10 Reasons Why You Should Delete Your Instagram Account Right Now

Why You Should Delete Your Instagram Account Right Now

Unfortunately, many people become addicted to Instagram (or another social media platform such as Facebook or Twitter), which can lead to jealousy, anxiety, and even loneliness.

If you’ve ever wondered, “Should I delete my Instagram account?” it’s time to say goodbye to your Instagram account and hello to a better, more productive way of living.

Instagram is full of glitz and glam. But, as with other social media networks, you either love it or hate it.

While the site has undoubtedly helped many people connect with one another, it also has a number of flaws.

Instagram began as a forum for sharing stunning photographs on the Internet, but it has now grown into a significant entertainment platform.

If you’re fed up with Instagram and considering deleting your account or app, know that you’re not alone. Many people have walked away from the platform and never returned.

There are a slew of reasons why you should delete your Instagram account right now. However, we’ve compiled a list of the top benefits of deleting your Instagram account.

10 Key Benefits of Deleting Your Instagram Account

1. Scams

However, be cautious where you click: fraud is rampant on big social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and it’s just getting worse.

In 2021, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) received over 95,000 complaints about scams that began with social media advertising, posts, or messages, a six-fold increase from 2019.

In a January 2022 study, the FTC stated that these occurrences cost consumers $770 million, accounting for a quarter of all fraud losses reported to the agency in 2021 and making social media the most profitable way for scammers to reach customers.

Many of these cons are merely repurposing existing web scams with a social media twist. According to the Federal Trade Commission, social media is riddled with romance scams known as “dating,” “false stores,” and phony investments (typically including bitcoin).

Fake business gifts, nonexistent government grants, alleged sweepstakes prizes, and adverts for questionable health aids may appear in your social feeds, all aimed at getting you to transfer money or click on malware-laden links.

2. Your Mental Health 

Instagram is a fake platform. The majority of those influencers are in it for the money. From dancing half-naked beauties to memes, celebrities, and the most interesting information pages, there’s something for everyone. They’re all in it for the money, which makes their lives seem phony.

The main issue is not the phoniness of these influencers’ personalities. Rather, it is due to the fact that the majority of users are unaware of this reality. Assuming, of course, that they are all genuine.

This isn’t a big deal if you don’t spend a lot of time on the app. If you do, though, all those minutes and hours you spend scrolling, clicking, and liking posts are causing you to lose touch with reality.

You can begin to think of your physical surroundings and the people in them as inferior. As those fictitious posts come to control your perceptions. All of those hotel photos and vacation movies make your life appear to be monotonous.

Many influencers’ imposing demeanors can make you feel inadequate. This can result in depression.

Here’s a quick review of all the bad mental health consequences of Instagram addiction.

  • Because your life appears to be getting duller, you may feel depressed.
  • Because you don’t have any physical connections, you’ll feel more lonely.
  • If you are not logged in and scrolling, you risk missing out. This leads to addiction as well as a disdain for one’s personal life.
  • Jealousy levels have risen.
  • It becomes a refuge for people who want to get away from reality and social hardship.
  • Excessive sharing can turn you into a narcissist who is only interested in himself.
  • It’s a self-sustaining vanity vicious circle.

3. Get Your Time Back

Why You Should Delete Your Instagram Account Right Now

The majority of individuals don’t seem to understand that time is your most valuable asset. And the best way to serve yourself is to direct as much of it as possible toward attaining your life’s objectives.

So, if your life’s ambition is to spend hours upon hours scrolling through Instagram, go for it. Otherwise, it’s time to focus on yourself and your needs. Time to learn about the world around you and strive toward your objectives.


Deleting your Instagram app or account will free up all of the time you spent idolizing strangers and enjoying their egotistical posts previously. It will also benefit your life because what you concentrate on grows.

4. Improve Your Concentration

Even if you close the Instagram app, it continues to give notifications in the background.

This notification feature is also accessible in web browsers, but you must first grant the website permission to send you notifications.

While these notifications are essential and interesting, they can be quite distracting when you are trying to work.

And if you’re not cautious while working, you can notice that you’ve been on the site for 30 minutes or an hour since the last notification.

Getting rid of Instagram will help you focus more on work and other important things. As a result of your enhanced focus, your wages and overall quality of life will improve.

5. Increased Face-to-Face Interaction

Humans are emotional creatures. So, while Instagram can connect you with someone on the other side of the world, it will never be able to give the emotional connection that face-to-face interactions can.

Emotional bonding is facilitated by animal magnetism, which necessitates face-to-face interactions.

This capability is absent from Instagram and other online interactions, including video calls. As a result, the individual who has primarily online acquaintances is wasting his or her time.

When you delete your Instagram account, you will be compelled to interact with other people more physically. As a result, there is a greater sense of fulfillment and well-being.

6. Reclaim Your Personal Space

If you’re concerned about your online privacy, simply uninstall Instagram. According to a report published in 2021, the Facebook-owned company’s app is the “most invasive” since it shares 79 percent of its users’ data with other parties.

Its parent corporation, Facebook, has been accused of sharing 57 percent of its customers’ data with third parties, which is predictable. pCloud, a company that specializes in internet privacy, did this research.

Second, revealing personal information on the internet is dangerous. It’s not good to let complete strangers see where you live, what sort of car you drive, your personal space, your income level, and so on.

Additionally, if you have any concerns about government snooping, you should delete the software.

7. Regain Your Confidence in Yourself.

Why You Should Delete Your Instagram Account Right Now

The majority of Instagram influencers are narcissists. They solely care about themselves, such as how they appear, how much money they make, and how attractive their marriages are.

Furthermore, they only share the most attractive aspects of their existence, such as gorgeous moments, pleasant beaches, exquisite curves, gleaming cars, and opulent hotel rooms.

As you browse and see nothing but absolute glamour, all of these worries weigh heavily on your mind. Their seeming beauty makes you feel flawed, undeserving, and even cheap in comparison.

Only by deleting Instagram will you be able to reclaim your self-esteem. Then you’ll come back to reality, realizing that life is never flawless. You’ll accept your flaws, as well as those of others, and go on with your life.

8. Only look at what you require.

Websites like Quora, and  Pinterest can assist you if you are a busy professional who yet needs to keep up with happenings. Without the limitless diversions of Instagram, they collect what’s going on around you or in your company landscape.

9. Pick up some useful knowledge

Without a question, browsing Instagram is entertaining. However, you should include in the opportunity costs of aimlessly perusing the platform for extended periods of time.

That time might be better spent reading something worthwhile. a book, a handbook, comprehensive tuition, or an online course, for example. You could even go out and learn something new in the real world.

Spending an hour or two each day learning a new skill will benefit your life in the long run. It will make you happier and more successful, as well as improve your entire health and outlook on life.

Whatever you accomplish with your newly acquired abilities or information will be infinitely more beneficial to you. Because you’d have otherwise wasted that time by scrolling through Instagram.

10. Save Money on Data

As long as you’re using the mobile app, Instagram loves to force-feed your videos. Those videos will instantly load and begin playing. There is no way to disable them other than by using a web browser.

While this design benefits the corporation by increasing user engagement, analytics, and ad income, it also increases the costs for the average user. Because he has no control over how and when videos are loaded on his phone.

If you are on a tight budget and must frequently use Instagram through your mobile provider due to a lack of WiFi, you should delete the app.

0. Don’t Work for Free

Finally, user-generated content, or UGC, is the new gold standard. All of your likes, comments, accounts you follow, messages, and other activities on the site are therefore extremely valuable to the corporation.

Most free web-service providers, such as Instagram, harvest user data to generate demographics and other revenue-generating analytics. The most popular option, of course, is to sell the data to advertisers.

In the end, Instagram generates billions in ad revenue, while you’re left with nothing but a sore thumb from your scrolling.

So, if you’re not making money from the platform. Then, as a favor to yourself, delete your account and stop working for free.

why you should delete your Instagram Account Right Now

Having a social network account isn’t always a negative thing, but spending too much time on the app might be harmful.

Getting rid of social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can be beneficial, as it relieves tension and anxiety while also freeing up time to help you live a happier and more satisfying life in the real world.

As you can see by the end of this article, there are a lot of solid reasons and benefits to deleting the Instagram app from your phone.

There is little doubt that your life will be better without the app, from greater mental health to increased internet privacy, productivity gains, and engaging in healthier face-to-face human connections.

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