 52kg (114lbs). Her bust circumference is 35 inches and she wears a size 33C bra cup. Her waist is 26 inches in circumference. The circumference of her hips is 33 inches. Her eyes are dark brown, and her hair is naturally black. She wears a size 6.5 shoe (US size). The size of her outfit is unknown.

Keesha Sharp’s net worth

The amount of money this attractive actress earns at the end of each month is a closely guarded secret. She has amassed a substantial sum of money during the years she has worked in the entertainment sector, allowing her to live a luxury lifestyle. Her choice of clothing ensembles demonstrates that she can afford to dress up. Her estimated net worth is around $3 million.

Social media presence

Keesha is active on a number of social media platforms. She uses these channels to interact with her fans frequently. Her Instagram page, which has over 101k followers, is quite active. She has made almost 1900 posts thus far. This is her preferred social networking platform. She also has a verified Twitter account with approximately 35.9 thousand followers. This page has been used to send 15.9 tweets. Her Facebook profile has more than 54.4k likes and 53.4k followers. She also has a YouTube account with over 2,000 subscribers. She frequently expresses her deep affection for Solomon and Brad on social media.

Interests and hobbies


Keesha enjoys spending time with her husband and kid in Los Angeles when she is not acting, filming, writing, or recording music. She is a huge fan of the Dallas Cowboys, so she participates in fantasy football every season. She enjoys playing the piano in her spare time. She also enjoys going on family vacations, especially long road trips and hiking. Her favorite vacation spot in Iceland.

Keesha is also committed to being in shape, therefore she practices boxing to stay in shape. She is also a Krav Maga student. She runs a health website with Brad and is a firm believer in organic living. Keesha Sharp stands out in the crowd not only because of her stunning body but also because of her charming demeanor.

This singer, actor, director, and writer is a key figure in the Hollywood industry. Keesha Sharp married the love of her life more than two decades ago and has been happily married to fellow actor Brad Sharp ever since. Her followers anticipate more music and acting from her in the future.

Keesha sharp net worth, biography: age, height, measurements, and, family

She exudes elegance, self-assurance, and flair. Keesha Sharp, a young American actress, and film director is a figure in Hollywood that no one can ignore. Despite all of her accomplishments, she has worked with well-known people and businesses throughout her career. There are numerous facts about her that everyone should be aware of. Image courtesy of @keeshasharp on Facebook. Facebook is the source of this information. Keesha Sharp’s age is unknown. On the 9th of June, 1973, she was born. Gemini is her zodiac sign. She is now 45 years old. Rochester, New York, was the place where she was born. This lovely lady is a citizen of the United States of America and is of African-American descent. She adheres to the Christian faith. She is now a superb singer as well as an actor, writer, and director.

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