18 Most Beautiful English Countryside In The World

most beautiful english countryside

Are you planning to visit the most beautiful English countryside in the world, if yes, then you’re on the right blog at the right time?

The abundance of cafes for afternoon tea, the beautiful walks, and spending evenings in a cozy old pub, warming myself by a roaring fire, and tucking into some hearty pub food are my favorite aspects of an English countryside holiday.

18 Most beautiful English countryside in the World

1. Cheshire is number one on the list.

Most Beautiful English Countryside

Grinning cats and cheese are two things that many visitors to Cheshire have in mind. Are you aware that Daniel Craig, the star of James Bond, was born in this town? The tranquil gardens here are lovely, and they complement the magnificent collection of historic homes well. Explore Cheshire’s magnificent vistas, quaint country inns, and ‘The Castle on the Rock,’ Beeston Castle, and Woodland Park, which are perched atop a hill in the countryside.

2. Essex, number two

Essex is surrounded by beautiful towns, fascinating villages, and rolling countryside. There are almost 3,500 miles of byways and public rights of way, as well as several national parks and stunning gardens. Walking and cycling are ideal in this area.

3. Dorset is a county in England.

where is the best english countryside

Visit Dorset, which was the land of famed Thomas Hardy’s make-believe world, and you will see that not just Bronte Country has a knack for writing. This area has been classified as an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It also contains roughly 5% of England’s historical buildings that are protected. Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, the Cerne Abbas Giant, and hill forts like Maiden Castle are among notable sights in Dorset.

4. Yorkshire 

Chalk streams, hideaway valleys, miles of peaceful countryside, and vibrant market towns abound in this area of England. Go up in this unspoiled countryside and look for the rabbit who inspired Lewis Carroll to write Alice in Wonderland at St Mary’s.

5. Country of Charlotte Bronte

most beautiful english countryside towns

This is one of Britain’s most beautiful spots, particularly Haworth, which draws hundreds of Emily Bronte admirers to see where several of her novels were set. If you’re not a book aficionado, the ruined farmhouse and Haworth Moor are worth visiting.

6  Hampshire

You may be wondering why so many notable authors choose to write in the English countryside. Hampshire, for example, demonstrates that it is a place where you can think imaginatively. Because Jane Austen spent more of her life here, Pride and Prejudice came to life. There are numerous great bands waiting to be discovered.

7. Perthshire 

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When you think of a place in England with a smattering of whitewashed homes situated around a river, Kenmore in Perthshire comes to mind. This lovely location features a unique lochside beach where you may go fishing or sailing.

8. South Cambridgeshire 

Some of England’s most endangered birds can be found here. Simply come here in the evenings to watch the dragonflies go to sleep and the barn owls hunt while taking a romantic walk around the country lanes as twilight gives way tonight.

9. Lancashire.

most beautiful places english countryside

Blackpool is the best coastal resort in Lancashire, attracting thousands of visitors each year. In the heart of Lancashire, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty include Arnside and Silverdale, as well as the Forest of Bowland and the Forest of Bowland. There are numerous halls, inns, castles, boutique B&BS, peaceful spas, and walking festivals to choose from.

10. The Land of Hadrian’s Wall

Hadrian’s Wall Country has everything you need, whether you’re looking for a cafe or a tearoom. When you come here, a visit to the Roman Army Museum will transport you back in time with many artifacts and photographs. When you tour Hadrian’s Wall Country, you should pay a visit to the Vindolanda settlement and the Roman castle.

11. Cornwall

most beautiful places in the english countryside

Cornwall is a well-known English countryside, famed for its seaside vistas, untamed upland landscapes, tranquil beaches, and a wide range of water activities. If you enjoy nature, go on a nature walk across the countryside and explore the many possibilities available

12. Isle of Wight

Taking a day trip to the Isle of Wight is one of the most magnificent ways to experience England’s natural beauty. For decades, artists and authors have flocked to this location because of the inspiring scenery.

Because it’s a little warmer here than on England’s mainland, you may spend nice days lounging at the beach, surfing, or cycling about the island. There’s a lot of local cultures to see here, as well as various summer music festivals to attend.

13. Cotswolds

18 most beautiful places in the english countryside

The Cotswolds is a wonderful spot to visit if you want to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the simple joys of the English countryside. The Cotswolds, a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offers really magnificent landscapes, with rolling hills, vibrant market towns, and wildlife reserves, as well as calm charming towns and villages. If you prefer walking, the Cotswolds offer a lot of options for you to choose from.

14. Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is the ideal location for a peaceful holiday. Henley on the Thames, Wallingford, Ashbury, Abingdon, Burford, Bampton, and Woodstock are just a few of the destinations you’ll enjoy visiting. Chef Raymond Blanc has designed a unique surprise for you at Le Manoir aux Quat’saisons.

15. Yorkshire Dales 

most beautiful places in the english countryside

Yorkshire Dales is a set of hills in Yorkshire, England

Pick up your boots and head to the Yorkshire Dales, a great place to go sightseeing, walking, bicycling, or cycling. Yorkshire Dales offers a variety of fun activities and locations to visit. In the countryside, you’ll find lovely tiny villages, river valleys, breathtaking scenery, undulating hills, Roman remnants, and a rocky backdrop.

16. Stratford-upon-Avon

Stratford-upon-Avon, well known as the birthplace of William Shakespeare, is located in south Warwickshire and is a short bus or train ride from London. This is a well-known tourist destination that attracts millions of people each year. Visitors can see Shakespeare’s home, as well as the homes of other members of his family, and attend a Royal Shakespeare Company play at the Royal Shakespeare Theater. Popular activities include home tours, walking tours, river excursions, shuttle buses, outdoor markets, and gardens, and there are numerous accommodation and brunches to pick from.

17. Stonehenge

Stonehenge is perhaps the most historic and mysterious attraction in the English countryside. Stonehenge, which is also conveniently accessible by bus or train, is one of the world’s most recognized prehistoric wonders, providing insights into Neolithic civilization. The enormous rock structures may be found on Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England, and historians estimate that they took more than 30 million hours to construct. We may never know whether the magnificent structures were created for astronomy research, human sacrifice, or something else completely. The World Heritage Site, on the other hand, has been well-preserved and is well worth a visit.

18. National Park of the Lake District

 places in the english countryside

The Lake District is known for its natural beauty, undisturbed landscapes, interesting mountains, and lovely lakes. Ambleside, Keswick, Kendal, and many more towns and villages in the Lake District are famous tourist destinations.

The Lake District has a diverse range of outdoor sports.

The Lake District, in the northwest part of England, is a popular camping and nature-loving vacation. Every year, more than 15 million people visit the Lake District National Park to get away from the city and discover the region’s lakes, forests, mountains, and poetry history. The most popular activities in this family-friendly location include walking, cycling, and renting a boat. Kite surfing, zorbing, mountain boarding, climbing, abseiling, horseback riding, and kayaking are all options for a more adventurous Lake District adventure. Keep in mind that this area is notorious for its consistent and regular rain, so carry lots of rain gear and a backup plan if your itinerary is entirely outside.

Most beautiful English countryside: My Thought

Exploring the most beautiful English countryside for its beautiful rural retreats, which are appealing with stunning dales, patchwork hills, winding country lanes, and ancient woodlands, is unlike anything else. These English countryside destinations are ideal for all seasons, whether you’re taking a stroll alongside beautiful rivers in the summer, exploring daffodil valleys in the spring, or perhaps having fun in the bluebell-drenched woodlands in May, or traveling back in time to see ancient stone circles in the Lake District.

Here are 18 stunning English countryside spots to visit if you are planning a trip to the UK anytime soon. You can take advantage of everything each of these lovely rural areas has to offer.

Which English Countryside have you been to?

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