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Get Found With These: Top 10 Best Free Online Business Listing Sites

Top 10 Best Free Online Business Listing Sites

As local businesses or companies are bringing customers into the modern-driven world of technology, you have to get your business profile and name listed in all the significant online directories.

A number of these directories are well-known sites and social media networking platforms like Pinterest, Linkedin, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, or even search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., a few to mention, where any business owner can produce a page for their own company or business.

But however, lots of less-popular or local websites allow business owners to list their businesses for free as well.

There are many elements to getting your company noticed online and increasing its chances of being at the top of search engine positions… The big question is, are you using all the tools available to you for this purpose?

While the fundamentals of digital advertising strategy might consist of lead nurturing methods, content production, and investing a few dollars in AdWords, many folks forget that half of any business strategy is by creating awareness, and one of the most efficient ways to do that is to utilize other high domain authority websites and partner with them to help promote your online presence.

Since the use of advertising is widespread nowadays, taking a while to be certain that your online business is well-known online can allow you to gain prospects’ trust from your customers.

But, many in-home entrepreneurs are already spread thin, so taking the opportunity to go through and upgrade hours of performance, your redesigned site, current supplies, and much more across all internet listing platforms may be too much of a burden.

So we decided to let you know the Top 10 Best Free Online Business Listing Sites in 2022-2025 for you to explore.

Benefits of free online business listing sites

These are a few of the numerous advantages of creating a free business list on a company directory, social networking platform, or inspection website:

  • Boost your internet presence. Prior to the World Wide Web, companies relied on telephone books, newspaper advertisements, and other types of conventional advertising to make themselves understood. In the internet age, no advertising program is complete without optimizing your internet presence. To get a solid internet presence, developing a company page for your business on each potential review website, social networking platform, and free business listing website is essential.
  • Make your business known locally: Local SEO is crucial to the success of companies that target an audience in a particular geographical area. With no suitable presence in online directories, your organization may fail to attract possible customers who may travel only minutes from their house to get what they want from your business. Without developing a free company listing in directories — that almost always consist of geographical filters — you will struggle to make your small business name known to this possible client, one of the thousands of other people. There are several ways to advertise your company locally, but begin by ensuring that your website includes a presence on the websites given below.
  • Obtaining your info there: Do you want prospective clients to understand if your shop is open, the way to get in contact, what services you provide, and how a number of other customers trust you? Free online business listing sites permit you to share information like your company hours, contact info, and speeches on programs where users may look for companies based on specialization, location, and evaluations.
  • Driving your brand engagement and reputation: Even clients who finally pick another company over yours or do not click on your connection will realize your organization’s name. This recognition hastens your brand’s standing in prospective clients’ minds–particularly if your evaluations are large–and increases the odds they’ll select you later on.

Top 10 Best Free Online Business Listing Sites you should explore in 2022-2025

1. Google My Business

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\Google my business (1).png

Google My Business is an entirely free tool for companies and businesses to handle their own Internet presence around Google, such as Maps and Searches. By checking and editing company directory list information, it’s possible to help customers locate a business via their regional hunt. This is only one of those white-label providers provided by our in-house electronic advertising agency.


Why Google My Business is a free online business listing sites

Small businesses have to advertise on Google My Business since it’s the number one search engine in the world, (over 200 million users per month in the top tier countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada alone!). It can enhance search engine page rank, small businesses may appear in local research with some low keyword research, a company is readily located on Google Maps, and it is a cost-effective kind of local advertising and marketing.

2. Facebook


Facebook is a powerful social networking site that enables business owners to create a free page to advertise their business to the world. On Facebook, both business owners and individuals can showcase and create business profiles, as well as upload both videos and photos of their business. Businesses can create company profiles that users can trace.


Why should you use Facebook, as a free online business listing site?

The individual should adhere to these free online business listing sites through article upgrades, and customers can post good testimonials about their services on Facebook. Since it’s widely known as the strongest social media and has the biggest consumer base, reviews and other opinions on Facebook are crucial content for local companies or small businesses.

3. Yahoo!


Yahoo! is a portal site that integrates a search engine and a directory of sites arranged into a variety of classes. Yahoo! Partnership is the internet business directory part of the website dedicated to company listings. For a moment, Yahoo and Bing were awakened as part of their Yahoo Bing Network, but their arrangement has changed.


Why should you use Yahoo as a free online business listing site?

There are varying views regarding how successful the local small business directory listings are versus the price that you pay for the service. My advice? Have a peek at the Yahoo! partner directory site before you buy –perhaps even try looking for a couple of companies. If you like what you find, then it could be well worth the investment to have a partner company listed here.

4. Bing

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\Bings (1).png

Bing is an internet search engine owned by Microsoft. Bing Places for Business is a Bing portal where neighborhood small business owners may add a list for their company onto the Bing network.


Why should you use Bing as a free online business listing site?

For companies with a target audience in the US, Bing might be a fantastic choice. With 76.1 million visitors a month, that’s a massive volume of hunters. Firms might have a better prospect of standing out by placing their records on Bing because fewer people see advertisements on Bing than on Google. This might be particularly true if companies decide to perform pay-per-click advertisements on Bing (

5. Instagram

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\INSTA (1).png

Instagram is a social platform and network for cellular video and photo sharing. Users can take photos and videos, and then share them publicly or privately through the program. They’re also able to utilize hashtags to look at popular or market classes.


Why should you use Instagram as a free online business listing site?

Whether your company must be listed in Instagram’s directory is dependent upon the type of business and the kind of service or product it provides. Firms may or may not wish to devote the opportunity to make a profile on Instagram. It’s absolutely free but is a stage that has strong visual appeal and isn’t great for all companies (unless they have inventive). Instagram is the best platform for manufacturers who have exceptional products that may be showcased through powerful visuals.

6. Twitter


If you have not discovered it, Twitter is an online social networking service in which users read, send, and post messages that are short, also called “tweets.” Users may tweet links, messages, and images for their own followers, or utilize #hashtags should they wish to be discovered by this word or term.


Why should you use Twitter as a free online business listing site?

Local companies can place ads on Twitter, join with prospective clients, and the media, tweet about earnings to followers, and so forth. But, there’s a catch… besides submitting an advertisement, Twitter, like every other social networking platform, maybe a massive time investment to keep a presence. There are programs and services that you may utilize to help with keeping a presence on Twitter, but compare the benefits and costs and see whether they are in the use case of every small business.

7. LinkedIn

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\Linten (1).png

LinkedIn is a social networking site for the company community. Registered members may connect to networks of individuals they know professionally. Additionally, it may be an approach to cultivating your professional network. It’s turned into a lead system for revenue groups, so you’ve probably noticed that each individual who asks for a demonstration has also requested you to join.


Why should you use LinkedIn as a free online business listing site?

Based on the form of business and product or service provided, companies likely wish to devote the opportunity to create a profile on LinkedIn. Developing a listing is absolutely free, and possible applicants and sellers alike can discover companies here. My advice is to go on the website and look at comparable companies. If competitors are in the market, companies must follow suit and create a profile. A LinkedIn profile appeals to the majority of companies in many verticals.

8. Zillow

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\Zillow (1).png

Zillow is a property and leasing listing service that gives customers knowledge and data to discover a house and connects them with the regional agents who can assist them. The website offers value estimates of houses, notes fluctuations in value as time passes, reveals aerial views, and shows costs of similar homes in the region. The website has a”Find an Agent” local small business directory where house owners can conduct a local search of brokers, which includes broker kind and support needed. Users may also leave reviews of their representatives inside the broker directory.


  • Alexa Rank: 50
  • Business Directory Niche: Real Estate
  • Price: Free for homeowners, brokers, and other property professionals who pay a commission.
  • Click here to List Your Business

Why should you use Zillow as a free online business listing site?

Zillow is a popular local company directory for realtors. Realtors might want to take a look at the directory or be mindful of it. Zillow’s site gets an astounding 25 million US visitors a month. Zillow’s dwelling database is composed of over 110 million US homes. In 2015, ComScore reported that Zillow, Trulia, and Realtors composed 68 percent of their online property listing sites’ market share.

9. Yelp

C:\Users\BRAVE\Downloads\Yelp (1).png

Yelp is a stage (site and program) where users may publish testimonials about local companies. Yelp also trains small companies on how to react to reviews, hosts social events such as Yelpers (a.k.a. Yelp reviewers), and supplies data about companies, such as health inspection scores (


Why should you use Yelp as a free online business listing site?

In contrast to popular belief, Yelp is not only for restaurant reviews. With 36.3 million unique visitors, the Yelp website sees a huge volume of local clients. Since a company can list itself in Yelp’s local business directory at no cost, it’s a fantastic idea to get a company listing on the website and let people leave testimonials.

Obviously, once companies do so, it’s very important that they handle their Yelp testimonials appropriately (here would be the 11 most humorous Yelp testimonials). Firms can handle reviews on the website themselves, or utilize a service or service to assist in handling opinions. Again, start looking for software or solutions that fulfill the requirements and budget of the business enterprise.

10. TripAdvisor


TripAdvisor is a travel site company where users may leave reviews of places they have gone. Users may also reserve rooms, locate theatres, find things to do, and book tables in restaurants that are participating. TripAdvisor operates websites globally in over 25 nations.


Why should you use TripAdvisor as a free online business listing site?

Because TripAdvisor is a travel website, it makes the most sense to record a local company if they’re a hotel (motel, bed, and breakfast, too), holiday rental home, restaurant, or neighborhood attraction/destination. To list a company on TripAdvisor’s local directory, the website has special requirements per class.

If a company meets the prerequisites and therefore is a hotel/vacation property rental/local fascination and also the price on the websites make sense for these, then how big traffic and visitors the website receives create it a fantastic choice to take into account.

Obviously, being recorded on TripAdvisor means companies are opening up themselves to testimonials and ought to understand how to respond suitably to opinions and testimonials.

How to List Your Company or Business on Online Listing Sites

Although none of these free online business listing sites function in the same way, you will probably have to follow the below steps to list your company or business on any of the platforms listed above:

  • Claim your business page. Your company may already have a webpage on several platforms. These pages are normally incomplete placeholders that the stage–or an individual–has employed to make sure your company at least looks in the directory.
  • Provide your business link. If you’ve got to claim a current business page, then you’ll have to finish your record with legitimate, up-to-date advice so that prospective clients can receive a whole image of your business. Include your address, telephone number, service providers, and hours of operation, along with some other contact processes.
  • Confirm your information. In theory, any online user can claim your organization’s listing as their very own. That is why business directories ask that you confirm your identity and that of your company before your record goes live. This is often as straightforward as filling in a series of numbers that the platform provides for you by text, email, or telephone call.

Checklist for if you do get Listed

There’s more to strengthen your existence in search results than simply listing your company in these directories. Follow the checklist below to ensure your listings work for you and create the widest possible reach for local and mobile online searches.

  • Make sure your data is constant. Check to make sure your company’s name, address, and telephone number will be the exact same on each record.
  • Insert a detailed business description. Let your business shine with a wonderful description. You need to highlight your organization’s history and service or product offering.
  • Include a URL to Your Site. One of the greatest advantages of your neighborhood online profiles is your URL to your company’s website. This has the capability to drive huge amounts of traffic to your site. Local listings are largely utilized in cellular searches, so make certain your site is mobile-friendly, or you might lose visitors quickly.
  • Claim the record. Some neighborhood search engines allow an individual to maintain their profile via a brief confirmation procedure. Claiming your profile may boost its reach tremendously.
  • Include secondary small business info. More than 30 percent of local searches are to get the telephone number, address, or hours of operation of a small business. Make certain to include things such as your own hours of operation, menu, or calendar of events in the regional profiles.
  • Insert videos and pictures. Visual media things such as videos and photos have a higher conversion rate compared to text. Make sure you upload videos and images to your own profiles.
  • Collect customer testimonials. Reviews send signs of assurance to search engines and indicate involvement from clients. You need to always encourage clients to leave testimonials of your enterprise and respond to all those testimonials.


Listing your business on a free online business listing site directory is an ideal way to make sure that your business optimizes its SEO and is visible in as many searches as possible.

Additionally, developing a completely free business listing with the same information on a variety of local business listing websites helps search engines show your profiles more frequently, focusing on keyword searches related to your products or services.

In other words, listing your business on this free online business listing site massively drives traffic, and targeted keyword buyers to your online presence.

This will increase the range of your business profile searches across multiple search engines in local and mobile queries.

Therefore it is pertinent to list your business on the above-listed websites in Order to better your company or your business in search results.

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