10 Best 10Minute Email Address You Should Use.

What is a 10 Minute Email Address

What is a 10 Minute Email Address? A temporary email address for 10 minutes is provided by the website 10 Minute Mail. You’ll have immediate access to the corresponding email inbox after receiving the randomly generated email address.

The email address will automatically expire and the inbox will be deleted after 10 minutes.

If you want to join an app or email list but don’t want to disclose your real email address, 10 Minute Mail is ideal. Just enough time will be given for you to obtain the confirmation email, click the link in it, get your free ebook, and move on.

Even though 10 Minute Mail is free and anonymous, not everyone should use it.

It only allows you up to 10 minutes at a time, to start.

Even though you can restart the timer, it will never let you use it for longer than 10 minutes at once. For instance, if you refresh it at the 8-minute point, the countdown will restart at 10 minutes.

It doesn’t matter if you use 10minutemail.com or 10minutemail.net—these are two different websites.

That makes it necessary for you to repeatedly press the refresh button while you are awaiting an email.

Additionally, 10 Minute Mail is solely useful for email delivery. What if you require a momentary email account from which you can send emails?

And lastly, you do not influence the email address you receive. You’re out of luck if you want a personalized temporary email address.

The good news is that there are lots of fantastic options for disposable mailboxes. Continue reading if you want a temporary mailbox for more than 10 minutes or if you just want to explore your possibilities, and also to know the best 10 minutes Email address alternatives.

What is a 10 Minute Email Address? 10 Best Alternatives

1. Guerilla Mail

By far, Guerilla Mail is the most effective replacement for 10 Minute Mail. You are given a temporary email address that receives mail for an hour.

It’s vital to remember that Guerilla Mail’s email addresses technically remain valid forever.

Guerilla Mail was just updated; in the previous, email addresses were routinely deleted from the system after an hour. The email address is still active, so you can continue to use it, but any messages you have in your inbox will expire in an hour.

Although Guerilla Mail will provide you with a randomly created email address, you are free to choose a domain from the drop-down box and build your personalized email address. That and the option to maintain the address for as long as you like are two features that set it distinct from 10 Minute Mail.

Currently, the following domains are accessible:

Guerilla Mail does not require a password to access your email account, so you may access your mailbox as long as you know your address. To prevent your contacts from figuring out your true address and receiving your letter, you can instead provide them with a scrambled version of your address.

As soon as it arrives, remove it from your inbox to keep your messages private. Additionally, you can create new email addresses whenever necessary by selecting the “Forget Me” button.

The ability to send emails using Guerilla Mail distinguishes it significantly from 10 Minute Mail. Simply select the Compose button to upload files.

Guerilla Mail uses anonymized data from spam emails to improve its anti-phishing and anti-spam technology, even though it is generally safe and secure. Additionally, keep in mind that email addresses are not password-protected, so only divulge your address in its scrambled form.


2. MinuteInbox

MinuteInbox is a second great 10 Minute Mail substitute. There are some significant changes, though.

Although MinuteInbox defaults to giving you 10 minutes for your email account, you can increase it by:

  • 10 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 1 day
  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 10 Minute Mail would not give you those options.

For instance, you may simply click the +Day button next to the timer if you want to save your email address for the entire day.

What is a 10 Minute Email Address

The timer can also be extended by 10 minutes by selecting the +10 option.

Another benefit of using MinuteInbox over 10MinuteMail is that the email address it provides you with is much simpler to remember.

An address will be generated at random by 10 Minute Mail utilizing a random string of letters and/or numbers.

On the other hand, MinuteInbox chooses a name at random. For instance, it can provide you with [email protected] as an email address.

That email seemed much more trustworthy.

Anytime you want, you can get a new email address by selecting the red “Delete” button on the left.

3. Anonbox

Another great option to 10 Minute Mail is Anonbox, which protects users’ rights to receive vital documents and other information while completely keeping their identity. For the ultimate level of privacy, use Tor to create and access your inbox.

However, even without Tor, Anonbox doesn’t maintain any logs (apart from a few for five minutes that don’t contain data like IP addresses).

Your anonymous mailbox, in contrast to 10 Minute Mail, will remain open for the full day on which it is created. In other words, it will end at noon.

What is a 10 Minute Email Address

One will therefore last for 12 hours if it is created at noon. It will only be active for one hour if you establish your mailbox at 11 p.m.

A randomly generated email address and a randomly generated link to access your mailbox will be sent to you. People who know your email address won’t be able to read your mail because your inbox won’t be password-protected and will only be accessible via the proper link.

Try the beta version of the JavaScript mail reader if the default email inbox does not work.

4. Temp Mail

Even though 10MinuteMail.com gives you a temporary email account that expires after 10 minutes, it’s not the ideal option for users who are concerned about security. Although it can appear to be very anonymous, it collects personal information according to its privacy policy.

Your IP address, special device identifiers, the day and time you visited the website, and other data may also be included in that information. If you don’t trust me, you may read its privacy policy for yourself.

Contrarily, Temp Mail has a far better privacy statement. The privacy policy of Temp Mail states that it does not save your IP address, therefore nothing can be linked to you.

In actuality, it claims to only store site logs and does not gather any personal data at all.

Additionally, Temp Mail allows you to keep your email address for a longer period than 10 Minute Mail.

To obtain an email address that will expire in 10 minutes, use the Temp Mail 10 Minute Email service.

You can also obtain an email address using the normal Temp Mail service, which you can use as long as you remain on the page and until you delete it. You won’t need to repeatedly press the timer refresh button that way.

Giving you a QR code for your email address is another amazing feature of Temp Mail.

So, all you have to do to access your temporary mailbox on your phone while using a desktop is to scan the QR code.

You might even send a buddy the QR code if you want to share the inbox with them. It’s a handy little feature that makes working together on confidential documents simple.

While 10 Minute Mail lacks an Android or iPhone app, Temp Mail does. As a result, setting up temporary mailboxes on a mobile device is simple.

One more thing: Temp Mail offers premium memberships that enable you to connect custom domains, generate up to 10 one-time-use addresses simultaneously, and more. It only costs $10 per month or $60 annually, but to view the price, click on the yellow premium button at the top of the screen.

5. E4ward

You may establish temporary email accounts that forward to your regular email address with E4ward, a wonderful replacement for 10 Minute Mail. You can therefore share temporary addresses, unlike 10 Minute Messages, but access your mail using a real Gmail or Yahoo account.

This is how it goes.

Create a temporary alias address in your E4ward account to get things started. You can delete this address at any time; it won’t automatically expire in 10 minutes.

Multiple aliasing addresses are possible. They will all be forwarded to your primary Gmail account.

You could check, for instance,

All of them will be forwarded to your [email protected] primary address. You can link your custom domain in place of an E4ward username (@username.e4ward.com).

Different alias addresses can be sent to various contacts, friends, acquaintances, website signup pages, and other entities.

Then, just remove the alias address from your E4ward account to stop receiving mail from a specific website. Your primary address will no longer be forwarded any messages from that website.

E4ward will rewrite the sender’s address before passing it on to the original recipient when you reply to an email you received via E4ward while using your primary Gmail inbox, preventing them from learning your genuine email address.

6. EmailOnDeck

Another useful 10 Minute Mail substitute is EmailOnDeck.

To begin with, you have the option to manually remove your email address whenever you wish by clicking the red X button; it does not delete your email address automatically after 10 minutes.

As an alternative, you may just end the session and wait for EmailOnDeck to automatically delete the email from its database.

As long as you preserve your email token, you may often restore an email address even after closing the session and for up to a few days. To copy the email token while the session is still open, click the “Show Email Token” button.

You can still recover the genuine email address for a few days if you hit the red X button, but you will no longer be able to recover emails sent to your temporary address.

Although there are commercials on EmailOnDeck, they seem to be less intrusive, and the site was overall simpler to use and loaded more quickly than 10 Minute Email.

You can send emails to other EmailOnDeck email accounts with EmailOnDeck as well. You can send emails to any email address, even ones that are not owned by EmailOnDeck, once you upgrade to premium.

You can retrieve addresses on unique domains, save email addresses, and do a lot more with the premium version. See more information here.

7. Tempmailo

An intriguing replacement for 10 Minute Mail is Tempmailo. It won’t delete your address after 10 minutes, unlike 10 Minute Mail, but there also doesn’t appear to be a means to retrieve earlier inboxes.

Old emails will be retained by Tempmailo for two days before being destroyed. You might still be able to recover your inbox even after closing your session by just going to Tempmailo.com from the same machine and browser (this might not work if you have cleared your cache and cookies).


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