Nienna Jade Net worth: How she got 3 Million Followers on Instagram

nienna jade Net worth 2022

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Nienna Jade Biography.

Nienna Jade is a model and a social media celebrity who rose to stardom on the platform Instagram, where she has about three million followers. She was born on November 4, 1995, in Seattle, Washington State, USA. Her Instagram account is notable for a variety of photos that show off her form in swimsuits and other similar clothes.

The Nienna Jade Riches

Nienna Jade’s net worth is predicted to be over $1 million as of mid-2020, thanks to a successful internet profession.

Her Instagram reputation has led to a slew of new options, including sponsorships, modeling ventures, and other things she wouldn’t have had access to before. She also has a subscription-based account on Only Fans, where she earns money on a monthly basis.

Nienna Jade Professional Life

This athlete model was a dancer before becoming a model, according to accounts. She used to work as a background dancer and travel all over the world.

She has been promoting a variety of women’s sportswear until today. It mostly consists of lingerie and bikinis. Her beauty and charisma were soon noticed by a reputable agency, and she was signed as a model.

The Way to the Internet

Nienna has had a passion for dancing since she was a child, and she has continued to do so throughout her education. She subsequently began to pursue dance more seriously after realizing that it could be a viable career option for her. She was born and raised in Seattle but eventually relocated to Los Angeles, California in search of new chances.

Her ambition of working in the entertainment sector came true when she joined the music industry and worked as a backup dancer for a variety of musicians, appearing in music videos and live performances despite receiving little recognition. Her profession allowed her to perform at famous gatherings, but she understood that dancing would not be a long-term career for her, so she continued to look for other alternatives. With the introduction of Instagram, she began to use it as a hobby, but it swiftly evolved into something more as her fame rose on the platform.

Nienna Jade Net worth 2022: How she got 3 Million Followers on Instagram

Instagram is a Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing platform. It has become one of the most widely utilized and popular social media sites in recent years, with many individuals gravitating toward this visual media-focused website. The site sprang to prominence as a tool for people to gain insight into the lives of others, as well as a way for celebrities to communicate with fans by creating public accounts. Instagram is also recognized for the rise of Instagram models, aspiring models, and glamour models who take advantage of the site’s popularity to acquire fame and money.

Jade comes into this category, with an initial focus on fitness materials like workouts and diets. She was connected with the bi-monthly magazine “Fitness Gurls” during her first few years on the site, which contained articles on a variety of fitness topics, including exercise, diet, and health. Many of the magazine’s cover models are well-known in niche fitness circles, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) or Instagram fitness models. She had a contract with the publication and was usually featured alongside Haley Kate. Paige Hathaway and Torrie Wilson are two other models that have appeared in the magazine.

Only fans are allowed to attend.

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She didn’t have many opportunities when her time with “Fitness Gurls” ended, or rather, she didn’t accept most of the ones that were offered to her. She turned down much sponsorship offers in favor of having more control over the funds she was receiving.

Nienna eventually became interested in the website OnlyFans, which allowed content creators to offer exclusive content to their subscribers in the form of images, videos, direct interactions, and other forms of media.

The website has been linked to the sex business since it has allowed many sex workers, such as porn stars, to make money directly from their fans. Many people assumed she started the account to upload more adult-oriented content, but this was not the case. She mostly teases, often repeating what she does on Instagram, albeit her OnlyFans has more content, including photographs not seen on her other accounts.

Nienna Jade Recent Projects

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, most portions of the world have been placed under lockdown or quarantine until 2020. Because of the epidemic, many individuals have stayed at home, but this has created many chances online, as more people at home means more activity online.

Jade takes advantage of this by routinely updating her social media sites with new videos. She also advertises her OnlyFans, and for a limited period, she has been offering cheap subscriptions.

In the meanwhile, she has been primarily working from home on photoshoots and other stuff. She has a pool where she may wear her regular swimwear, which she frequently displays in her social media posts. She’s also been posting more frequently about her dogs. Aside from her primary account, she has a secondary account that shows off a little more of her life, as well as serve as a backup in case Instagram decides to ban her main account for unknown reasons.

Because some Instagram models have lost their online careers owing to sudden banning, many use this method.

Nienna Jade’s Height: – Body Measurement, Height, and Age

This American model stands at 5 feet 8 inches tall, which is impressive for a model. Her body is a work of art, and she has a beautiful statuesque figure as a fitness model. Her vital statistics are 35-24-37 inches in length, width, and height. Isn’t that the ideal physique for any girl?

Nienna has also restricted her weight to 64 kilograms. Every year on November 4th, 1995, she celebrates her birthday. She will be 24 years old in 2020 and will be born under the sign of Scorpio. People born under this sign are thought to be compassionate and obedient.

Jade has long brown hair and hazel eyes to sum up her appearance. Her flawless white skin complements every piece of clothing she wears. That is why her admirers adore her so much.

Who Is Nienna Jade’s Boyfriend?

There’s no doubting that Nienna has the ability to seduce any man. The majority of men are drawn to her incredible body, beauty, and honest demeanor. This female, on the other side, is shy, private, and rarely shares with the general public.

She hasn’t been dating anyone till recently. Neither her public records nor her social media accounts indicate that she is dating anyone. It’s impossible to speculate about her relationship status in such a difficult situation. However, it would be harmless to state that Jade is single. She is also single and has never been married or engaged.

Our Personal Observations


Nienna has kept her romantic relationships private in the past and present. Posting about a relationship could be damaging to her online image, especially on Instagram, where the attention is on her. She hasn’t mentioned dating anyone on any of her other social media sites. She says she misses going to the gym on a regular basis and going out to eat at local eateries because of the confinement. She is the proud owner of three German Shepherds and a huge fan of Cheez-Its.

What is Nienna Jade net worth?

As a fitness model, Jade leads a happy and healthy lifestyle. Her main source of income is advertising various fitness products such as clothing, proteins, gadgets, and so on. This lady was on her way to becoming a billionaire in 2020, with a net worth of $500,000.

Jade has accomplished a lot in her life while being only 24 years old. It’s still a question of what will happen in the next ten years. Nienna also has three German Shephard dogs who are all grown up. Aside from that, nothing is known about her salary, cars, or houses.

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