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Check out these 7 Places On Earth Where The Sun Never Sets

places on earth where the sun never sets

Are you planning a trip to a country where the sun never sets or land where the sun can be seen well beyond midnight this summer?

There are several Places On Earth Where The Sun Never Sets.

Because of the rotation of the globe around the sun, we are so used to “12 hours a day and 12 hours night,” aren’t we? However, there are very few places where the sun shines persistently for 24 hours.

The phenomenon is known as ‘The Midnight Sun’ occurs when the sun never sets. This natural occurrence occurs in the summer months in the Arctic and Antarctic Circles, respectively. In the winter, the opposite phenomenon known as Polar Night happens when the sun remains below the horizon.

is there a place on earth where the sun never sets

As one gets closer to either pole, the number of days per year with a potential midnight sun grows. In practice, the midnight sun can be seen as far as 90 kilometers (55 miles) outside the polar circle, as described below, and the exact latitudes of the outermost polar circles can be found here. reaches of the midnight sun are dependent on topography and fluctuate significantly year to year.

Polar night, on the other hand, occurs in the winter when the sun remains below the horizon throughout the day.

The midnight sun can be seen at latitudes slightly south of the Arctic Circle or slightly north of the Antarctic Circle due to atmospheric refraction and the fact that the Sun is a disc rather than a point (depending on local conditions).

Iceland, for example, is known for its midnight sun, despite the fact that the majority of the country (with the exception of Grimsey) is just south of the Arctic Circle. The period of sunshine at the poles is slightly longer than six months for the same reasons. At approximately the summer solstice, even the northernmost parts of the United Kingdom (and places at similar latitudes, such as St. Petersburg) see twilight throughout the night in the northern sky.

Places on earth where the sun never sets

There are several places on the planet where the sun never sets.

In the Arctic Circle and Antarctic Circle, the term “midnight sun” refers to the continuous 24-hour periods of daylight experienced there. Other events are referred described as “midnight sun,” although they are caused by time zones and the use of daylight saving time.

1. Barrow, Alaska

where on earth does the sun never set

From late May to late July, the sun does not set, but this is offset by the beginning of November for the next 30 days, during which the sun does not set, not rise, and is referred to as the polar night. This also implies that the country is completely black throughout the winter months. This region, known for its snow-capped mountains and mesmerizing glaciers, may be visited in both summer and winter.

2. Canada’s Nunavut

places on earth where sun never rises

Nunavut is a small community of over 3000 people located two degrees above the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. During the summer, this location receives around two months of continuous sunlight, while the winter months bring about 30 days of complete darkness.

3. The country of Norway

the place on earth where the sun never sets

The high latitude of Norway causes significant seasonal fluctuations in daylight. The sun never entirely sets under the horizon in locations north of the Arctic Circle during the summer months, from late May to late July, earning Norway the nickname “Land of the Midnight Sun.” The rest of the country enjoys up to 20 hours of daylight per day. So, if you want to spend an entire day outside, go to Northern Norway, where the sun never sets. To make the most of your days of the midnight sun in Northern Norway, arrange a cycle tour, go sea kayaking, fishing, golfing, or take a cruise.

4. Iceland.

places on earth where the sun never sets

Visit waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers, or go camping and diving in this nation rich in magnificent, varied landscapes with an ethereal aspect. You may also ride Icelandic horses or play golf on one of the 65 golf courses after midnight.

During the summer, it is daytime in Inuvik and the Northwest Territories of Canada for roughly 50 days! When you visit these places where the sun never sets, you can go fishing and hunting, take part in the Great Northern Arts Festival’s annual feature in mid-July, play Golf on the tundra and take part in the Midnight Sun Fun Run, which takes place on the weekend closest to the summer solstice and starts at midnight.

5. Sweden.

When visiting Sweden, you can take advantage of the midnight sun in Stockholm, the country’s capital, where the sun sets about midnight and rises around 4:30 a.m. Stockholm is made up of 14 islands and is situated where Lake Malaren meets the Baltic Sea, making waterways account for 30% of the city’s surface area. Take a trip to the sea to catch a glimpse of the midnight sun.

Skansen is a Swedish town that is a recreation of 19th-century Sweden, complete with traditional dwellings, craftspeople, and artisans. Skansen also includes the world’s oldest open-air museum, which is open when the midnight sun is visible. In addition, you can go to Bjorkliden and play night golf in broad daylight! Consider going night hiking in the highlands of Lapporten or Abisko National Park in Swedish Lapland while you’re in Sweden.

6. Finland.

places on earth where the sun never sets

When visiting this land of the midnight sun, you can enjoy sports such as skiing, cycling, rock climbing, and hiking. You can visit Finland during the Finnish National Holiday of Midsummer, which occurs during the months when the sun does not set and people build bonfires, go boating, and fish.

is there a place in the world where the sun never sets

Even though the center of the Sun is only visible at the Arctic Circle for one summer night due to refraction by the atmosphere, some part of the midnight sun is visible in the Arctic Circle from approximately June 12 to July 1. As one moves north, this period lengthens: The midnight sun lasts approximately 14 May to 29 July in Cape Nordkinn, Norway, the northernmost point of Continental Europe.

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