30 Low Paying Jobs in the World You Should Avoid Doing In 2022

Low Paying Jobs in the World

We all need to work to keep ourselves occupied and pay our bills. The type of employment you get is determined by your academic qualifications, experience, and business knowledge. Some people struggle to make ends meet, while others live happily ever after. Others are fortunate enough to work in family enterprises where employment opportunities are passed down from generation to generation.

Despite their excellent qualifications, some people are forced to pursue low-paying, high-risk occupations to put food on the table owing to a lack of options. The following are what many people consider to be the 30 Low Paying Jobs In The World:

30 Low Paying Jobs In The World You Should Avoid Doing

1. Mortuary attendants

These are the personnel who are in charge of receiving human bodies in hospitals. They deal with a variety of dead bodies, including decomposed, disassembled, and fresh corpses. Because the nature of the job is so upsetting, it requires sober people with the courage to do it.

Embalmers take care of bodies by preserving them, cleaning them, and preparing them for burial or cremation. In some parts of the world, it pays well, but the working environment is filthy, with horrible odors and scenes, as well as terrible memories.

Some situations are frightening, such as when a corpse moves due to impact; one may be afraid that the person is not dead. Even the tiniest movement at the morgue may be terrifying, especially if you’re working alone. The average annual salary for an embalmer is $36,000.

2. Pest exterminator

Cockroaches, bees, wasps, rats, and bedbugs are among the pests that these people look for in homes and organizations. The position pays little, with a median annual salary of $35,610. Controlling contaminated regions is also time-consuming, and pesticides are frequently used, which can be dangerous to the body if not handled appropriately.

They also creep into small, cramped locations in quest of pest hideouts. The pay is low, and you may have to work for a long time before receiving a contract invitation.

Most institutions, as well as most structures nowadays, have improved sanitation to combat insect infestations, making the function obsolete.

3. DJ ( Disc jockey)


Due to technological advancements, deejaying is dropping rapidly. People choose to download music and listen to it in the comfort of their own homes rather than paying for a disc jockey at clubs and parties. The job is also taxing because you must work in a noisy environment at strange hours of the night, with an angry and inebriated audience. The job can be highly stressful if it is not effectively handled and organized. The yearly median range for a disc jockey is $33,220, depending on the number of attendants in a show.

4. Gravediggers

These people excavate graves in the hopes of getting compensated if someone dies. Because they spend most of their time at gravesites, the job is in a hostile environment. There is a potential of undoing the deteriorated residue of old graves in less developed countries and poorly kept cemeteries to make room for new burials. For the most part, these encounters are unpleasant. Even if you accept these jobs, the money is usually low and split among a few coworkers. Annually, the median average compensation is $30,700.

5. Flower arrangers

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To make flowers more appealing, they cut and arrange them into various styles. It’s a demanding daily regular work, and flowers are perishable. You’ll lose a lot of money if you don’t sell them on the day the package is delivered. The average annual income for a florist is $27,200. The florist industry has also fallen, according to Kiplinger, due to the rise of online shopping businesses that deliver fresh flowers to your home for convenience.

6. Taxi drivers

Taxi drivers face a number of challenges, including poor working conditions, minimal job growth, and high levels of stress. Taxi drivers spend the majority of the day with little downtime and earn a median annual salary of $25,980. They are always on call and must answer their customers as soon as possible. They also deal with traffic congestion and rowdy customers who are running late and need to get somewhere quickly. The job is difficult since you risk being kidnapped if you drive a client through a dangerous neighborhood. They also suffer greatly if they are injured in the course of their duties, and once handicapped, they are unable to return to work.

7. Household cleaners

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In most workplaces, cleaners are undervalued, harassed, and denied their fair wages. Some places are also quite unpleasant to clean, particularly hotel rooms, where you must deal with a variety of bodily fluids in the bathroom, beds, and baths.

Cleaning up the blood and body residues of the deceased and injured is also tough for crime scene cleaners. According to Elite Readers, cleaning a sperm bar is a lot of labor because you have to carefully wash and sterilize all of the surfaces. Because the median annual wage for a cleaner is $24,412 dollars, your remuneration is not commensurate with the quantity of labor you do.

8. Retail salesman

These salesmen are compensated based on how many goods they are able to sell using their marketing tactics. They also sell through print media venues, which have seen a significant drop in circulation. Because the possibilities of influencing customers to accept your goods are slim, most salespeople are underpaid. The median yearly compensation for a salesperson is $24,200, and it all depends on your ability to communicate and persuade others.

9. Soldier


Military personnel endures the highest dangers when attempting to defend their country. They live to battle, and death is always on the horizon when they embark on a mission. Although their families receive compensation for their loved ones’ deaths, money will never be able to replace a person’s life. They are constantly deployed on military missions and have little time for their families. The majority of persons who survive death are left with serious injuries, disabilities, and trauma. Despite their noble and patriotic activities, soldiers do not receive a high income; the median annual pay for a soldier is $24, 038.

10. Waitresses

Food servers are among the lowest-paid employees, as they spend the majority of their time standing and dealing with clients. The labor is more exhausting in hotels because you have to travel from one customer to the next, according to their various tastes and preferences. They depend on consumer tips to increase their salary. their anual salary is $23,290 median income.

11. Watchman

While others are away or asleep, they keep an eye on the premises. Their work schedule is demanding because they are frequently required to sleep during the day and work at night. Because they are the initial point of contact in the event of a crime, they are at high risk. Most of them are armed and untrained, leaving them susceptible to injury and death in the event of an attack on the place they are protecting. The average annual wage for a watchman is $19,660.

12. Armpits Sniffers

Armpit sniffers, according to Next Generation, test whether a deodorant is good by sniffing a customer’s armpits before and after applying it. They will be able to determine the difference and its impact on the clients in this manner. It is one of the most repulsive jobs, with a pay of $19,000. People’s metabolism rates differ, and some produce more sweat, resulting in foul aromas that are unpleasant to smell. It’s amazing what individuals will go to in order to achieve their basic requirements.

13. Collectors of sperm


Sperm collection is required for artificial insemination in animals and the generation of crossbreeds. It is accomplished by hand-masturbating the animal, placing the animal’s penis within an artificial vagina, or inserting an electric probe into the animal. The entire procedure of collecting sperm is revolting, especially when you have to do it by hand. The majority of people select this type of job because they have no other options, and the median yearly income is $17,000. The task is difficult because you must keep the animal still while the semen is harvested. It’s also dangerous in some powerful animals, such as horses, because they can injure you.

14. Employees of the postal service

These individuals sort, deliver, and, if necessary, assist postal users. The use of electronic mail has decreased the demand for post office service staff. Despite the fact that it may be a pleasant and well-paying career, the odds of working in a post office have significantly decreased. Additionally, during delivery, postal couriers must contend with inclement weather and time-consuming traffic bottlenecks. A postal service worker’s annual average income is $58,760, however, they start at $36,800.

15. Miners


Due to the nature of their job, these workers are believed to have a short lifespan. They enter tiny, unstable tunnels that may contain explosives and may collapse during construction. Miners have also died as a result of drowning in water ditches prevalent in some mining locations. They frequently wear helmets to protect their heads, yet death and injury in the mining fields are unavoidable in a variety of ways. Dusty, hot, and humid working environments are also exceedingly hostile, which can contribute to respiratory tract illnesses. A year’s worth of wages for miners is $54550.

16. Firefighters

Because they are always on call, this set of employees does not get any true rest. In the station, they eat and rest while waiting to respond to any type of emergency. They breathe harmful gases that are detrimental to their health while on the job. There have been instances where firefighters have become caught in a fire and died while attempting to rescue people. The annual median salary for firefighters is $49,620, which is nothing considering the level of risk involved.

17. Social workers


These are the first responders to people in crisis, such as HIV/AIDS patients, cancer patients, the elderly, disabled, and orphans. They meet a lot of opposition as they try to reach out to these folks in need. In addition, they run the danger of getting infectious infections while on the job. They wander from one location to the next, performing wonderful yet revolting tasks such as dealing with the sick’s wounds and bodily waste. However, their salary is minimal in comparison to the quantity of work and difficulties they face. A social worker’s annual median wage is $47,980.

18. Telephone operators

These are people that take calls on behalf of businesses in order to respond to customer complaints and requests. They also help most people who are unable to access emergency services. Due to technological advancements that have resulted in better and more effective platforms for emergency care services, career possibilities for telephone operators are dwindling. They have to deal with a big number of clients, which makes the job difficult. The majority of clients criticize an operator’s job and are frequently unpleasant when making their demands. If you’re still seeking a well-paying job, this one might not be for you because the median annual salary is $45500.

19. Correction officers


These are the officers that protect inmates in jails. They have a greater rate of illness and injuries as a result of the inmates’ violence. Correction officers have the most difficult time controlling a huge gathering of offenders; as a result, policemen have been murdered during attempted convict escapes. Everywhere you walk and everything you do around the prison, you must be extremely vigilant. Correction officers get a median annual wage of $43,550 despite their responsibilities.

20. Sewer workers who work by manual

They go into the sewer tunnels on a daily basis to discover problems and obstructions and flush them out. The environment is extremely poisonous, and they are surrounded by waste items that are quite detrimental to their skin. The sewer cleaners don’t wear any kind of professional protective clothing. As a result, your labor and saving a significant sum of money, which you will later spend to treat fatal diseases. Skin infections, as well as respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses, are the most common infections among this personnel. Toxin buildup at a high level can result in mortality. Despite the fact that the working environment is one of the most important factors to consider before accepting a job, the median wage for a sewer worker is $41,780 per year.

21. Trucker

On the road, a trucker sits in the cab of a truck. Aside from being one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, driving a truck is also one of the most difficult. On long travels up and down the highway, it may get rather tedious and lonely, and many people regard it as a dead-end job with little possibility for advancement and development.

22. Slaughterhouse


The slaughterhouse is deserted. This isn’t a job for the weak of the heart. It can be terribly depressing to make a living by killing animals. Working in a slaughterhouse has been connected to a variety of mental health issues. One former abattoir worker described the less-than-ideal working conditions in slaughterhouses to the BBC, saying, “They are filthy, nasty places.” The floor is covered in animal dung, the guts can be seen and smelled, and the walls are coated in blood.” It’s a requirement for a meat-eating planet, despite the fact that it sounds disgusting.

23. promotional mascot

At the Olympics, a promotional mascot was used. Promotional mascots are a must-have on any list of the worst occupations in the world. Whether you’re dressed as a pair of testicles to raise awareness about testicular cancer or a gigantic chicken to promote a new fried chicken restaurant, you’re guaranteed to draw attention – generally scorn and bullying.

Whether you’re dressed as a pair of testicles to raise awareness about testicular cancer or a gigantic chicken to promote a new fried chicken restaurant, you’re guaranteed to draw attention – generally scorn and bullying.

24. Traffic Warden


A traffic warden issues a citation. The general public despises traffic wardens; after all, who enjoys receiving a parking ticket? Because they deal with a lot of abuse and shouting on a daily basis, you’ll need thick skin to handle this work. “You receive verbal abuse all the time,” says Dennis Sarpong, a traffic warden in London. “But I never take it personally.”

25. Pet food tester

A pet food tester eats both wet and dry pet food. Although some people make a career off of eating pet food, it’s safe to assume that the majority of us find it repulsive. This employment necessitates the consumption of extremely stale animal products and carries the danger of serious food illness. You’ll need a well-developed palate and the foresight not to swallow everything but your pride to be successful in this position.

26. Toilet cleaner


Pumping out portable toilets with portable toilet cleaners. On a daily basis, these brave individuals clean portable toilets. Cleaners must suck up all the waste in a portable toilet using a tank and a vacuum wand. They wash down all surfaces that could be contaminated, including the walls, after picking up any errant toilet paper. This is where a high-pressure hose comes in handy, as hosing down a wall in a confined space produces a lot of sprays back. Despite this, some cleaners smile and endure it, earning an average of $51,000 a year, according to PayScale.

27. Collector of roadkill

The fox is preparing to cross the street. Roadkill collectors have the difficult job of collecting and disposing of animals that have been hit or killed by passing vehicles. They never know what they’ll be up against (including oncoming traffic). They also have no idea how long the animal has been laying on the road, so the stench can make them want to throw up.

28. Podiatry technician


Working with a client as a podiatrist Let’s face it: working as a podiatrist technician isn’t cheap. However, dealing with the public’s feet on a regular basis, whether it’s a terrible odor or numerous blisters, can be a disgusting job. Sure, a foot fetishist might be interested in applying and succeeding in this field, but the ordinary person might find this job prospect less than ideal due to what he or she will witness.

29. Roofer

A roofer who is repairing a roof. Is it profitable to work as a roofer? Without a doubt. Is it a high-stress situation? Certainly. A roofer’s job necessitates both technical ability and stamina. At the same time, doing so in the harshest climates, particularly in the middle of summer when the sun is beating down on your skin, can be difficult. There’s also the risk of falling off the residential or commercial property, which could leave you paralyzed for the rest of your life.

30. Logger


In PPE, a logger cuts down a tree. Logging has a reputation for being a dangerous job where serious or fatal injuries are common. It’s also a physically tough profession, as you’ll be cutting down trees and loading them onto trailers.

The most common nonfatal injuries, according to BLS data, are being struck by equipment, falling or slipping, and overexertion. Meanwhile, an average of 66 loggers perished every year between 2006 and 2015 as a result of deadly injuries.

Aside from the dangers and physical strain that this job entails, the money isn’t great either.


That concluded the list of the 30 Low Paying Jobs In The World You Should Avoid Doing. We’ve all been there, working tedious jobs with long hours and low pay, pushing ourselves to the limit for no apparent reason.

The next time you roll your eyes and mumble to yourself, “This work is the worst,” While some of these jobs may not be the most enticing, they can pay well and come with perks. Others are simply uninteresting and poorly compensated.

Let us know in the comments which job you consider to be the low paying in the world.

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