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WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Review: How to Make Money Online Selling Images

wordpress photo seller plugin review

Are you a true photography expert? Do you have a fantastic photo collection? Is your client looking for an online photo selling platform where he or she may sell photos quickly and easily? Then I believe this one will be ideal for you. The WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Review is intended to help you sell photos on your WordPress site in a simple and straightforward manner. You don’t even need to know how to code. Simply set it up with a few clicks and begin uploading the images you wish to sell.

The WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is a shopping cart created just for photographers. If you’re a photographer or a hobbyist who wants to sell photos, prints, or images online, this plugin is a must-have that will answer your troubles. Graphic designers and visual artists can also utilize it to sell their work.

So how does this plugin works?

What is WordPress Photo Seller Plugin

WordPress Photo Seller is a WordPress plugin that allows photographers or Graphic designers to sell their work online quickly and effortlessly. Unlike other generic WP e-commerce plugins, this one concentrates on the unique needs of photographers when selling prints, pictures, and images on their website or blog. It can be quite beneficial to graphic designers and other types of visual artists.

How Does WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Works

This plugin can be installed in a matter of minutes. It comes with several beneficial features that will make it simple for you to market your work. You can sell photo prints straight on your WordPress website and provide your clients with an endless number of reprint size options. You may also sell digital photo downloads in a variety of sizes and dimensions. Upon purchase, the plugin immediately sends your buyer a resized version of the photo.

Because you will be able to watermark all of your photographs, they will be securely safeguarded (customers receive a watermark-free image). With photo zoom enabled, your consumers will be able to examine each photo more closely before purchasing it. Secure automated delivery is ensured through encrypted download links. After making a payment, consumers can immediately download the photographs. Customers can pay with a credit card or a PayPal account, and you can also choose an offline payment method if you like.

Bulk picture uploads are simple and rapid, and you can modify your photos directly from the WordPress admin panel. You may also organize your photographs into categories and make photo albums. Price lists of any size can be constructed indefinitely. You can password lock your galleries, and picture copy protection is also available if you want to prevent visitors from right-clicking.

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Features


The WordPress Photo Seller Plugin has a number of important features, which are listed below:

Installation is simple.

Simple installation and setup — your online photography store will be up and running in minutes.

Photo Prints for Sale

Directly from your WordPress site, you may sell photo prints (cut out the middle man). Make an endless number of reprint size options available to your consumers. When an order is received, the prints are shipped.

Digital Photo Downloads Can Be Sold

Directly from your WordPress site, sell your images as digital downloads (no need to use a 3rd party site).

Size of the image

Sell digital images in a variety of sizes and dimensions (the plugin will automatically deliver a re-sized version of the image to the customer after purchase).

Photos with a Watermark

Watermark your photos in the gallery automatically to preserve them. Following the transaction, customers will receive a watermark-free image.

Enable photo zooming

You can enable the zoom feature on your photos so that customers can examine the images more attentively before making a purchase.

Photo Delivery in a Secure Digital Format

Your digital images will be delivered to your customers automatically and securely via encrypted download links. After making a purchase, customers can immediately receive the image files.

Paypal Payment Integration

PayPal is a safe and secure way to sell your photos and images (your customers can pay via credit card or their PayPal account).

Offline Payment Option

Make a payment using the offline method

You can also sell your photos using offline payment methods. Customers can pay by check, bank transfer, cash, and other methods.

Management of a Photo Gallery

The integrated WordPress media manager makes it simple to upload photographs. Bulk uploading your photographs allows you to swiftly create photo galleries.

Editor of photographs

From the WordPress admin dashboard, you may edit your photos. After you’ve uploaded your photographs, you can crop, rotate, flip, and scale them.

Photo Galleries

You can create photo albums by grouping/categorizing your photo galleries. If you have a lot of photo galleries, this can be really useful.

Make a price list

Create an unlimited number of price lists with different sizes. The price list(s) can then be applied to your galleries. You can also generate variations by pricing digital photographs and physical printouts differently.

Galleries with password protection

You can password secure your galleries so that only those who know the password can access and purchase photographs from them.

Copy Protection for Images

You can prevent the ability to select text and right-click on your website’s front-end if you enable the copy protection feature.

Menu of Orders

In the plugin’s orders menu, you can keep track of all your sales. You can use a customer’s email address or transaction ID to look for orders.

Option for Image Search

Allow clients to search your photographs so they can simply find and purchase them. When selling a large number of photographs, this is quite useful.

Coupons for Savings

Using the discount coupon capability, you may give discounts and promotions. It can be used to allow clients to purchase images at a reduced price.

Please upload any other files.

Additional files (for example, a zip file) can be attached to and delivered with the images. If you need to offer additional files with a photo purchase, this is a great option. So, if you want to give the PSD source file when someone buys a photo, for example, you can.

Importing Data in Bulk from a Zip File

To establish your photo gallery and sell those images, you can bulk import images and photos from a zip file.

  • Sorting Images in a Gallery

  • The ability to sort the galleries and photographs in any order. Images can be sorted by ID or upload date.
  • Likes on Facebook for Images

In the photo details page, you can add a Facebook like to your images (allows your users to like your photos).

Re-generate the download links for the images

A site administrator can manually re-generate download links for a digital photo or image and email them to the buyer.

Allow Pickup in Store

Allowing customers to pick up their image prints from your store. If you have a real store and wish to offer in-store pickup, this is useful.

Use an image or logo as a watermark.

The ability to watermark your gallery photographs with an image or logo. This is a fantastic method to personalize your preview images.

Make your own image sliders

You may use your gallery photographs to make image sliders. Your visitors will be able to purchase images from the slider by clicking on them.

Integration with an autoresponder

Ability to automatically add customers to your autoresponder list for email marketing purposes (MailChimp, GetResponse, AWeber).

Integration of Affiliate Software

It’s possible to use it in conjunction with the WordPress Affiliate Software Plugin. So, if you decide to introduce an Affiliate Program later to improve your photo sales, all you have to do is activate the affiliate plugin.

Compatible with HTTPS Pages

Out of the box, the Photo Seller plugin works with https pages (useful if you are using an SSL certificate on your website).

Stability of the Plugin

The code foundation for our plugins is extremely stable. We devote a lot of time and attention to testing and improving our plugins to ensure that they don’t break your site when you upgrade.

Excellent Support and Assistance

Are you sick of hearing phony assistance promises? See how we handle product-related complaints in our customer-only forum (usually within 24 hours). The developers that made the plugin manage our support forum (s).

WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Price

Just the popular saying, nothing good comes easy, for you to get access to these awesome plugins, you need to pay a one-time payment of Price: $68.00

WordPress Photo Seller Alternatives

1. Getty Images 


Getty Images is one of the most prestigious online photo marketplaces. Since partnering with Google, it now has access to an ocean of photographs as well as a market.

You have a good probability of becoming a contributor to this site. Also, because individuals here must first purchase a Rights Managed license, you may obtain a significant return on your old photographs. This means that users pay for the right to use the images on specified platforms, such as the web or print, rather than the images themselves. You have the opportunity to earn a 20% commission.

2. Shutterstock 

Shutterstock is a non-exclusive, low-cost alternative to traditional stock photography. Contributing a big number of photographs that can be used as visual metaphors is one technique to enhance downloads.

Large earnings are unlikely, but it’s a fantastic place to start if you’re just getting started. Payments are calculated based on your profits over time and range from 20% to 30%. You can also make money by referring new photographers or clients to the site’s affiliate program.

3. Alamy

Alamy compensates contributors on a monthly basis and offers a variety of payment options for selling photographs online. Photographers receive 50% of sales made through the company’s website, distributors receive 70%, and Novel Use receives 50%. As long as your Cleared Funds are $50 or higher, payments are deposited monthly.

It also does not require you to sell images to them solely, in addition to providing good compensation. As a result, if you’re not searching for a sophisticated and established business like Getty, it’s the best location to sell photographs online.

4. iStockphoto

Getty Images has a subsidiary called iStock. The fee you receive for selling photos online varies from 25% to 45 percent, depending on whether your images are non-exclusive or exclusive.

Adobe Stock

When you list your photographs for sale on Adobe Stock, they’re also available on the stock site Fotolia, making it one of the greatest locations to sell photography online.

On the photographs you sell through Adobe Stock, you’ll get a 33 percent commission.

The best part is that you’ll get your royalties right away. Other sites will store your information until you hit a certain financial threshold or after 30 days.


My Final Verdict on WordPress Photo Seller Plugin Review: How to Make Money Online Selling Images

The WordPress Photo Seller Plugin is a powerful tool for selling your photos online. If you are a photographer or a hobbyist who wants to sell photos, prints, or images on the internet, then this plugin is a must-have solution that will answer all of your difficulties and make your life easier. It is also beneficial to graphic designers and visual artists who want to sell their creations through the site.

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