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Kristin Richard Armstrong Net worth 2022, Bio, Career, and Facts With Her Ex-Husband

Kristin Richard Armstrong Net worth 2022

Searching for a little information about Kristin Richard Armstrong Net worth 2022, Bio, Career, and facts with Her Ex-Husband?

Well, you’re in the right blog.

Kristin Richard, a freelance writer, and marathon runner are most known as the ex-wife of Lance Armstrong, a renowned cyclist, author, and public speaker. She is also known as Kristin Armstrong and is a seasoned runner who has competed in a number of marathons, including the Boston Marathon.

Unfortunately, her marriage to her ex-husband did not work out, but they did have three children before divorcing. Kristin has moved on since then, despite the fact that she is still unmarried.

Before she began running and writing, she was preoccupied with raising her children. She is presently a contributing editor for the magazine Runner’s World. Kristin focuses on assisting Timothy Center clients through life transitions and identity transformations.

Kristin Richard: Who Is She?

In the year 1974, Kristin was born. On the internet, there are no details about her date of birth or where she was raised. When she became romantically linked with Armstrong, she shot to fame.

Because she isn’t really a superstar, there isn’t much information about her before she became Mrs. Armstrong.

How Their Five-Year Marriage Ended

She went into the wedding with no real understanding of what marriage entails or the sacrifices that must be made. And that you’d lose yourself in the process at times. But it wasn’t until she married Lance that she realized what it was all about.

Lance proposed to her with a large diamond ring, and she was so enthralled by its beauty that she never took the time to consider what was ahead. She quit her job, sold her car, and relocated to France with her spouse when they married in 1998.

They divorced in 2003, terminating their marriage 5 years earlier than it had begun. In separate interviews, she highlighted elements that may have contributed to the marriage’s demise.

She claimed she had lost herself and was unable to recognize herself. She morphed into a completely different person after meeting him.

Kristin Richard’s net worth.


The author’s net worth is unknown, but it is certain to be in the millions. She is a well-known author. She also received a divorce settlement of $14 million.

Her ex-husband, Lance, on the other hand, has a net worth of $50 million.

You Didn’t Know These Facts About Her

1. Her Life Before Her Ex-Husband

Kristin met her ex-husband at a press conference in 1997 while working at an advertising and public relations agency in Texas. When Armstrong began dating Kristin, he was battling cancer.

2. Lance Armstrong’s Union

Kristin and Armstrong got married a year after meeting. The wedding took held in Barbara, California, United States of America. She quit her job in public relations and relocated to France with her spouse to help him advance his profession.

They had three children together before they divorced: a male and twin girls (Luke, Grace, and Isabella). All of the pregnancies were made possible by Armstrong’s sperm banked three years prior to his treatment and surgery.

3. Kristin Richard’s Expensive Divorce

Kristin and Armstrong startled their loved ones when they split up in 2003, owing to their seemingly flawless union being viewed as such by close friends and family.

Kristin remarked that she never anticipated divorce would be in her family’s history because of her Catholic faith, but that when it did, her faith helped her to handle the hardship. She received a $14 million payout from the union, making her divorce one of the most expensive in sports history.

4. Life After a Surprising Divorce

She took a trip to Colorado two years after the divorce to meditate. Until 2004, she was a stay-at-home mom. She focused her energy and attention on raising her adolescent children at the time. Kristin Richard Armstrong has remained a single parent since then.

Lance Armstrong, for one, has returned to the dating scene and has previously dated a number of ladies, including Ashley Olsen and Kate Hudson. He was engaged to Sheryl Crow from 2005 to 2006, and subsequently to Anna Hansen in 2017, whom he is presently dating.

5. Running Became A Way Of Life For Her

She began running after the birth of her twins. Her longest run was only seven miles long. In November 2004, she completed her second marathon to raise money for fertile hope, an organization that helps cancer patients who are battling infertility.

Through her activities and efforts, she stated that she wants to show people that they are stronger than they believe. Kristin was still active as a runner and marathoner in 2018, according to reports.

6. Career as a Writer

Kristin landed a position as a writer for Runner’s World in 2004. Since then, she’s contributed to USA Today, The Oprah Magazine, Glamour, and Parent: Wise Austin, among other publications. Over the years, she has contributed to the magazine with a number of editorials and stories.

7. Lance Armstrong’s Ex-Other Wife’s Engagements


Kristin Richard has published several books, most of which are about her life, particularly her divorce, in addition to running and writing for magazines. She once mentioned that she wants to use her books and tips to assist young couples.

Strength for the Climb; Work in Progress: An Unfinished Woman’s Guide to Grace; Heart of my Heart; Ties that Bind; are some of her books. The 26.2 most essential reasons why women run are Saying Yes and Mile Markers.

When she initially started writing, the editor told her that her first article was one of the best he’d ever read. She further stated that the essay was actually a thank-you email to her pals who assisted her in running her first marathon.

Mike Wiley, the editor-in-chief of Runner’s World, said in 2016 that Kristin had returned to school to earn a master’s degree in counseling from St. Edward’s University in Austin, Texas. She graduated in the spring of 2019, according to reports.

Kristin has worked with teenagers, taught classes, and led women’s groups at her church. She is dedicated to the development and maintenance of healthy relationships. She has completed basic EMDR training and hopes to become a registered clinician in the future.

8. She’s a devout Catholic.

Kristin Richard is a devout Catholic and a devout Christian. She believes that when a person goes through a difficult situation, his or her faith grows stronger. And it was these values that she clung to during her divorce that enabled her to emerge victoriously.

Divorce assisted her in rediscovering her true self.

She had no clue when she was younger that she would end up divorcing her husband. The painful experiences she had as a result of the divorce, on the other hand, helped her to discover her actual self.

Despite the setbacks and concerns that followed the divorce, she emerged from it a better person.

Kristin Richard Armstrong Net worth 2022, Bio, Career, and facts with Her Ex-Husband

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