20 Most Exciting Minnesota Fall Activities In 2022 AND 2023.

Minnesota Fall Activities 2022

Fall Activities In MN (Minnesota), a state full of scenic, vast wilderness begging to be explored. If you’re not a local but want to get lost in some of the area’s dense forests, rolling hills, and beautiful lakes, this is a fantastic opportunity.

Minnesota’s natural beauty, in my opinion, is at its best during the fall, when the yellow and orange colors paint the entire landscape in a new light. There are many unique festivals and events throughout Minnesota during the fall, and there is never a shortage of things to see and do.

Here are some of our recommendations for the most exciting Minnesota fall activities in 2022 AND 2023.

20 Most exciting Minnesota fall activities 2022 AND 2023.

1. Apple Picking

Apples are a simple but distinctively Minnesotan treat. There are numerous orchards where you can go apple picking and sample the fruit. Throughout the state, there are numerous fall festivals that draw a large number of visitors. It can be a lovely diversion in which the entire family can participate.

If you’re a tourist still exploring Minnesota, Aamodt’s Apple Farm is a good place to start. For newcomers, these tours can be surprisingly elaborate. They have apple bakeries with apple-based treats and other merchandise, as well as discounted packages for school and church groups. Some even offer hot air balloon rides around the grounds!

The Afton Apple Orchard, which also grows blueberries, cherries, and raspberries, is another option. This is a great place to bring your kids because it has a great playground and a petting farm.

2. Go to a Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkins are another Minnesotan favorite. As part of the autumn-fall ritual, you can visit various pumpkin patches. The best patches have the healthiest, plumpest pumpkins. Every year, this trend begins, especially around Halloween, when pumpkins become a valuable commodity.

Anoka Country Farms is one of the pumpkin patches we recommend. These farms, like apple orchards, provide a variety of activities and snacks. Pony rides, hayrides, pumpkin bowling, and other activities are available for children. Other vegetables can be purchased here as well, as the selection is not limited to pumpkins.

3. Incredible Museums

Minnesota has many beautiful museums that should be included on your itinerary. The state’s rich rural culture has given birth to many local curiosities, so there is never a shortage of material for exhibitions. In St. Paul, there are some dedicated to Minnesota’s history, allowing you to trace the evolution over time.

There’s a lot to learn about here, such as Native American history, the Rondo Community, and the earliest forms of industry. The museum is well-known throughout the world for its modern art pieces, which draw large crowds to Minnesota each year. The exhibits are dynamic and change frequently, so your next visit may be a completely different experience.

Another one-of-a-kind museum is the Museum of Russian Art in Minneapolis, which is filled with Russian artifacts. They make it very easy to appreciate Russia’s beauty from across the ocean.

4. Enjoy the Autumn Leaves and a Nice Drive

Autumn is arguably the most beautiful season in Minnesota. During this time of year, the varied terrain and landscapes really shine and highlight the country’s natural beauty. There are also plenty of drives to choose from, with plenty of variety between them.

The Iron Range Loop winds around Minnesota’s highest bridge, with dense forests and clean air as a backdrop. If you take a break on this drive, you can also explore the Soudan Underground Mine on foot. The Oberg Mountain loop winds around hills and valleys, with numerous smaller hiking trails along the way.

5. Dakota Jazz Club – Live Music

The Dakota Jazz Club is probably the most well-known of the many jazz clubs that exist in Minnesota. The club is also a restaurant, and its food is almost as well-known as the club’s incredible music.

There are some big names in there, such as Ahmed Jamal, McCoy Tyner, and Ramsey Lewis. The club was founded in 1985 and is located in downtown Minneapolis. Since then, it has been a favorite of jazz fans and musicians across the country.

6. Tasting of Craft Beer

If any beer connoisseurs happen to be in Minnesota, be sure to check out the long-running Craft Beer Festival. Beer as a beverage has a long history that dates back thousands of years. It was always the drink of choice for crowds and social gatherings, and it still is today.

One of the many festivals dedicated to this world-famous beverage is the Craft Beer Tour, where you can indulge in beer tasting, socializing, and experiencing what the community has to offer. It is typically held at the Minneapolis Convention Center and attracts over a hundred breweries. Over 500 different types of beer are not uncommon at these events.

7. Attend a Minnesota Vikings Football Game

The Minnesota Vikings are a national sports team based in Minneapolis that is well-liked across the country. If you happen to be there, try to catch one of their games to see the enthusiastic crowds that always attend these events. This is a must-see for all football fans, as the Vikings are a well-known team even outside of Minnesota.

There’s also the Vikings Museum, which honors the club’s history and achievements. The museum upholds its long-standing tradition and is popular with fans; if you’re not a fan yet, it might just be enough to convert you!

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8. Park on Boom Island

Boom Island Park is a beautiful natural oasis in the heart of Minneapolis. It offers a view of the downtown city area and the riverside, as well as fresh air upon arrival. The park has many picnic areas that can accommodate entire families, as well as walking trails and restroom facilities.

The park is also an excellent place to ride a bike. There are numerous designated bike paths where you can still enjoy clean air in an urban setting. In addition, the 10th annual Minneapolis Bike Tour began and ended on Boom Island, demonstrating the island’s importance to all bike riders.

Birthdays can also be planned on the island, with permits available for half or full days. The prices are $125 and $250, respectively, and the area is popular with kids for various events.

9. Let’s go shopping!

Shopping is an unavoidable part of any trip, and it is often the most enjoyable. Whatever you’re looking for, you can start your shopping trip in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. There are numerous shops and boutiques there, many of which are owned by local artists and designers.

This is the place to start if you want to buy some unique Minnesota products and souvenirs, or if you just want to support local talent. Because the state is known for its outdoors, pine forests, and lakes, the majority of the local products reflect this aesthetic. This aesthetic is represented by authentic hats, scarves, lumberjack-inspired clothing, anoraks, and coats.

10. Go to Local Markets

Minnesota has an abundance of fresh produce available at any local market. One such location is the Farmers’ Markets in St. Paul, where you can find safe and fresh local produce. These markets attempt to combine locally grown food with products from neighboring communities, all under one roof.

11. Minnehaha Falls should be seen.

Minnehaha Falls are an excellent choice if you still want to see some natural beauty after visiting Boom Island Park. It has a similar setting and is one of the most beautiful urban waterfalls in the United States. The best way to appreciate the area is to go on a walking tour that takes you to the important landmarks.

Minnehaha Falls is about 53 feet tall, and its name means “waterfall” in Dakota. The falls are spectacular all year, but they shine especially brightly in the winter. When the waterfall freezes, it forms an ice cave that reflects the rainbow-like colors within. It is truly a magical sight.

The house of John Stevens is another notable landmark. Because he was the first non-Native settler in Minnesota, his house was the first authorized structure in the entire territory. There’s also the Minnehaha Garden, which offers a spectacular view of the waterfall.

12. Hiking Taylors Falls in Interstate Park

Taylor Falls is only a short drive from Minneapolis and is a hiking and nature lover’s paradise. The falls are part of Interstate Park, which is also part of Wisconsin.

They have so-called nature guards who can point you in the right direction to begin your hiking adventure. Make sure to consult with them because there are a few potholes you could walk into if you’re not careful. There’s a lot to see and do here, and the trails are all relatively easy to walk through, so it’s not too strenuous physically.

You can use the provided equipment to climb the rock faces, cool off on the water slides, or participate in Free Falls and other water activities at the Wild Mountain Waterpark. Take a boat tour around the park with a helpful captain as a guide for a more relaxed exploration.

13. Festival of Food Trucks

The food truck festival in St. Paul is one of Minnesota’s most well-known local attractions. As the name suggests, this is one of the most delectable events you can attend. Hours of operation for the fair begin at 12 p.m. and end around 10 p.m. During that time, you’ll have the opportunity to sample various delicacies and flavors from the vast array of cuisines on offer.

Aside from local cuisine, there is also British, Japanese, Indian, and a variety of other dishes available. Live music complements and enhances the atmosphere of any event. Part of the proceeds from these events is usually donated to charity through the purchase of specific items or tickets.

14. Minnesota Fall Festivals

During the fall, Minnesota hosts a plethora of festivals, all of which are sprawling social events with something for everyone. Most of them are family-oriented, and all are welcoming to tourists from all over the world, so don’t be afraid to attend any of them even if you aren’t a local!

15. Harvest Festival & Maze in the Twin Cities

This festival offers the best fall experience in Minnesota. It honors everything the state is already known for. If you plan on bringing your children, it’s a great choice for a festival because there are many activities for them to enjoy. Children’s favorites include corn mazes, animal petting zoos, hayrides, and giant slides into a corn pit.

There will be live music and plenty of food and drink. The festival essentially celebrates Minnesota at its best and emphasizes authentic daily life. It is held in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as the name suggests, and runs from September 21 to October 27.

16. Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest is another popular festival in Minnesota. It takes place over two weekends in early October and is celebrated throughout the state. It’s a centuries-old festival that began in 1810 in Munich, Germany, and is still popular today.

The Historic Downtown, Morgan Creek Vineyards and Grin Mill are among the main locations where the event is celebrated. Oktoberfest in Minnesota is frequently ranked as the best in the country, and it is well worth your time. There are numerous bands to listen to, merchandise to purchase, and plenty of food and drink to sample.

17. Halloween

Halloween requires no introduction because it is arguably the most well-known holiday in the world. However, it is best experienced in Minnesota, where the entire aesthetic is a perfect fit for Halloween. Pumpkins, orchards, vast forests, and fields are all associated with the holiday spirit.

It officially begins on October 31st, with activities beginning in the late evening. Around that time, zombies, ghosts, mummies, and other ghoulish costumes will begin to appear, along with their treat baskets. Halloween is popular among both children and adults because it allows them to relive childhood memories.

There are many places in Minnesota where you can celebrate Halloween by participating in a variety of activities. There’s Scream Town with its terrifying attractions, Wabasha Street Cave Tours, the Zoo’s Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, the Haunted Basement theater experience, and many more.

18. Watch a Classic Horror Movie

If you’re already celebrating Halloween at one of the festivals, you can visit some of Minnesota’s best theaters and watch some classic horror films. While costumed crowds roam outside, it’s the ideal time to immerse yourself in a terrifying atmosphere. The Parkway, Riverview, and Uptown Theatre are some of the theaters we recommend.

19. The Great Pumpkin Fest at ValleySCARE

The Great Pumpkin Fest is the best of all the festivals on this list for kids and the young at heart. There is an endless stream of activities, each with its own unique take on Halloween. There are dance shows featuring well-known Halloween characters, Chateau Tours through haunted mazes with a friendly vampire guide, the Sinister Circus with costumed acrobatics, and much more.

You can buy a daily ticket for $34 that allows you to participate in all activities, or you can buy a seasonal $90 gold pass in installments.

20. Classic Autumn Woods

Autumn Woods is a fall tradition that is a great example of a “fun for the whole family” type of event. Everyone is welcome to participate in the marathon, both newcomers and seasoned veterans. The entire event has a lighthearted atmosphere where fun takes precedence over competition.

The entry fee for the race is $5 at the most, and there is no prize money to add to the casual atmosphere. The best part is that it takes place in the lovely Elm Creek Park Reserve near Minneapolis. When the orange leaves cover the picturesque scenery in the fall, the entire park comes alive.

21. Fall on the Farm

Another family-friendly event celebrating autumn and all that it entails. This festival aims to recreate the atmosphere of the early 1900s when farmers held long harvests to prepare for the coming winter.

You can participate in a variety of activities such as pulling vegetables from the gardens, making pumpkin masks, pressing cider, cooking on traditional wood stoves, and many more. Fall on the Farm is held at the Eidem Homestead and costs $6 per person, with a $5 discount for children.

22. Main Street Fall Festival

This is a slightly different take on Halloween that is also appropriate for the entire family. The festival takes place in Arbor Lakes, Minnesota, and begins late in the evening on October 29th. Halloween is associated with everything you can think of.

Trick-or-treating, pumpkin decorating, colorful and frightening costumes, and a variety of art exhibitions You can enter a costume contest, which should motivate you to be the scariest person at the festival. Non-profit organizations such as C.R.O.S.S. allow you to donate long-lasting food items to families in need.

23. Banff International Film Festival

Every November, the Banff Film Festival World Tour takes place. The tour stops in Minneapolis for two days, with films beginning at 7:30 p.m. It began in Banff, Alberta, and has since grown into a much larger event that annually promotes over 300 films.

It is open to the public, including children over the age of seven, and tickets cost $15. Not all movies are appropriate for all ages though, so be sure to check beforehand which ones you should attend.

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