How to Sell Items On USA eBay Store from Any Country in the World 2022

How to Sell Items On USA eBay Store from Any Country in the World

When you’re a novice seller, how to Sell Items On USA eBay Store from Any Country in the World?

Without a doubt, the eBay shop is a terrific site for anyone wishing to sell used things. Some people have even used it to launch entire eCommerce enterprises. The one disadvantage of eBay company is that it only supports a few countries, at least for seller accounts.

This also irritates international users who want to profit from the digital retail monopoly. If you want to avoid this, you’re in luck since we offer an easy method that may help you set up an eBay seller’s profile and start selling products from anywhere in the world.

People frequently worry if being physically present in the country is required to sell from an eBay account in the United States, however, this tutorial will show you how to sell products without living in the United States.

Three things are required: a US address, a US phone number, and a PayPal account (this may change in a few months since eBay and PayPal are two separate entities now).

How to Sell Items On USA eBay Store from Any Country in the World

Because all eBay user IDs are the same, you may visit all 23 sites and offer products for sale the same way you would on your “home” site.

Indeed, there are no additional membership costs to sell on numerous sites, making international expansion a profitable proposition for many.

So, what are your alternatives?

  • Basic international selling
  • Advanced international selling
  • eBay global shipping program

Basic international selling.

Basic international selling allows a user to sell on while there is a business deal internationally from another international.

The product is available on the UK marketplace as well as on numerous international sites in English.

While this appears to make international growth on eBay quick and easy, keep in mind that you may not see the large increase in global sales that you anticipate.


Because your listings will not only not be translated, but they will also plainly show that they are from an overseas seller, which customers may not be looking for on their domestic eBay site.

When you choose Basic International Selling, the price of your products is converted to each local currency using current currency exchange rates. Because these exchange rates change on a daily basis, your converted global prices may differ.

Although basic foreign listings on eBay remain in search results as normal, buyers may still filter out international items if they like.

When a buyer from another nation purchases a product, you must pay the selling costs for that product listing. In other words, international selling fees are irrelevant to the transaction.

One advantage of selecting this option is that it might be an excellent way to assess demand in new nations before investing time and money into actively expanding there.

Advanced international selling.

In contrast, advanced international selling on eBay allows you to sell directly on all 23 sites worldwide.

This option allows you to make distinct listings for each site on which you wish to sell, allowing you to generate listings in local languages to boost the possibility of international sales.

In addition, advanced international sellers can adapt prices to each market, allowing you to set and maintain competitive rates across many nations. Product listings are also displayed in the default search results for a country’s eBay site.

Unlike basic international sellers, advanced sellers pay the relevant selling costs for the country in which the item is purchased, not

But that’s not all.

If you have a featured or anchor shop subscription, you may be able to pay lower insertion fees in the foreign country where you’re selling. In many circumstances, this translates to no insertion fees.

Because you do not need to create a new user ID to sell on various international eBay sites, worldwide buyers can view your feedback scores and know you are an experienced seller. With a proven track record, you may not face the same selling constraints as new local sellers.

If you are an eBay UK seller with a featured or anchor shop subscription, you will automatically receive the same allowances as sellers in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium (Dutch)
  • Belgium (French)
  • Canada (English)
  • Canada (French)
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United States

*Only applies to products with fixed-priced listings that have a 30-day or “Good ’til Cancelled” selling period. Remember that some options and features (such as item specifications or product category structure) may vary between international eBay sites.

Furthermore, eBay provides a buying-only version of the marketplace for around 190 countries to which advanced and basic sellers can sell by offering worldwide postage.

When selling on eBay’s global sites, you’ll also need to consider your payment alternatives.

PayPal accepts payments in 25 currencies from 190 countries. Using or offering PayPal as a payment method is a marketplace requirement for several international eBay sites.

Everything You Need

We will lead you through the process and prerequisites for selling on the eBay shop in the United States, but we will not assist you in obtaining a bank account or a verified PayPal account.

So, if you already have a verified PayPal account (which is available in over 180 countries), please proceed because it’s a must-have item’ for eBay stores… for the time being.

Get U.S.A Address

The first step is to obtain a US mailing address. This entire page is dedicated to selling things from the USA eBay store, so please keep that in mind as you read on.

The United States has a massive e-commerce business market, and if the buyer sees that you are in the United States, there is an implicit trust that they may contact you to answer any customer query. So you’ll need a US address, and the best way to get one is to use a package forwarding service address.

There is a long list of package forwarding firms that provide addresses throughout the United States, and I’m confident you’ll discover one that meets your requirements properly.

But what is your ideal requirement? Okay, so common sense dictates that the service be dependable, have decent to positive feedback evaluations, the customer service professionals be quick to answer and brilliant, and the service has a phone number that you can call or, if not, have an online chat/live chat system.

Finally, their ‘free storage’ period should be at least 30 days. All the better if the address supplier has a good return policy.

The focus is on ‘all those attributes,’ since if you lack even one of them, you will not only be frustrated, but your entire eBay business may suffer if the address supplier turns out to be untrustworthy or worse… a fraud. So choose your forwards cautiously.

Get a Phone Number in the United States

This is not a must-have, but rather a ‘nice-to-have’ prerequisite. Why? Because if your seller account profile states that you are in the United States, eBay will want a contact number, and if you have one, you can offer it, right?

So, in order to sell on a US eBay account, you must have a US contact number, as every business account requires a contact number in order for buyers to contact you. A VoIP service is the best option to obtain a US phone number.

We recently covered an article about how to cancel an order on Amazon. All of these services can be redirected to a regular phone number, so you won’t notice any change in service.

Link it All to PayPal

The final step is to add PayPal as a payment option because eBay likes it and there is no other option for the time being. So you’d better have a PayPal account, and preferably a verified one!

How to Sell from eBay Account

Why is it so easy to sell on an eBay account? Because you already have an address, a phone number, a PayPal account, and presumably a good profile.

If you are ready to start making money, you will need images of your eBay listings, and a decent selling price, and if the item is not available for purchase today, the starting price for auction-style should be low enough for you to break even with the list goods.

If this is your first time on eBay, read this attentively to attract potty eBay buyers:

  • If you prefer, you can purchase things at wholesale prices from AliExpress or Amazon.
  • Ship these products to the package forwarding address.
  • Request that the forwarder take good images of the treasures or the item you purchased.
  • Request that the forwarder email you images, measurements, weight, and so on.
  • Begin by creating a free listing on “my eBay.”
  • Consider potential purchasers’ perspectives and make the selling offer appeal by keeping the selling fee low at first.
  • It is entirely up to you whether to sell at a fixed price or through an auction, but make sure the final value fee on fixed-priced items is worthwhile.
  • Add a reasonable delivery cost to your products and provide as many shipping options as possible, especially because this will be handled by your forwarder. So include USPS, DHL, FedEx, and any other shipping options to attract more eBay shoppers.
  • If you ask for a debit or credit card to receive payments, it will be viewed positively because you can guarantee more “buy it now” and speedy sales.
  • As soon as you get payment, enter the shipping address information into your forwarding provider’s account so that the sold items can be shipped.
  • Check that your item selling limitations are up to date.
  • Mark all sold items as such because all of these minor details have an impact on your eBay sales and positive feedback score.
  • eBay sellers can simply generate money after they establish trust through positive comments. It’s a terrific side hustle for extra cash, and once you realize the possibilities of your eBay business, you may offer to sell comparable things and have them serve as your unique identity for your eCommerce business.

To Wrap Up

This guide on how to sell items on USA eBay store from any country in the world has everything you need to become a successful eBay seller. We’d want to emphasize that, while some of these concepts are undoubtedly outside the usual, they are all entirely legal. Just because eBay hasn’t included your country on their list doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of their high-volume selling service.

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